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posted by bonnybreeze
hi ive just read about the cruelty to 개 and 고양이 in china where they are skinned alive for their fur.and was hoping that simon as an animal lover could use his influence with the stars and the famous to change their attitude about wearing real fur,if the rich and famous made an effort to hilite this cruelty alot of good would come from it.simon being the man that he is could make a huge difference and could be a saviour to a cause like this.the world is full of people that want to stop this cruelty but need somone to lead the way
posted by raycurran
Hope 당신 read this Simon,
Althought i 사랑 X Factor the one thing i dislike is its command over the No 1 spot at Christmas. I,m sure Simon can recall growing up with the odd actual 크리스마스 hits, these tunes held a magic, hence all the radio play they still get reminding us of wonderful years gone by. Now the winner usually hits No1 and the 음악 is forgettable as last weeks hot pot. Can nobody write 크리스마스 songs anymore?
well that,s my opinion, and good luck with the american show, great great talent so far. and in case i forget Happy 크리스마스