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"Blaze get up time for school, ya don't want to miss yer first 일 in NOThole! Do you?" Fine 사과, 애플 I'll get up." Oh ya!!! I'm so excited! Your going to meet all mah 프렌즈 my bro's and sista's its gonna be awesome!" Okay 사과, 애플 get out so I can get dressed and get ready." So 사과, 애플 leaves and blaze says to herself "Man, a 일 at school without silver being there... I dont think I can survive..." At blazes new school the 벨 rings and everyone gets to class... Teacher:Okay children take your seats we have a new student named Blaze, Blaze the cat. She comes from the other side of the world....
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So funny
cute couple
dame tu cosita
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 Valerie and Jake
Valerie and Jake
"Get over here before I burn 당신 to ashes!!!" Yelled the 늑대 feiresly. "Then ill do just the same!" Replied Blaze. They both pulled their flames on eachother, but just then she seeen she had 담홍색, 핑크 flames. Blaze looked at her and said..."Valerie... Is that... You?" "How do 당신 know my name?!?" "Cause remember me? Camed to your village on accident 당신 guys rescuded me, became part of your pack,know as best fighter alive?" Blaze... Thats you? I thought id never see 당신 again!, Jake!, Michelle, get over here its blaze! The one we rescuded on 육지, 쇼 어 of our old island ,many years ago!". Nice to see...
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With Silver hanging out with Sonic, Amy, Rouge, Shadow, and Marine.... " Yo Silv, wanna do something fun?" " No Sonic, I'm reading, and that's the answer I always got from blaze on a really bored 일 sometimes, and 당신 know what's funny? I don't read!!!" A couple moments later he sets the book down, looks at his shoes, looks up and sonic was in his face and said "Wanna do something now silver?" "Woah what the hell sonic? I know 당신 travel at the speed of sound, but I don't like people to get up in my grill dude!" "Really, 당신 didn't mind blaze doing it though." "Shut up please." Silver stuck...
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"Uhhh.... Where's Aly? Did 당신 just ask me that Blaze? Look your sister Aly,... She,She's... Dead okay Blaze?" Said Sophie the cat. "Dead but how? And for how long?" Just for a week now. My boyfriend Devon told me so..." responded Sophie. "Can I speak with Devon then?" Asked Blaze. "Sure. But after lunch and at recess. At Recess... "Devon! Could 당신 come here for a sec?"" Sure what is it Soph?" Well... my old cuzin Blaze here was wondering what exactly happened to sister Aly, and what 당신 know about it." Uh well blaze one word Naucher." Said Devon "Oh mother of God, I've been hearing that...
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