Sylvester Stallone My Incounter Of Him Twice In The Same 일 In Paris

designer_diva posted on Aug 11, 2008 at 11:25PM
i ain't that big a fan of him but i thought this might be kinda intrestin i dunno i saw sylvester this summer in paris maybe i dunno 2 weeks ago in the louvre museam with his 2 girls and wife i dunno what was the big fus about alot of people were around him while he was viewing paintins and then when we finally broke through and went to view the place where they kept paintins of the kings who ruled france and some of the jewels and stuff he appears again passin from back doors and stuff he was with a tour guide and alot of bodygourds i noticed he too was amazed by the art work on the ceilin we left after that and went to a cafe and what are the odds we see him again i dunno i don't give much intrest when seein someone well known but i thought about writin this down

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