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Okay, I know this shouldn't technically go here, but I just wanted to share with all of 당신 guys how I think Dr. Robotnik can be introduced into the Super Smash Bros. universe in the 다음 game. So, yeah. He's my crack at it. I hope 당신 enjoy. ^-^ (Note that I'm using 3Ds controls for the commands.)

Super Smash Bros. 3D

Possible character 옮기기 set:

Dr. Ivo “Eggman” Robotnik

The doctor will be in his mech introduced in Sonic Adveture 2 (Battle). He will have all upgrades.

Ground 옮기기 Set:

B: The 대포 which is fired when the lock-on sequence is initiated. The range is very short, perhaps on Eggman...
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 The original 포켓몬스터 Trainer
The original Pokémon Trainer
This is a short guide so that others might see that 포켓몬스터 Trainer is actually a trainer named Red, and not Ash Ketchum, as some have suggested. This will feature a fair amount of 포켓몬스터 vocabulary, so where possible, I shall provide link 링그 so that 당신 can read up more.

When the first generation of 포켓몬스터 games came out, the player character (seen to the left) had the possible names of Red, Satoshi and Jack in the link This meant the rival character (of whom Gary is based in the anime) was named Green 의해 default.

When the games were released in English as link the player character...
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30 contestants... 1 winner

Mario: I'm your host and the Ice Climbers are your chefs. Looks like our first 보트 is here.
#1 Luigi
#2 Princess Peach
#3 Bowser
#4 Donkey Kong
#5 Diddy Kong
#6 Yoshi
#7 Wario
#8 Link
Mario: Nice to meet you. Wait here to see which team 당신 are on. I see another boat.
#9 Princess Zelda
#10 Ganondorf
#11 Zero Suit Samus (Samus)
#12 Pit
#13 R.O.B.
#14 Meta Knight
#15 King Dedede
#16 여우 McCloud
Mario: Nice to meet you. Wait here to see which team 당신 are on. Here comes another boat.
#17 Falco Lombardi
#18 늑대 O'Donnell
#19 Captain Falcon
#20 Pikachu
#21 Lucario
#22 Jigglypuff
#23 Marth
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posted by knifewrench
There is no doubt that PkmnTrainerJ and MaybeAStarbucks have put an incredible amount of effort into this spot. I knew that they constantly updated this site, but when I was looking through the image section, I noticed that together they have contributed a total of 60 PAGES of 이미지 to this spot!

They have done so much to keep us up-to-date with Brawl news and they both deserve red medals. I thought the least I could do was dedicate a soapbox to them. Thank 당신 MASB and PMTJ for making this such a fantastic spot, even before the game is out! Thanks to you, we are bigger than the Melee spot!

And it's not like either of 당신 rushed through it 또는 uploaded them without detail, each picture has a good 설명 and a good set of keywords. I'd say that thanks to 당신 two, we are better than the Dojo site! We have their images, 비디오 and news; and we also have picks and fan's opinions!

Thanks so much guys, 당신 both truly rock
Super Smash Brothers Brawl, for the Wii, is an action-packed fighting game with a multitude of characters including Mario, Link, Kirby, Pikachu, Sonic, and Snake. It was named the Best Video Game Ever when it was released in 2008 and it is still widely enjoyed today. This is understandable with all the modes, stages, items, and 더 많이 characters than 당신 can shake a golden hammer at! There are even some people who buy the 닌텐도 Wii just for the chance to play this game. But not soon after playing the game myself, I went on the internet and found that people were already posting what they...
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posted by alexzoldy
It was true, Mario was kidnapped!

The kidnappers who kidnapped Mario were Medusa (Kid Icarus) and Bowser aka The Kidnappers.

Mario was in a sac in the limo and the limo driver was Wolf.

When Link went to 검색 for Mario on Evil Side 닌텐도 Street, he searched the whole area. But Link did not find him. All he could say to find him was:

Link: Mario... MARIO...! Well, He's not in the street, 또는 the sidewalk, so I should look in these houses.

When Link went searching for Mario, the limo was stopped 의해 the Black 성 to deliver Mario to the King to the very 상단, 맨 위로 floor.

When The Kidnappers got Mario...
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posted by alexzoldy
It was a warm summer 일 in Good Side 닌텐도 Street, when suddenly, Mario made a new video game that was called: Mario and Link and the Tower of Doom. 4 weeks later when the game was released, Mario saw people buying the game and started fighting like it was in the game. Mario stopped decided to say:

Mario: What is it with these people on Good Side 닌텐도 Street? I have to put a stop to this at once... but how?

Suddenly, Link shows up and says to Mario:

Link: Did 당신 just make a video game with me and 당신 in it?

Mario shivered and said:

Mario: ... Yeah... why?

Link: (sigh) just come with me!

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posted by alexzoldy
The Sequal of Part 1

Link and Mario were walking on the sidewalk, when suddenly, they found themselfs on Evil Side 닌텐도 Street. Mario looked at Link and said:

Mario: Are 당신 sure this is the right place?

Link: Of corse it is! My parents told me a rumor once that if the people on Good Side 닌텐도 거리 made video games for the kids, the Evil Side 닌텐도 거리 folk would control the minds of every kid on Good Side 닌텐도 Street.

Mario: Sounds freaky

Link: It is!

Mario: So, lets go!

Link and Mario went on the sidewalk when suddenly, the ground rumbled like an earthquake. All went blind for Link, when suddenly, Mario was not there! Link thought that maybe Mario was kidnapped!

To be continued...
posted by RidleyTheEpic
Link was watching TV when he heard something. He looked on his door step only to find a dead Mr. Game & Watch.
Ganadorf:You finshed his sentecte Zelda.
Toon Link:>=]

Meta Knight:Yea.
Samus:Why we-
Lucario:Stuck on a freaking edge.
Samus:Shiek(Samus only calls Zelda Sheik).
늑대 appeared. He caught Snake.
Meta Knight, Lucario, Samus:Bye Bye Soild Snake!

Kirby:So were trying to find out who murdered Mr.G&W?
Fox:Wouldn't Tabuu murder him?
Tabuu:I swear I did not kill Mr.G&W.
R.O.B:Well he is stupid as least.
Link:This will take forever.
Kirby should be able to 제비, 삼키기 items as well as opponents and have the abilities from the Kirby games (Bomb Kirby, 불, 화재 Kirby, Spiky Kirby etc.).

Some of Kirby’s alternate looks should be:
-Meta Knight colour

Meta Knight should have stronger smash moves

King Dedede and Meta Knight should be a LOT 더 많이 different from Kirby and Bowser

Once a certain amount of the game has been completed, Kirby should be able to start a Vs match with a hat. The hat Kirby wears should be choosable before the match starts.

More items from The Legend of Zelda. E.g. Biggoron Sword, Hover Boots, Bomb Chu etc....
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posted by RidleyTheEpic
I have a question. What should happen in the 다음 game. I think the bad guys should revive Tabuu and then Tabuu orders Petey and Porky to rebuild the great maze.All the others are sent down to attack the world of trophies. Meanwhile pichu, mewtwo and roy have all returned when the bosses attack. What should happen in the 다음 game. It's your thoughts.

Also I think that Mr. G&W should retire, don't you? Also what boss would 당신 like to see again? And should the halberd be repaired and stolen again and all that crap?
posted by thegame998
This is a message to Nintendo.

당신 sell hundreds of thousands of games a day. 당신 are rich. 당신 have created Wii, DS, and plenty more. 당신 have TONS of fans. 당신 want to keep them right? 당신 want them to buy your games right? Well don't upset them! Don't say your game is gonna come out in December when 당신 are gonna delay it to February like Smash Bros. Brawl. I would much rather know it would come out 2 months in the future than hear it has been delayed from an earlier date. I am sure everyone 읽기 this thinks that also. We need our games!
Ness was walking around when he saw his friend

Lucas. As they were walking to a nearby mountain,

a 랜덤 claw zoomed and grabed Ness. Lucas tried

to run away, but the claw got him. Once the claw

got to it's bass, Lucas saw that the one with the

claw wasn't a bad guy, but it was a good guy. His

name was Link. "Never go to the 상단, 맨 위로 of the

mountain." said Link. "Okay?" Ness and Lucas said

okay. "I'm going up. If I don't come back, get

out of here 'cause Ganondorf is looking for you."

Link left for the mountain. But he got captured

의해 Ganondorf.

"Where are Ness and Lucas?" asked Ganondorf to

Link. "I will never tell you!" replyed

Link. "Fine." said Ganondorf. "Either yoou tell,

또는 die!" As they were talking, Ganondorf's

minions took Link's items. Meanwhile, at the

bottom of the mountain, Ness said to Lucas, "Link

is not coming back. We should leave."
A few notes before we begin:
1) All characters are owned 의해 닌텐도 and SEGA(c). I think that's all the companys
2) The first few chapters I wrote when I was like 10 (I'm 12 now), so don't blame me if they're really bad..
3) All of this is hapening at the same time, so stay aware!
Now, Let's begin!

One 일 in July, Sonic the Hedgehog was exploring.

About two hours after he left home, he heard a

bang from a robot. "I'd better go see what that

is" said Sonic. Once he got there, he noticed it

was his friend R.O.B being attacked. Zoom went

Sonic, defeated all the bad guys and saved R.O.B.

I know, it's very short..... but whatever.
posted by explosi0n
ive looked at 유튜브 and the people that are elimated are dk,ganondorf and wario .this time it is final smashes.
meet the fighters

Captain 매, 팔 콘
Diddy Kong
Ice Climbers
King Dedede
Mr. Game and Watch
Pikmin and Olimar
Pokemon Trainer
Toon Link
Zero Suit Samus

the 3 characters with least amount of votes gets elimated

당신 can vote for your 18 가장 좋아하는 characters.

ok start voting

p.s. pokemon trainer is now one character
posted by Flamefox
So 당신 do wear an amulet?,Roy asked.Yes,but who could possibly now about it?it's just an ordinary amulet,nothing else....,i said.Can 당신 show us it?,Marth asked.Yes,but 당신 have to promise to give it back..,i said taking off the amulet necklace.Wait!this is the Amulet of time!h-how did 당신 get this?!,Roy asked looking at the amulet.It's passed down in my family....,Amulet of time...?,I said.You are the keeper of the Amulet of time....,then the keeper of the of the Amulet of 우주 must be here too....,Marth said mumbling the last part.What?Amulet of space?like time and space?,i asked.No,i'm...
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posted by RidleyTheEpic
TV:Yes, Today only get a wii 또는 xbox360 for 100$!
15 mins later
Tabuu:I call Snake!
Ridley:I call Wolf!
Duno:I call Pikachu!
Petey:I call Lucario!
Master Hand:Guys, go for the freakin' smash ball.
Ridley got the smash and Tabuu blew off screen.
Porky:Guys, it's 9.
Crazy Hand:I sleep.
Crazy Hand went to his bed. The rest followed.
Galleom:Wii broken.
Tabuu:1 일 only??????????
Master Hand:Yea.
Tabuu:What a cheap deal.
Ridley:I'm go get our money back.

Casher:I'm sorry, we don't do paybacks sir.
Ridley steals all the money and kills the casher.

Master Hand:Were jailed...
Duno:Why 당신 jailed.
Snake:Because I used Samus's coumpter XD
Crazy Hand:That's stupid. We 스톨, 훔친 and killed.
All bosses and Snake break out.
posted by HelloFarha99
All the smashers gathered around Marth's dead body. They kept the volume down cause they didn't want Zelda to hear. It's been 2 years since they've been dating. They knew how sad she would be. Roy & Ike were also disappointed. Eventually, Zelda heard so she came down to see the commotion. When she reached, she broke into sobs. Roy and Ike comfronted her. Master Hand checked Marth's camera a pale figure like Zelda held a 칼, 나이프 to Marth's 심장 and killed him. 다음 he checked Zelda's camera the pale figure looked exactly like her. Master Hand called Zelda into his office and showed her the tape. Zelda surfed memory lane. She remembered her evil twin sister, Zelia, trying to seek revenge on Zelda for being the rightful 퀸 of Hyrule. Then joined forces with ganondork.
After meh battle against the realz sonic I wanted to stop 의해 marths house but one problem I was completely lost!” Now were is he at again?” I asked myself while looking at the screen just below me. Two new foes just appeared in black shadows. I dropped my map and growled.” Not these foes again. As I started to land on a 펀치 some 랜덤 hand grabbed be from above. I slowly looked up and noticed Meta knight.(the one with the red eyes) “Meta knight?” I whispered as he slowly landed me safely landed me on some reversal land scape.(Kinda like the Mario world) He than sat on a pole and...
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posted by Linky_Lover
(Lol this is JUST 랜덤 and me and my friend Notice)

Right I've notice That MOSTLY every character has been in a TV Show?

It's True!

Look ..

Mario Luigi 복숭아 Yoshi and Bowser . . .They been in that 아니메 Kinda Thing! (That's Mama Luigi XDDD)

Link And Zelda . .. That ACE Zelda Tv show (well EXCUUUUSE Me Princess XDD)

Ganondorf? . . .. He's Kinda . . . . But it's Ganon and he's a pig man =|

Kirby,king dedede and meta knight .. . they Have a Tv show (Go Spanish meta knight XDDDD )

pikachu,jiggypuff and Lucario have been in Pokemon! (I mean 피카츄 OWNS pokemon!)

Captain 매, 팔 콘 (I think) Has been...
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