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로스트 And Found Chapter Six
I really like you. I said.
That's not the secret. 당신 liking me doesn't create bruises on your wrist. He said.
Maybe is not the part me liking 당신 but the fact that 당신 keep grabbing my wrist. I said.
I highly doubt that. Come on fess up. He said.
Jeremy. I groaned.
Victoria. He whispered as the 벨 rang.
I got up and literly ran to lunch. I was starving.
I grabbed my lunch and sat down. Jeremy saw me sit down and then he spotted Vicki, a girl he has been liking for a long time. It was sad, she was with Tyler who was a football jerk. But Vicki only used Jeremy to get drugs....
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Hometown Chapter Fifteen
I had been working at the hardware store for a while now. I had finally saved up enough money to buy my own long board. I could not wait to get out of school and head to the surf shop. Luckily, Grandpa is pretty much allowing me to take his truck anywhere at any time.
I have an 시간 of school left and all I can focus on is what color board I want.
"Earth to Talli!" Tex said as he waved his hand in front of my face.
"What?" I asked as I jumped.
"Sorry, didn't mean to scare ya!" He said. "But the 벨 rang. School is out for the day!"
"Yes!" I smiled happily.
"Do 당신 wanna...
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I sat at my 책상, 데스크 doing homework and listening to 음악 when I thought I heard something hit my window. I ignored it and went back to what I was doing. Not even five 초 later, I heard it again. Great, it better not be Nick! I went to my window, peaked out, and sure enough it was Nick holding some rocks in his hand. I do not know why he was doing this. I mean he was in his bedroom, throwing rocks at my window. Could he have not found some other girl to annoy?
"Nick, what can I do for ya?" I asked slightly annoyed.
"I just wanted to say sorry for what happened earlier at school and at McDonald'."...
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Edward and Bella were talking but I didn't know what about, I could not quit picturing that woman's bright red eyes! I was trying to think of something else but all I could piture was those red eyes. I did not know where we were 또는 where we were going. Before I knew it, I felt someone pick me up. It was Emmett and Jasper. He stuck me in the front 좌석 of Carlisle's Mercedes S55 AMG. I felt heat coming from the seat, it felt really good since I was freezing. What is she feel? Emmett asked Jasper who was driving. Everything, she is, mad, sad, scared, but mostly mad. Jasper said. Taylor, 당신 need...
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In The End It Should Be Okay Chapter 27
Christopher's POV
I couldn't get her out of my mind, it's like she was stuck in there twenty-four seven. She is suck a wondrful person and she sees me for me not my fame 또는 money. I could be my true self around her. It was wondrful. She understood me unlike some people.
It had been two weeks and I couldn't get her out of my mind. Every song I wrote was about her. Even though Iied on tv, I never ment anything what I said.
Christopher what's wrong? Casey asked.
I can't get Lilly out of my head and it has been almost 2 weeks. I said.
You knew her for how many...
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Flight 29 Down Chapter 1
Jesse all my clothes are dirty. What am I suppose to do? I asked while trying to find something clean.
Here, 당신 can borrow some shorts and a t-shirt of mine. Jackson said.
It's okay, I don't have to go since I don't have any clothes. I said.
Put them on. Jackson said really mad.
What about a bra? I asked.
Do I look like I would own one? Jackson asked sarcasticly.
He threw the clothes at me and I went to go change.
I look like a boy. I said as I came out of the bathroom.
Nah, your girly in every way and besides 당신 a boobs. Jackson said laughing.
Grow up. Do 당신 really laugh...
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Cambridge Academy Chapter Sixteen?
Ivie's POV
I woke up with a "Merry 크리스마스 card and a book beside my 표, 테이블 with a 곰 sitting on it. It was his birthday too! I totally forgot! Ugh, I am the worst friend ever!
I remember the first time Ian and I told everyone "Merry Christmas" on our birthdays. We were too little to understand that 당신 get gifts on your birthday, not just on Christmas! It has been a tradition in my family since I was little. Of course, I am not sure about Ian because, well frankly we have not talked in a couple of years!
I sat up and read the card.
The front of the card read,...
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Flight 29 Down Chapter 15
Are 당신 going to tell? Jackson asked like 5 분 had passed.
Yes. I have a crush on Stephan. I blurted out.
I knew that. Jackson said.
Well this is where it gets complicated. I said.
What do 당신 mean complicated? Jackson asked.
Well I think I am starting to like this other boy while I like Stephan. I said.
Oh I see and who is this other boy? Jackson asked curious.
Can I describe him? I asked hoping he would be stupid and not realize it was him.
Sure. Jackson said.
He is taller than me, has the most beautiful green eyes I have ever seen and has dirty blonde hair. I said.
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It's Complicated Chapter Six
Life is not perfect, never is. Ella had to leave, it was so much fun to have her home. I wish it could stay like that. I wish I could have my stepsister back.
"Ella, do 당신 have to leave?" I asked. "I mean can 당신 not stay for a couple 더 많이 days?"
"Lila, 당신 know I can't stay." She said as she wrapped a arm around me. "I have to get back to school and work."
"Call in sick! Please, I am begging 당신 Ella!!" I pleaded. "Just please stay!" I was tearing up, I hardly ever got to see her.
"I wish I could. But I have to go." She said as she got into the rent-a-car. 
And just...
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Hometown Chapter FiveN2P
Tex's POV
It was lunch time and I was starving. I didn't wake up in time to eat breakfast. I was on my way to get lunch when I saw Talli walking to her bike.
"Hey Talli," I said, "where are 당신 heading to?"
"Oh hey," she said nervously, "umm nowhere in particular."
I could tell she was a really shy person.
I stifled a laugh. She was obviously up to something.
"Are 당신 going to be back before practice," I asked prying.
"Umm, I think so. I should be," Talli said as she was looking everywhere but at me.
"Then can I tag along," I asked.
"You probably don't want to come," she said...
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As soon as they left I heard something in the bushes. I knew it wasn't Emmett and Rose, for this movement was way to big. I went over and sat
on the log where my clothes and stuff was. All of the sudden this huge 늑대 comes out of the bushes. Help, big wolf, help! I just say in my
normal voice thinking that someone will here me. The 늑대 got half way to the log and stopped. Help, big wolf, crap where's my gun. I said
out loud still thinking that someone might here me. Emmett and Rose came out of the bush. She hasn't bothered you, no go on and don't hurt
her. Rose said. This 늑대 growled, I...
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로스트 And Found Chapter Seven
Stefan Salvatore's POV
As I was hunting for animals. I came across Victoria laying on the ground.
Victoria? I asked cautiously.
She was sitting bait for a vampire to come 의해 and drain her of blood. A unresponsive girl in the forest alone. What 더 많이 could an evil vampire ask for?
I picked her up lightly and carried her back to my place. She had been there a while, I hadn't seen her at school for three 또는 four days. Surely she hadn't been there all that time. With 뱀파이어 passing through, like Damon. She was bait for him 또는 someone else.
What are 당신 doing? Damon asked....
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Not Your Typical Country Girl Chapters Forty Five
Tex's POV
She laid there motionless for a few 분 and then thankfully got up.
"Harmony! Are 당신 okay?" I asked as she climbed down from fencing.
"Umm, just gonna be sore." She said oddly. "Jack! I haven't seen 당신 in a long time!"
I watched as she went over to him and hugged his neck.
"It's been 5 minutes; are 당신 okay?" He asked worried.
"I'm fine. I'm just gonna be sore." She shrugged.
"Jack can 당신 watch her while I ride?" I said. "Somethin seems off bout her!"
"Yeah I can. But I think you're over reacting." He said.
I had a good ride but not...
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Not Your Typical Country Girl Chapter Thirty Seven
Clay's POV
The chute door flew open and the 황소, 불 barely got out of the chute before he started spinning in a circle. It didn't take him long to buck Harmony off. I was already in the arena trying to get the 황소, 불 away from her but it was no use. He was charging at Harmony who continued to lie there not moving.
"Get up," I yelled.
I whistled as I tried to get the bulls attention. But he charged at her and scrubbed his head into her legs. She still wasn't moving. I whistled at the 황소, 불 again and waved my arms. I ran for the 상단, 맨 위로 of the chutes as the...
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Flight 29 Down Chapter 39 The Finial Chapter...
I couldn't believe it! We were getting resued! This is what we had been waiting for!! I was happyto be going 집 and so was everyone else.
We watched the 보트 with a couple of people on it get closer and closer to coming ashore. We were all very excited about getting rescued. We aren't the same people who arrve on this island, we have all changed.
Ian needed to see this moment. I ran to the tent, I told him to put all his weight on me so he could come outside and see what was happening.
Cassidy you're really nice. Everything that Eric has told...
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OKay so this is the thirs chapter withing 2 또는 3 days. I am stuckish on my other chapters and this one is going really good right now. LOL Hope yall enjoy! :D
P.S This chater was so much FUN to write!!! Thanks yall!

I was starting to feel where I was at. I could feel my hands, they were still tied. I was laying on something cold. My vision was blurry, I blinked a couple of times and it got clear.
Cassidy, are 당신 okay? Jackson asked.
Yeah I think so. I said.
I felt Jackson's hand brush over my skin. He was trying to loosen the knots.
I can't get them undone. Jackson said.
Do 당신 have a knife? I asked....
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New Begining Chapter 87
What did 당신 do? I asked.
That's the thing, I don't understand what I did. Nolan said.
How can 당신 not know how 당신 made them mad? I asked.
Nolan shrugged his shoulder.
Oh my word! Did 당신 hot their car? I asked jokingly.
Yes, because we all know that the Volturi owns the best cars that we would want to still. Mason said sarcasticly.
I know, right! I laughed.
Violet and Edward were talking about how sarcastic Noland, Mason, and I have been.
Can I have some of your pizza? I asked Edward.
Have all of it. He said.
What happens when 당신 eat human food? I asked.
It makes me sick and...
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I wanted to scream but than again, I didn't want Dad running to his death. I knew if that vampire was going to kill me he would kill my father if he was in here and witness the attack.
Please don't hurt my father, 당신 can have me but not my father. I said.
Scarlet, It's okay, it's me Edward. He said.
Oh my word, 당신 gave me a 심장 attack. I said.
I'm sorry, I thought 당신 would know it was me. Edward said.
You was hiding in the shodows, it was hard to see you. I said.
I'm sorry, I didn't know 당신 was so worried about this vampire. Edward said.
I'm not really scared that was the first thing that popped...
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New Begining Chapter 82
I turned around and looked at Edward. If I wanted us to work out, I need to stop being so sensitive.
Scarlet I'm sorry. Edward said.
It's my fault! I should stop being so sensitive and emotional about everything. I want this to work and 당신 are trying really hard and I feel like I'm not trying at all. I hate that we keep fighting and it's all my fault. I said.
Edward came over and hugged me.
It's not all your fault! It's mine too. We just need a way to work it out. Edward said.
I can't live with ya and I can't live withoutcha ya. I said.
Get off our land. Someone growled.
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