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posted by gyrothehedgehog
NAME: 주황색, 오렌지 the Hedgehog
POWERS: He can control fire, he can control ice, he can control electricity, he can control earth, he has super-speed, he can fly, he is super-strong and he is invincible
GIRLFRIENDS: Every girl in the series
LOOKS: An 주황색, 오렌지 hedgehog with black eyes
BACKSTORY: His hometown was destroyed 의해 Eggman so now he wants revenge on him
SUPER FORM: His super form is darker 주황색, 오렌지 and he still has black eyes and ALL THE POWERS IN THE WORLD!!!OMG!!
HYPER FORM: His hyper form is exactly like his Super Form except he is neon orange
DARKSPINE FORM: His super form with white stripes and no pupils
DARK FORM: The same as his Darkspine form
WEREHOG FORM: He is exactly like Sonics’ except orange
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Hidden deep in the jungle reserves of Supreta live the only beasts still living on the planet Mobocan. However what do these beasts look like? That’s up to you.

All 당신 have to do is make a small, medium, 또는 large non-anthroporphic creature, and post it. I’ve got one 디자인 already in mind so I need five more. If I like the idea I’ll use it but if I don’t I won’t. Know that 당신 can always use it yourself if I don’t.

당신 can draw a picture, describe it, 또는 do both. Abilities can be included if 당신 want 또는 even a name, but if I feel I need to I WILL be making changes to the design. However with each creature I accept, unless 당신 want it to have a specific name I will name the species after your username.

This contest is going to last a week only so 당신 have till the 17th of October

Good Luck, God Bless

Eat Pie and Prosper
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의해 Roger 봉고차, 반 der Weide
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posted by scougesgirl
Don't ask in the comments. There's a place. This ones really short sorry. Okay, silver's the host. Ashton and shadow bicker a lot so if it's annoying 당신 코멘트 so I can beat the snout out of them. Let's go.

Silver: From AmeliaRose2002
To shadow, if Amy was your girlfriend would 당신 call her stupid?
Shadow: that's hard. I do like amy a little be she's annoying so probably
Ashton: then her piko piko hammer hits you.
Silver: should I say I agree with Ashton 또는 am I going to get hit.
Both: shut up, silver.

Silver: From AmeliaRose2002
To Ashton, why do 당신 have an axe?
Ashton: why? We'll long story short, I needed it to hit Shadsy with when he's bad.
Shadow: when am I ever bad?
Ashton: lots of times.
Ashton:*hits him with her axe's blunt end*
Silver:*holding head* ow!
Shadow: bye
Ashton: 늑대 girl out
Silver : bye bye
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posted by scougesgirl
Alec: let's go.
Ashton: yay!
NIC: 당신 two are crazy.
Volt: how'd y'all even get up there?
Aston: We're fearless. *jumps off the roof of a house*
Volt: Note to self don't under estimate, Ashton.
NIC: noted and saved.
Alec:*jump and does a back flip* woah!
Ashton: awesome.
Tiber: could 당신 two get any less crazier?
Ferrari: they probably can't.
Tiber: Agreed.
Amber: where are we heading any ways?
Ashton the woods. Why?
Everyone but Ashton: the woods?!
Ashton:*runs to the 나무, 트리 line* yep. The woods.
Tiber: crazy
Ferrari: insane
Volt: mad
NIC: mentally ill
Amber: crazy dog.
Ashton:*bows* thanks
Dark and remix: our sister.
Ashton: thanks 당신 two. *death glare*
To be...
posted by scougesgirl
Ashton: I got to go.
Shady: why? Me and Eric wanted to ask 당신 to 가입하기 the swim team.
Eric: Jackson blackbird Tomas. I said I would ask her.
Shady: sorry.
Ashton: I've got some place to be. Bye.*runs off* ( close call, rouge would kill me.)
With shady and Eric
Shady: I want candy.
Eric: hers a store.
*both walk in. Sees Ashton in a maids outfit.*
Ashton: *eyes are closed* welcome to 캔디 store. Take a look around and see what 당신 like. *opens her eyes* omg. Y'all can't be here.
Shady: why?
Ashton: rouge said no 프렌즈 allowed. 옮기기 또는 in fired.
Eric: okay. Okay.
Next 일
Sonic: wheres Ashton going all...
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posted by scougesgirl
Ashton: everyone ready?
Dash: cute your going as Tails.
Ashton: Alec helped me decide.
Alec: no problem.
NIC: why do we have to go again?
Ashton: because 당신 needed to make up with Sonic and Sally plus I promised Shadow we come.
Volt: 당신 didn't say NIC and I had to come.
Ashton: please!!!!!! *stareds to howl*
NIC: we'll come if 당신 stop the howling
Tiber:*hits Ashton with a frying pan* there she stopped.
Ashton:*holding head* OW! Tiber that hurt.
Tiber: I know.
Alec: okay so when we leave what are 당신 going as?
NIC: I think I'm a rabbit
Ashton: he's a white wolf.
Ferrari: I'm rockstar.
Four 분 later......
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