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posted by TailsFoxyPlays
One 일 when Tails was flying through an unknown world he came across a figure that was well, a cat! he was boarding a ship (the SS Stampy ride for the first time) and stalked him for quite some time like his stuffed counterpart, Tails Doll. After a 마인크래프트 년 (135 마인크래프트 days) he finally went to meet him. He decided he would introduce himself. While walking in the city, Tails bumped in to him, litterally.

Stampy: Oh, hi! Who are you?

Tails: I'm Miles, but 당신 can call me Tails

Stampy: Okay, wait are 당신 the one who travels with THE Sonic the Hedgehog?

Tails: Yes.

Stampy: *faints then wakes up 3 초 after* I'm your no. 1 fan!!!

Tails: I know I even have people that tattoo an image of me into their body, but thats downright idolisim

Stampy: I know. Thats bad, really bad. Say are 당신 familiar with this place?

Tails: No.

yeah this is my world and these are my friends: Lee, Amy Lee, Squid and Squashey.

To be continued...
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Stampy has been very upset lately about having holes in his potato snacks! In this video 당신 can see him expressing himself on the subject! YOLO!
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