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Because Tadashi is somewhat of a "minor" character when compared to Hiro, Baymax and the team, a lot of times there isn't much info on him. But, lucky for you, 당신 have Tadashi's #1 팬 here to find everything! These are just excerpts (so far theres only one ssshhhh), some may not be here because they are on video (which should be in the video section here!).

link on XINMSN (28 November 2014)
 Image from XINMSN.
Image from XINMSN.

Can 당신 please tell us about your character Tadashi?
Henney: Tadashi is a young man, but he's a REAL man in every sense of the word. An amazing soul, a kind and gentle heart, and he has so much 사랑 for his little brother Hiro. After tragedy strikes him and his brother at a young age, Tadashi takes it upon himself to become sort of a father figure for his younger brother. He's Hiro's "rock"... his protector, and role model.  When Hiro starts to go down potentially dangerous roads, Tadashi is there just in the nick of time put him back on track. Tadashi is also the glue that brings this amazingly talented group of young inventors together. A very talented inventor himself (he created Baymax), Tadashi has respect from all his peers and it’s eventually because of their 사랑 and friendship with Tadashi, that they 사랑 Hiro in the same way.

Can 당신 tell us a bit about your Korean heritage and if 당신 used any of these experiences to inspire your characterisation of “Tadashi”?
Henney: I'm half Korean and half Irish. I grew up in a small farm town in Michigan, an only child. I don't know that I actively applied any of my personal past experiences into the "Tadashi creation". I can only say that as Asian Americans I feel that we all share a common fabric, and also have experienced similar feelings and issues with our respective identities growing up here. I've always had a chip on my shoulder and have always been very driven to achieve what I know I'm capable of in my life. I've never been good at taking "no" for an answer, nor am I talented at keeping my mouth shut when I feel that I'm in the right. I believe that Tadashi may share similar characteristics with me in that respect.