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Okay, I'm probably going to get hate for this since this is the most 인기 ship in the Soul Eater fandom, but I strongly stand against it. Here's some reasons why I think it wouldn't work out.

Reason 1 - It's far too cliche
Honestly, them ending up is too predictable. I think the story is far better off at leaving them as friends. There's too many shounen 아니메 and 망가 that have the main girl and guy end up together in the end and having them not be together is something different and I'd 사랑 to just leave it at that.

Reason 2 - Their personalities clash too much for romance
Although they...
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posted by NagisaFurukawa-
 Soul Eater Not! Chibi.
Soul Eater Not! Chibi.
It is important to watch Soul Eater Not! Like wanna know how Sid became a Zombie? 또는 how Liz and Patty meet Kid. Watch Soul Eater Not! It explains that. Not gonna spoil anything. I know it's a spin off series, but it takes place before the original SE Series. I say it is worth watching. It explains some character back story that the original series didn't explain much of. Like remember how an episode where Soul scared Maka cause of explaining how Sid died. Well.... Will just leave it to Soul Eater Not to explain back stories the original didn't explain. Also I believe it was in Episode 3 or...
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posted by numnumyellow67
40 years after the kishin was reborn

on the outskirts of Akioma village

It was a warm day, and _____ and I were in Aki River playing.
I was having a good time, but I couldn't help but wonder, " Do I have to be somewhere else right now?"
But that thought left my mind entirely when Dajaku, the village "bully" came up.
" Hey, stupid! your house is on fire!" He said with a smirk.
" Yeah right, Dajaku," I said with a frown.
" Like 당신 would ever tell the truth ".
He stomped angrily.
" Fine! " He yelled "Don't believe me! But when 당신 go back home, don't come crying to me! ".
He stomped off, with the most...
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T'was How I (awesomely) Saved Christmas.

By Black*Star (the man who surpasses God.)

T'was the night before Christmas

Dead Silence filled the City.

Not a creature was stirring not even was Mizune.

The stockings were hung 의해 the chim'ney with care,

New shades for soul and three tiny 물고기 for Blair.

Kid was nestled all snug in his bed.

While visions of symmetry danced in his head.

While Tsubaki in her kimono, and I in my 캡, 모자 had just settled down for a long winter's nap.

While up on the roof there came aloud SSNNOOOK!

So up I went to beat the crap outta that crook.

I sprang from the window with Tsubaki in...
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posted by nevenkastar
"Maka! Where's my sheet music?" Soul called from his room. The room had been turned upside-down in his 검색 for the scraps of paper he'd written his new song on.

"What does it look like?" Maka asked, peeking her head into the doorway. A few 기사 of clothing were thrown into her face as Soul searched frantically in his closet.

"Scraps of paper, napkins, paper bags, all with 음악 written on them!" he answered angrily. He gingerly picked up a moldy 샌드위치 from within the black hole he called a closet. "Found my snack from last week…"

Maka rolled her eyes at him. He'd thrown a hissy-fit...
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posted by khfan12
Maka Albarn
Voiced by: Laura Bailey

Soul Eater Evans
Voiced by: Micah Solusod

Black Star
Voiced by: Brittney Karbowski

Voiced by: Monica Rial

Death the Kid
Voiced by: Todd Haberkorn

Liz Thompson
Voiced by: Jamie Marchi

Patty Thompson
Voiced by: Cherami Leigh

Franken Stein
Voiced by: Chuck Huber

Voiced by: Maxey Whitehead

Voiced by: Luci Christian

Eruka Frog
Voiced by: Kate Oxley

Voiced by: Travis Willingham

Voiced by: Leah Clark

Death Sythe
Voiced by: Vic Mignogna

Voiced by: Troy Baker

Voiced by: Robert McCollum

Voiced by: John Swasey

Sid Barret
Voiced by: Kent Williams

I got all of these from the Soul Eater website from Funimation.
posted by souleatermaka
If the lamps of linked souls point to your 심장 do 당신 hear the echoes n so ow stronger than words?

we barley look each other in the eye yet our fates are becoming eterwined our deations overlap completely so run with me though the slipery night though the glare that comes from being to tencouis may carry over into bad dreams

if the lamps of linked souls point to your 심장 do 당신 hear the echoes now stronger than words the reason why we ever met don't matter we are drawn together

the 더 많이 we are hurt in te momments we touch the clearer things become!
posted by rachel-e
Maka: kid I guess your tired of practicing i think 당신 should sleep

Death the kid:yeah

then he lay down on his 침대 and sleep

Clock ringsssss

Kid: what?????

Maka:kid time for breakfast your 가장 좋아하는 symetrical foods!!

Kid: whay are 당신 here Maka?

Maka: why? is it bad to go to the house of my honey??

Kid:whatt honey?????

Maka served the 음식 and was to about feed kid but kid run outside and find out he is wearing MAKA's dress .kid go back inside the house but Maka wasnt there anymore then he saw maka wearing his clothes!!!!!!

KId : MAKA !!! give me that clothes...
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posted by CielsDemonLover
Darkness, Cold, Emptiness, and Fear
Things i live with in this pit of despair
A monster that hungers for 더 많이 each day
A mother as cold as the ground where i sleep
No light to guide me as i wonder along
No warmth to surround me as i shiver in the cold

The beast within me pounds away
Pulling, poking, ripping, and tearing
My soul crumbles a little each day
Cold eyes stare at me with disgust and indifference

I reach for her to hold me
She turns and throws me away
I grab on to her to heal me
She hurts me even more
I plead with her to make the pain stop
She punishes me and sends me back to the dark

The sun blinds...
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posted by Lady_Rebel
(Ok, so this is my first oneshot. Soul and maka seem a bit OoC to me... Meh... I don't own Soul Eater 또는 Kindle.)

Maka was sitting on the couch, 읽기 a book about resonating with your partners, when the front door burst open and Soul and Black*Star walked in, looking very smug about something.
She eyed them warily, not trusting their smug looks. “What did 당신 two do this time?”
Soul grinned at her. “We got 당신 something!”
Maka stared at them, still not trusting their smugness. “What is it?”
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posted by IsopodBoyo
 Oh yeah boy
Oh yeah boy
I ship SoMa for a lot of reasons it’s not just “Oh they look so good together” type thing they literally are prepared to die for each other. Despite the bickering and teasing they stay 의해 each other they’re legitimate soul mates boyo.
They promise to follow each other anywhere.
“It’s thanks to you, Maka, I That I stopped running away” TheY LoVe EaChotHer So MuCh
And “Even this 음악 is something we made together” 당신 FEEL ME NOW???
 당신 see this??
you see this??
 she holds his hand while he sleeps this is what i live for
she holds his hand while he sleeps this is what i live for
posted by nevenkastar
Soul's Point Of View (POV)

She looked beautiful. He always thought she had.

Maka's POV

He looked handsome. She always thought he had.

Normal POV

Soul walked closer to Maka who was sitting on the couch. His lips came closer to hers and they soon met. They stayed that way for a while, but then broke apart.

"Ow!" Maka said touching her bottom lip.

"What is it?" Soul asked not knowing why Maka had said that.

"Your teeth are sharp!" Maka yelled as she walked to the bathroom. Soul followed behind her. Maka took her fingers off her lip and blood ran down it. " We have school tomorrow! Everybody will know...
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Disclaimer: I do not own Soul Eater. I do own the plot.

Author's note: This chapter doesn't really involve any of the plot mentioned in the summary; however, it does introduce two important characters. Also, this serves as a "testing the water," before I get into the main work.

Chapter 1: Enter Jason Sev and Rachel Cross

"Name's Jason Sev, meister. 당신 have probably heard of me, 상단, 맨 위로 of the N.O.T. class at the Death Weapon Meister Academy. Prepare yourself for my awesomeness, Notre Dame the hunchback." Jason Sev was taller than the average person. He had blue eyes, brown hair and a confident look...
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posted by MissieMidget
Make and Soul is the biggest argument throughtout 팬 everywhere so I come here to settle a few things first off this whole guys and girl friend thing rarely works out and in many 아니메 the just 프렌즈 thing transforms into much 더 많이 even when not shown and I find it almost in possible they care too much for each other just to blow one another off after the end I mean even Ma a's dad and mom fell for one another after he became a death sycthe.

Black 별, 스타 and Tsubaki seems likely because of the affection Tsubaki shows to Black Star. Sure it might seem innocent but I can believe Black 별, 스타 might...
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posted by CielsDemonLover
so in this chapter they will be talking to lord death and wait for it............ Lady 가지 속의 식물, 밤잠, 식물 *gasp* thats right a special appearance 의해 the infamous 가지 속의 식물, 밤잠, 식물 happens in this chapter where they all meet and form the small group army for Lord Death.

Ch. 7
The Death Room
(The man all witches fear?)

Kisha seemed to be 겨울왕국 to the spot as the man looked down at her. “I asked if 당신 were Kisha, can’t 당신 speak?” Takuto put a hand on her shoulder and gave it a light squeeze before he spoke. “Yes she is, and I’m her weapon Takuto. Who are 당신 exactly, 당신 don’t look like the guy from...
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posted by chocolate18
Introducing Soul
He ain't a junkie but he drools a lot hara
Let's go get'em
Soul Eater

�iIt's on you�jCan 당신 handle us
Soul Cool baby scandalous
�iI'll show you�jwhat I'm talking 'bout
Soul Cool baby watch it now

�iIt's on you�jCan 당신 handle us
Soul Cool baby scandalous
�iI'll show you�jwhat I'm talking 'bout
Soul Cool baby watch it now

(Verse 1)
Lately I'm feelin' so soul cool�iyeah�j
Come and get a taste of the hip soul 음식
Spice up the 아니메 with Neo Haiku
While soul goes 2 school where he 슬래쉬 kung fu�iBlaw�j

Pretty boy wonder ultra hip brother...
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posted by CielsDemonLover
So here is where Blair, Black Star, Tsubaki, Death the Kid, Liz, Patty and Professor Stein, and Spirit all come into play in these two chapters. Also a fighting lesson between Maka&Soul and Kisha&Takuto during class. Then on to the death room where they will meet spirit and wait to meet Lord Death. Enjoy!! So glad 당신 guys like it!

Ch. 5
A Hectic Morning
(Blair the Cat 또는 Blair the Witch?)

    Takuto and Kisha had just finished having sex for the first time and Kisha was sleeping peacefully against him. Takuto however didn’t sleep much anyway, he mainly stayed alert...
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It was a very cool nite and this particular nite the DWMA had a dance just for the fun of the students and Maka went with Soul.
"Cum on soul im bored cnt we dance 또는 sumthing" maka whined, "nope" soul responded "and y not" maka argued bak "cuz i dnt wnt 2 as simple as 1,2,3' soul said. "Wow u counted too 3 congratz" maka said "still nt going" soul said "o cum on" maka whined "hey wutz going on u 2" sethaniya cordero (my 팬 fic OC) "o 저기요 setha, souls being a lazy ass" maka growled as kid walked over "huh how" kid said putting his arm around setha, "well besides being himself" setha teased "ooh...
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posted by digimon_lover_
Dear readers,
This is an fanfiction/rp for the amazing 아니메 soul eater.
This fanfiction will be just like the 아니메 just alittle different.
Please if 당신 have any ideas 또는 thoughts please share them I'd 사랑 to see and read them.I may put them in the fanfic.
Well enough of that here's alittle about the characters.
The regular characters will be in the fanfic and 당신 can make an oc character for the fanfic/rp.I even made afew myself.
There will be couples in the fanfic.the couplesI've decided to put in are soulXmaka and tsubakiXmufune.
if 당신 want 당신 can make 더 많이 than just 1 oc character,you can make up to 3 oc characters.
To make an oc character(s) put his 또는 her
1-first and last name
2-their appearance(please include the eye and hair color)
3-their age
4-if their a mister 또는 weapon(please include their mister's name 또는 their weapons name)
5-do 당신 want them in a relationship with anyone(if yes than with who)
posted by MissieMidget
"Soul! Do 당신 mind but I think everyone else would like some cookies!" Maka scolded harshly snatching the 쿠키 from his grip "These are 크리스마스 쿠키 they're are for everyone." Soul stuck his tounge out at his girlfriend. "Yaa-hooo cookies!" Black 별, 스타 exclaimed. Maka held up her fist "For the last time, these are for lord death if we eat them all then there will be none for him." Tsubaki giggled "Yeah, Maka's right." "Aww Maka 당신 decorated all so symmetrical." Kid complimented dressed in a 크리스마스 sweater followed 의해 Liz and Patty with reindeer antlers which was quite ironic with...
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