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The entire movie of Speed.
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 Speed DVD Front Cover
Speed DVD Front Cover
My opinion of this Movie, is absolutely flawless. Made in 1994 and was a great hit back them. I have always enjoyed this Movie an instant hit with me.

Keanu Reeves was fantastic playing Jack Travis in the Movie, this was the perfect part for him to play as he had a sequel before like Bill And Ted's... Movie's.

Dennis Hopper plays the retired Police officer turned terrorist, He is one of my absolute idols of all time. And absolutely was perfect for playing the role of Howard Payne.

Sandra Bullock played her roll as Annie in this Movie was somewhat of a major break for her career and she also one of the originals that appeared in the 초 Speed Movie.

Al credit goes to Jan De Bont for making a masterpiece.

This is for 당신 Dennis Hopper and may 당신 dear sir Rest In Peace 당신 have entertained me for years.
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