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ScottishChic posted on Mar 13, 2010 at 06:05PM
Here are the cats of Spiritclan, if your name is not there contact me

Leader: Spiritstar {ScottishChic}- a pure white she-cat with big blue-green eyes

Deputy: Sandstorm {orkneymatrix}- a white she-cat with ginger felcks and unusual violet eyes

Third in Command: Frozenstorm {Bluefire7777}- a white and creamy orange she-cat with green eyes
Apprentice- Moonpaw

Medicine Cat: Petalbreeze {SoyalaLeisu}- a grey and white she- cat with ice blue eyes
Apprentice- Silverwind {careia}- gray she cat with blue eyes

Flashstep {brownstar}- a silver she-cat with a black tail and blue eye
Fallenheart {vampirefreak_26}- a light chocolate she-cat
with dark brown eyes
Apprentice- Krestelpaw
Brightclaw {brightclaw}- a blue she-cat with white paws and tail and blue eyes
Darkstripe {StichxAngel4eva/Spottedshadow03}- a black and gray tabby tom
Apprentice- Lionpaw
Mistpelt- {mousefang}- a light grey she-cat with green eyes
Apprentice- Rainpelt
Frostwing {careia1}- a pale grey tom
Cloudtail {Moonbeam2}- a light grey she-cat with green eyes

Brightclaw {brightclaw}
- Jewelkit
Frostlily {careia1}
-Flowerkit {cariea1}

Krestelpaw {arcaninegal123}- a silver she- cat with grey stripes and blue eyes
Lionpaw {whitefur}- a golden tabby tom with amber eyes
Rainpaw {ichigocat}- a white and grey tabby with black stripes, white paws, white chest, and ocean blue eyes
Jewelkit {hellomia}- black and white she-cat with green eyes
Mother: Brightclaw
Flowerkit {Cariea1}
Mother: Frostlily
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