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 cody the hedgehog
cody the hedgehog
okay i know some of 당신 guys imagined having your own sonic character but 당신 did not know how to make one well this 기사 tells 당신 how first save a 구글 image of a sonic coloring page then open it with paint then when your done coloring your character save it as a png pic and then 당신 made your own sonic character using paint enjoy making your characters :D see the bottom 이미지 of two of my sonic characters to see how cool they look hope 당신 have fun 읽기 the guide and making those characters of yours:D
 jack the hedgehog
jack the hedgehog
“ It happens every year…” Shade walked over to her 침상, 소파 in the rec-room and sat down, “a beautiful, eventful, bad 나귀, 엉덩이 summer, then the one horrible 일 has to come and ruin it all. The first 일 of school.” Shade rested her head on her arm and flicked on the TV, only commercials about back to school sales and short TV show’s on school appeared to fill the screen, “I can’t even watch a decent channel without seeing something to do with the damned place!” She shut off the TV angrily and sighed, “and to make it worse… I’m not even in any classes with my best friend, Mina.”...
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posted by ShadowGirlLover
 Rouge and shadow
Rouge and shadow
Shadow was walking to Sonic's house when he heard Rouge calling for help. Shadow forgot about Sonic and rushed to save her. He quikly grabed her and took her to a safer place. Rouge said that she didn't need his help. Shadow said 당신 would have been crushed if it wasn't for me. Rouge turns over to Shadow, 당신 know your kinda hot. Shadow blushed. Shadow put his hand aruond Rouge. Shadow said your kinda sexy yourself.(Shaodow and Rouge makeout for a while.)Sonic runs into the both of them. Sonic says what's up. Shadow kicks Sonic in the nuts and runs away, without Rouge.
now before 당신 click on the "dislike"botton please hear me out,this is just my opinion.if 당신 have a diffrent opinion I won't juge 당신 becase all people are diffrent.

now that that's out of the way I'll tell 당신 what I think could happpen:maybe maria(sonic adventure 2) was reborn into sandy cheeks.
but nit's just a theroy,I think that for 3 reasons:

1:sandy cheeks is if not 더 많이 smarter then eggman.

2:she is kindharted,kinda like maria.

and 3:she is willing to put her life in danger to save others.

and thanks to a webcomic called AGENCEY I like the possibliity of shadow and sandy being a cople even more,
thanks AGENCEY without 당신 I would never have found a crossover paring
 당신 guys better save me soon! Joking!
You guys better save me soon! Joking!
Shadow and the rest jumped into the red portal and arrived at hell. It was worse than how the black hedgehog saw it before. Bushes were on fire, stains of blood masked the lava scent, stains were screaming and running. Shadow felt as if he was having 심장 palpitations due to this. What if I was dead? Shadow felt tears of worry come to his eyes and he turned to everyone else. Espio looked worried as hell too, and he clutched the golden locket very tightly and sobbed, "Oh my sister, I have failed you....why couldn't I see the destruction that this hedgehog brought?" Shadow started to feel like...
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Shadow's POV:
"Then what happened?"
"Well, we were fighting... and I tried to get the robot to smash itself... but my foot got caught..."
"Well, it was about to smash me, when 당신 came and ripped me free... putting yourself in the way of it's fist... saving me."
"Oh... then that's when I blacked out?"
"Did 당신 think I was dead?"
"Yes... all I saw was the fist and the blood pour out from under it, then your body which was all mangled fell from it."
"Eww... that's nasty!"
"Yea... 당신 still dont look like luck's on your side."
"Psh please, Sonic, I know that." I looked at the white bandages...
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posted by silvershady
STOP! If 당신 haven't read chapters 1,2, and 3, this chapter wont make sense, read them 1st! But it still is very interesting!

Rocha's POV:
I once again came to the edge of that cliff, overlooking the city of Metropolis in ruins. The 대포 was again ready to destroy the earth, and I screamed and pleaded for it not to. Then the shadow spread across the city, destroying the 대포 and restoring the city back to it's original state. Then it leaked back towards me and turned into a puddle of blood 의해 my feet. And a teardrop fell into it. "No!" I screamed and felt someone shaking my whole body, "Rocha!...
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posted by silvershady
Eggman's POV:
I screwed the last bolt into my lovely creation. Soon I would get Shadow out of the way and rip the rings right off the bat's ankles myslef. I looked at the empty spots where the precious silver rings would sit. This would be the most perfect 일 of my life. No one would be able to defeat my ultimate weapon. I had just sent out my strongest army of robots to destroy Sonic and his stupid little friends, and if Shadow happens to survive... well he'd better hope that he doesn't because he'd beshaking in his 모피 to know what I have in store for him!

Rocha's POV:
I looked up to see Faron...
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posted by silvershady
STOP! Read Chapters 1,2,3,4, and 5 first!

Eggman's POV:
I hadn't heard from Shadow for over a week now, I wondered what was taking the useless hedgehog so long? Maybe he had betrayed me... I would have to find out. So I summoned the Tails Doll, it would surely watch him for me. "Tails Doll,"
"Yes master."
"Keep an eye on Shadow, please."
"Yes master."
"Very well then. I pressed a button on my communicator and sent off the signal. Hopefully he had the bat, because her silver rings would complete the ultimate weapon which would handily destroy the whole world.

Shadow's POV:
As I ushered Faron and Rocha...
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 This is the most suspenseful chapter, you'll be longing for 더 많이 soon! Chapter 9 is the final part! Will I live, will I die? Who knows?
This is the most suspenseful chapter, you'll be longing for more soon! Chapter 9 is the final part! Will I live, will I die? Who knows?
The 다음 thing I woke up to was a siren. It blared loudly and it's red 색깔 swirled over the sky. There was plenty of commotion, people we're running around frantically, and I saw nurses carrying pills, medicine, and antibiotics. I was in a hospital bed, with a white sleeveless hospital gown. My head was spinning in hundreds of directions right now, and my eyesight was blurry. When I finally came to my consciousness, I saw Shadow sitting 다음 to me, his hand grasping mine. He saw I was awake and he smiled happily, "Your awake! I'm so happy! I knew 당신 wouldn't dream of leaving me now." Shadow...
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ok ok i admit i for got were i left off ok so me restart if 당신 dont like i dont care

so we start with darkly(me)
i was just looking though the woods for my family when...
dequ:hi darkly :)
me: oh its just 당신 well hi dequ
dequ: what 당신 doin
me: not much just looking for shadow and the others :(
dequ: not again
me: 당신 didnt no what i lost
dequ: well im an orphan
both: sigh
dequ: can 당신 tell me about your self since that is always your excuse
me: fine well it all startedon the ark shadow was with maria {like always} shade was working on his toy robot thingy darwen was trying to break free of his chains...
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posted by kodithehedgehog
Sonic spinballed into Kodi to knock him away from the Death Bomb. "Oh, so your going to stop me? Don't 당신 feel 당신 could be doing something 더 많이 productive with your final moments?" Kodi said. Sonic replied, "Kicking your 나귀, 엉덩이 seemed like the most productive thing we could do at the moment." Kodi then shot Hadokens at the trio, who dodged it. Silver tried to capture Kodi in his psychokenisis. Kodi used Bat Shriek to break his concentration, Shadow went in to 펀치 him, but Kodi grabbed him 의해 the arm and used him as a shield from Sonics blast. Kodi tossed Shadow at Silver and shot at and elbowed...
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for pics of characters see my photos

(this is in whispers point of view) i am so scared. i dont know where i am. mr. fluffy blue hair and captain darky knight brought me to a 성 but it isnt like the princess castles like in the stories big sissy arc told me. no way its a dump. its all black and red and dull icky. so captain darky knight brings me to a big dark 왕좌, 왕위 room with a big stain shiney glass window with a pic of a broken in half black 심장 like the 코트 of arms on their shields and armor and stuff. so he takes me in to the 왕좌, 왕위 room...
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1. If u become shadow's girlfriend,punch him and run.*thats a simple way to get kidnapped*
2. Call shadow 이모 ,warning: u may get killed for that
3. Tripping shadow,lauging in his face then run
4. chase shadow in Green zone hill
5. Videotapping him then putting it on youtube
6. Sceaming in his ear
7. If u are his gf,and cheat on him with sonic
8. Calling him a asshole
9. Getting sonic,and sliver to try and beat him up *Shadow is going to win!*
10.and finally..stalking him!
posted by cutiepie101010
*Knock-knock.*"Hello?Hey Maria,oh-hi Krystal."-me."I was wondering if 당신 wanted to come to Twinkle Park with me and Krystal."-Maria.I think to myself-Krystal,Maria's twin that looks nothing like her. All they have in common is their personalities."Uh,sure.Why not?"-Me."Let's go!"-Krystal.We get to Twinkle Park."I'm gonna go to the playground part."-Krystal."Be 안전한, 안전 this time!"-Maria."Aren't I always?"-Krystal says with a smile and runs off."Twins...Shadow let's go to the swings."-Maria."Ok."-Me.We 그네, 스윙 for 30 minutes."Uh,Maria-"-I get cutoff 의해 a scream."Aahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!""That's...
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Welcome back! As we left off in part 2, I said I MIGHT make part 3. Well, I'm super-duper bored right now, so I wrote it anyway! Oops, back to the story! So anyway, after all the demons exploded, I said Sonic never insulted Shadow about his shadow again. I didn't mean that it was the end! Then, the ashes of the exploded demons started to rain, and they smelled bad! Oh yeah, and the demon ashes also turned into a giant blob monster because it started to rain and the ashes got all wet. Then it started shooting lasers out of its one eye, and everyone panicked! Then Eggman just flew in on his hover...
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posted by PowerRouge
For those who have played the Portal games, they will know GLaDOS and who she is. For those who don't know, I'll just say she is a computer AI for a place called Aperture Science. This is a list of how Shadow and GLaDOS are similar.

-Both were engineered 의해 science. Shadow on the ARK, GLaDOS in Aperture Science.

-Both are immortal.

-Both are artificial lifeforms

-At first, they start out evil, but turn good later

-Both brag about being immortal and having power over others

-Both were created to benefit mankind

-At one point, at least once, someone tried to kill them. The Commander and Black Doom tried to kill Shadow. Chell tried to kill GLaDOS

-Both were once thought to be dead. Shadow at the end of SA2 and GLaDOS at the end of Portal

-Both felt malice towards someone. Shadow towards Sonic and GLaDOS towards Chell
 how babe looks like if she was human
how babe looks like if she was human
Shadow: u said theres a new girl coming in Sonic
Sonic: she is be patient
Babe the fox: *pretty little 여우 that is 주황색, 오렌지 and brown with green eyes* hi
Sonic: *drooling*hello
Babe: hi im Babe
Shadow: yes u are
Babe: excuse me
Shadow: i mean we was expecting u miss Babe
Babe: o thank u
Scourge: hot Babe
Babe: excuse me
Scourge: i think i need a plumber baby would u help me with that
Babe: *bites him*no i may not *walks off to her room and kisses Tails*
Shadow:shes hot
Knuckles and Sonic : u dont lie
Babe: *brings out a chain saw*nyu *runs after them *morons *goes to sleep in her room*
posted by Eizabella_Tiger
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posted by silver9090
One 일 sonic,shadow,knuckles was sleeping they fell hot so 저기요 take ,there covers off then they fell cold,dizzy they call tails amy silver rouge to take care of them so amy tails silver rouge went to there house they them sleeping together,they made them soup,sonic shadow knuckles ate the 수프 then they throw up in the bathroom the 다음 일 they feel better so they the same thing to tails amy silver rouge they feel better they got marry they had childen
they got sick they did the same thing over,over,over,over. THE END