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Sonic add bin having dreams of is past wen he was little sonic was 4 월 old in the dreams he was in a test tub in a lab connect to a computer a voice said the project is a wake anther voice said he a baby n is name is sonic he is my son the voice my n who my u be im arim sonic mother I no I'm male but I'm sonic mother n this is sonic father kai arim look like shadow white with light blue quills like 고쿠 ssj 4 blue eyes light blue they were light blue round is eyes light blue chest 모피 mark on is arms legs arim was ageless with immortality n kai look like sonic blue with back in is quills...
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Check out the pics! XD
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당신 have a very spasific version of dreams of an absolution that is your favorate, and absolutly refuse to listen to any of the others, to the point of shuning your 프렌즈 should 당신 see them listening to a diffarent version.

this happens to you: link

you have spontaniusly spent all your money on sonic plushies and/or other sonic parfanalia (RIP wallet)

you find a way to fit a sonic refrence in to every sentance, no matter who you're talking to and/or what you're talking about... even if it has absolutly nothing to do with the context of the rest of the sentance.

you know who charles is and you...
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