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posted by WaffleCrazed
A/N: Tittle change~
    Skipper walked along the corridor. Just another 일 of school, boring, normal school. He hated it. He hated everything right now. He didn’t know why but lately he had been feeling rather agitated. He was completely 로스트 in his thoughts that he didn’t notice the male in front of him.
    “Ow! Hey, watch where you’re going!” Skipper stood up, glaring at him. He looked up, white bangs curtain his eyes, “You’re the one to say that…” he spat. Skipper growled before stomping away. Hans sighed, “Way to go, making people...
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posted by WaffleCrazed
Humanized cause I want it to be.
    “Come on, Skippy, you’ll 사랑 it!” Manfredi said, pulling on his cousin’s hand. “No, Fredi, 당신 know how I feel about parties! Especially parties in clubs!” The 18-year-old pulled harder to get out of his older cousin’s grip. “It’ll be fun! Please!” Manfredi made a 강아지 dog face. “I won’t fall for that!”
~Time skip: 40 minutes~
    “How did I get dragged into here?” Skipper grumbled as he watched 랜덤 people walk pass him. Manfredi laughed as he dropped into the 좌석 다음 to him, an alcohol...
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posted by WaffleCrazed
A/N: Hello people. Just to tell you, it’s gonna be awhile before another update. Exams and shet. Well, forget with my life, 당신 wanna read the story~! (Can 당신 guess which character I hate the most?)

    Hans walked on the sidewalk of Hoboken, hearing gunfire and cops screaming. He walked before an alleyway where a young girl was being kicked 의해 an elder man. He shuddered. Remembering what usually happens in alleys. Each day, three kids were raped. He was once one of them. Shaking his head, he boarded his bus and grabbed onto the nearest pole.
Skipper sat in class, eyes...
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