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posted by gyrothehedgehog
NAME: 주황색, 오렌지 the Hedgehog
POWERS: He can control fire, he can control ice, he can control electricity, he can control earth, he has super-speed, he can fly, he is super-strong and he is invincible
GIRLFRIENDS: Every girl in the series
LOOKS: An 주황색, 오렌지 hedgehog with black eyes
BACKSTORY: His hometown was pwned 의해 Eggman and hiz family was killed so he wantz REVENGE!!!3!!!
SUPER FORM: His super form is darker 주황색, 오렌지 and he still has black eyes and ALL THE POWERS IN THE WORLD!!!OMG!!
HYPER FORM: His hyper form is exactly like his Super Form except he is neon orange
DARKSPINE FORM: His super form with white stripes and no pupils
DARK FORM: The same as his Darkspine form
WEREHOG FORM: He is exactly like Sonics’ except orange
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(It ended up cutting off the post, so I'm just going post it in the form of a article.)

One cold night during the winter, Your FC is traveling across what seems to be a endless road on foot. Your FC feels like He/She has been traveling for days and as a result they feel tired, cold, hungry, and absolutely LOST. When he/she was beginning to give up hope, a strange silhouette shrouded 의해 fog forms in the distance.

He/She ran toward the silhouette and encountered a giant iron gate with a small town behind it. Happy that He/She found a shelter to stay at for the night, Your FC proceeds to try to...
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