Sitcoms 상단, 맨 위로 5 가장 좋아하는 Comedies Ever

Smoothie1 posted on Jul 15, 2007 at 11:33PM
I know this is hard, but what are your five favorite comedies ever? This is a very difficult one for me because I usually prefer comdedies over dramas. Well, here it goes, in no paticular order:

The Office
The Simpsons
I Love Lucy
The Honeymooners

edit: edited because i comepletely forgot Seinfeld and The Honeymooners, which I love more than Scrubs and 70s show.
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over a year ago goalstopper said…
in no particular order as well

The Office
That 70 Show
over a year ago maybeastarbucks said…
In a particular order (1 being the best):

5. King of the Hill
4. Friends
3. The Simpsons
2. Everybody Loves Raymond
1. The Office

In my opinion...
over a year ago krazykray said…
I can't pick just 5, but I can pick 6

The Office
That 70's show
30 Rock
How I Met Your Mother
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over a year ago Bananastand said…
Arrested Development
The Office
Mighty Boosh
Fawlty Towers

All office fans check out Arrested Development. It's better!
over a year ago makintosh said…
3.Growing Pains
4.3rd Rock from the Sun
5.Get a life