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posted by JackLuver14
 Hoshi (Person who tells the story) CRUDDY, I KNOW. i didnt draw this.
Hoshi (Person who tells the story) CRUDDY, I KNOW. i didnt draw this.
Holo and I were just hanging out in the north, and she said, "What do 당신 want to do, Hoshi?"
"Hmm..we could go to the cities?" She smiled, shrugged and said, "Why not?"
When we go up to the cities and stuff, [ugh sorry] we usually go to see if we can find some apples and just to 샵 around, try to find some 더 많이 clothes for when we go up there in half human form.
Once we finally got there, I saw a peddler with those special apples that are stored a certain way to make them sweeter and I elbowed her lightly in the arm. When she whipped around to look at me, it looked like her hat almost...
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I've notice a serious amount of people who just want to know Spice and 늑대 III's release date, but cannot find one. I have personally gathered as much data as I can and unfortunately came up with 더 많이 또는 less than a 년 until the 다음 season's debut. I got this info 의해 calculating how much time was between the end of Season One's development and the beginning/debut of Season Two. Using that, I estimated the time between the end of Season Two's development and airing and the all-exciting debut of the 3rd Season. Like I said, the result was significantly disappointing to other Otaku's like...
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