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posted by christalthefox
Well Shadow IS the MOST HOT hedgehog of the UNIVERSE(!!!!!!!!!!)and because he 's a mystery guy with the secrets of his self and because he hasen't got a pinky-crazy with red colored dress 또는 a strange cat who doesn't live him alone FOR ONE AND ONLY SECOND(not telling 당신 lie she's dead at real.sorry Blaze's fangirls but she died at sonic the hedgehog 2006).Anyway Shadow is just every teenage girl wants.A sweet hot and powerful guy who really don't want to lose she (again).Believe me before Shadow IS was in 사랑 with Silver(sucks x on 일 I saw Shadow's video game and then...<<WHO THE HECK IS SILVER?????)Then all the 일 I saw AND ONLY Shadow's pics, vid's and more!!!!!!!!!!!This is all I have to say.about.See ya at my 다음 article!!!!!!
posted by shadria
Her comes pt11 sorry to keep ya waiting
Knuckles:it was finally time u told Amy
Sonic:you should also tell rouge
Rouge:so u do like me
Knuckles:hey don't encourage them
(Knuckles starts to blush)
Shadow:look he turned dark red
(Rouge hugs knuckles and knuckles blushes)
Rouge:ok maria we r gonna go to the mall to get u stuff
Shadow:but I'm coming
Shadow:i said i am coming
Rouge:u can't come we r gonna get girl supplies
Shadow:so i don't care i don't want u to influence my Maria
Rouge:what do 당신 think imma tell her
Rouge:oh i see now what ur thinking...
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On December 24 Shadow was walking around at 12:oo p.m. in the city. In an alley He saw a star. when ever he got closer it keeped running away from him. when he cought up to it he thought it was eggman, but it was really Amy. she was crying, but why. Shadow asked if everything was ok. She said no. What happened rose? sonic told me he hated me even called me a B-I-T-C-H. Shadow Do 당신 still like me? Yeah why? I was Wondering if 당신 would like to be my Boyfriend? I will give it a try. They Have lived Happily ever after.
Everyone screamed. Their terrifying shrieks filled the whole training grounds. Tails yelled at the 상단, 맨 위로 of his lungs and immediately ran out of the grounds. Sally clenched her fists tightly and her eyes narrowed. She probably thought Rouge was the cause of this mess. Amy was one of the loudest and ran behind Sonic, who was 겨울왕국 like a ice sculpture with salty tears running down his cheek. Shadow had his eyes wide open. Blood ran down his mouth and his knees wobbled. A very big gash with tons of blood running down it was covering the majority of his chest. Shadow's once heavenly white chest...
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posted by winterthecat
sonic:what the hick
*tails come in* tails:hay sonic
sonic o 건초 tails come and look at this
*tails looks at the pic *tails:is shadow and amy going out?
sonic:im going to call knules*call knules*
knules:what do 당신 wont sonic
sonic:look at thes pic
*looks at the pic* knules:what the hack
tails:les put thes online*put it no online*
sonic :you know tailsshadow is going to see it
knules:we all are goners*shadow come in*
shadow:how in the hell puts thes pic on online
sonic and knules:tails
tails:eeip*amy come in*
amy:sope right thes shadow
shadow hu
*amy hits shadow *
the end ?eenx pret 2
posted by natedawg12
my name is shadow, shadow the hedgehog i was born and raised on the ark.my best friend maria and soon to be my lover.but there was a tragect accident on the ark and the professer died along with maria. its been over 50 years since and i still have nightmares but i have darknees in may soul because of that i never seem to age though i still 사랑 but anyways thats the past itss the 년 2025 everyone has aged older and everyone is with everyone leaving me 의해 my self and sonic became a lover with amy they live together but tails is a jerk who always sware he always wants to beat up sonic well see 당신 다음 time on shadow cronicles:shadow saves sonic(preview) sonic i will kill u tails st-stop he cut sonic across his stomach o_0
I went outside to see if anyone was out there. "Mephiles!! Come out 당신 coward!!! Why did 당신 hurt my sister?! Come out!!!" I yelled. There were no one outside until,a shadow appeared on the ground . " I'm not a coward, 당신 are the coward." a voice said from behind .There was one of the boys that were staring at me." YOU?! But why?! Tell me !!" I began to walk backwards but the hedgehog came closer to me and I heard voices that were so familar chanting." There is no escape." The 더 많이 they chanted , the 더 많이 I became scared. ( to be continued in pt 2 for chapter 3)
As in Volume 5, Brianna the Fox(Me), Moonlight the Hedgehog(LunaAcores94), Musa the Hedgehog(bannanabrain), Memphiles the Dark, and Shadow were finding somthing to do.... now they are disscussing what to do.....
Shadow: Oooh! I know! MARIO KART WII! :D
Moonlight the Hedgehog(LunaAcores94): There can ONLY be 4-players at a time AND besides, Brianna ALWAYS throws her controller OUT THE WINDOW!!! T__T
Brianna the Fox(Me): *Glares at Moonlight* HMPH!
Shadow: SO? Somebody can sit out and watch! And so what if Brianna throws the Wii Wheels out the window?
Moonlight: We had to use Crazy Glue 'cuz she broke a Wii Wheel in half.... -_-
Brianna: *Rolls eyes* HMPH! I know! Lets go on a KILLING SPREE!!!! :D
Memphiles/Shadow: HELL YEAH!!!! >:D
Moonlight/Musa(bannanabrain): HELL NO!!!!!! >:(
Brianna: SHUT UP!!!!! >:(
Moonlight/Musa: Meep! .__.

posted by Shadowrednblack
"Ahh! Stupid tree!" Midnight said as she stumbled her way through the forest. She looked around at all the trees surrounding the strange zigzag path. They had to be atleast a couple hundred meters tall. There were a bunch of planks and catwalks and ladders and pulley systems inbetween the trees. But the place seemed pretty vacant; it had been that way since she first fell upon the strange floating island, but she could tell. It was very different from 앤젤 Island. She walked on the path. "I'm going nowhere coming from nowhere!" she said to herself. "I guess there's no point in- hey!" she said as she tripped on an upped root and tumbled down the steep side of the hill. "Oh. god dammit..." she said getting up and rubbing her head. She looked back up at the 언덕, 힐 and sighed. "No point at all..." she said as she plopped down on the ground and fell asleep.
posted by Ashley-Shadow
Amy was running from Shadow but she had to stop because she had ran into a cliff, and 의해 the looks of it, it was a long way down. Shadow said "give up that 에메랄드 또는 I'm going to have to take it from you" he said in a very calm but demanding voice. Amy said "no, I'll never let 당신 get this emerald! Shadow stepped slowly to her step 의해 step, Amy was starting to panic as she stepped back further and further to the edge of the cliff. Shadow on the other hand was making his way slowly to her until their faces were so close to one another that they could feel each others breath then Shadow said...
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posted by JazzyBReal
Disclaimer: I do not own Sega's version of Sonic the Hedgehog! But I own mine.

This story was written in 2004, the 년 of my eleven/twelve 년 old childhood, making this my very first story. It's rather out-dated, yet I have trimmed a few 스플릿, 분할 ends. However, I couldn't 편집 this without changing the basics, so I preferred not to change them drastically, but to improve the 글쓰기 style and initial depth, so 곰 with the story's attitude. The story's timeline is after SA2 and it's meant to be a taaaad dark, but it's suitable for PG-13.

Now, before 당신 continue, please tolerate the beginning...
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Everyone was up and ready the 다음 morning. The boys in shorts and a simple t-shirt, the girls with camisoles and skirts. I wore a pair of jean shorts and a red tank top. Shadow commented on how I looked beautiful, those might be the last words he ever said to me. I smiled weakly, and sighed. Today was like doomsday 또는 Armageddon 또는 whatever end-of-the-world name 당신 want to call it. It should've been named "Zoe is Dead Day." Everyone wasn't dressed in a 고딕 black color to make it seem gloomy. My 프렌즈 wore their regular clothes, as if it was a normal get-together. We ventured into the...
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Shadow and I arrived at the tents later than we expected, because 의해 the time we got there, Sonic and the others were scowling at me. Shadow looked very upset and quickly removed his hand from mine. I looked at him questionably but remembered our little promise. This all odd, why are the guys behaving so menacingly? Amy shook her head, picked Tails up, and walked into the infirmary. Sally looked at me with disappointment and glared at Shadow. Rouge stopped examining her precious 에메랄드 and walked towards Sonic. They whispered a few things in each other's ear, which I desperately wanted to...
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Shadow kept running straight. Where am I going? he thought. If I return and he knows I didn't complete the task. Shadow touched his chest fur. Then my whole body could be nothing but blood and rubbel. Shadow stopped running, and began to walk slowly. "Emerald Dawn Hedgehog..." he said aloud and put his hand to his head. Why does her name sound fimillair? A flashback came to him. He saw a beautiful female hedgehog, with blue eyes like the sea, brown hair like cinnamon, and a beautiful voice. She was singing.
"Peace, my dear, peace my love, rest now, gods take 당신 in..." Her voice sounded like an angel. Shadow looked down at the ground where 에메랄드 was singing. Maria...

The flashback fadded. Emerald... I must know 더 많이 about her. Shadow turned around, and began running back to her palace.
One day, Shadow the hedgehog was just relaxing in green 언덕, 힐 zone. Then, Sonic came along. But then, he saw Shadow's shadow. He stopped, turned around, and headed back towards Shadow. He said, "Dude! Your shadow looks like an evil face! That's disturbingly wrong!" And Shadow just said, "Chaos control!" and froze Sonic for a while. Then, Shadows eye's turned black with blood-red pupils, and he began laughing like an evil demon mixed with a dark overlord, and opened a portal full of demons. The rest is in part 2, so I'm gonna stop here. The End!
posted by ShadazeFIRE
Sonic's POV
Tears ran down my cheaks. "SHADOW!!! NOO!!!" I screamed at the 상단, 맨 위로 of my lungs. "You will pay Metcha Tails! 당신 WILL PAY!!!" I said as I turned Dark Sonic. I kicked, punched, smashed, and crushed Metcha Tails into peices. I panted as I studied my destroyed opponent. I turned back to my regular form. I soon faced my highly injured friend covered in crimson blood.
Twilight's POV
I jumped off the building and ran to Shadow's body. I wept and yelled "WHY!? WHY MUST THIS HAPPEN TO ME!?" I remembered the times I had with him. And there wasen't enough to keep me happy. My tears fell on to Shadow's chest that was cut deeply. Then I asked the biggest 질문 I had ever asked. "I-Is he.....dead?" Sonic put his head on Shadow's chest to hear his 심장 beat. Sonic sighed with relief and said "He's alive, but his heartbeat is very slow. We need to get him to a hospital!"
posted by shadowfanlover7

The sun shone brightly in through the window and onto my black and red 모피 making it shimmer. Shadow opened his eyes and blinked a few times to get the drowzieness out of his eyes. He could see me on the other side of the room. The video phone started to ring Shadow went and pressed the button that said enter call. The Commander's face apeared on the screen. "Yes sir" Shadow said stll abit drowsy. "we have a mission for 당신 today" The Commander said blankly "yes what is it?" Shadow asked. "there has been an outbreak...
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I span my head to see the blue hedgehog and the green 여우 who kept on getting closer and closer i got up "can 당신 tell us your names instead of being creepy and getting closer to us like your minde eating zombies"i said angerly. "well that wasen't very nice" said the green fox. "your right lime" said the blue hedgehog. Speed got up "sorry for my 프렌즈 rudeness she hasen't met very many people in her life and is very uncomfrtable around strangers...
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for pics of characters plz see my photos

"oh my god" i said as we were all standing at the foot of the arctic mountains of the south, it was the biggest mountain range unknown to the rest off the world cuz everyone thinks its the himalayas but its not. "well lets get going peeps we dont got all 일 and plus we dont the winter sisters seeing us and we dont got all 일 the temp drops to -59o here and we didnt bring heaters" sanybelle says and starts jumping up the mountain "i wonder y the sisters cant see us and y we have...
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posted by silvershady
Chapter 3: My 프렌즈 are Always Welcome- When I Need Them, They Welcome me.

Mephiles smacked himself and lead Shadow inside the motel. How could he be so stupid? Of course Shadow wouldn’t believe what he had to say! For he was the one who led them into the whole mess. Why even bother trying to talk to his leader… Mephiles slipped behind the check-out 책상, 데스크 in the lobby without a word. “Now, this better not be another trap…” Shadow said deridingly, upturning his long black nose as he marched somewhat cautiously up the stairs. Turning to his right and abruptly knocking on the door of...
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