Serena and Nate Hopes for Season 5 Opener??

SNequalslove posted on May 20, 2011 at 04:44PM
I don't think there was a post for this yet and since I am so excited to see what happens with our beloved NS in season 5, I was wondering what everyone hopes to see happen in the season 5 opener? Usually something pretty epic happens to start the season, hopefully it will have something to do with NS.

Based on the spoilers about Chuck and Nate going to visit Serena in LA, I am hoping that Nate sees Serena with this new guy (the cute, tall, dark-haired dude at the end of the season 4 finale) and a flame is rekindled in his heart. He will realize, while he was off traveling the world with Chuck, that he misses her and still loves her but he'll try to deny it. Then he will see her with this new guy and get jealous but he won't say anything, they will just have awesome tension! Like, maybe they will find themselves alone and accidentally brush against each other and sparks fly... Haha, I don't really care about what else happens.

I just hope there is some major NS or atleast hints that it will happen... Not like the last part of season 4 when they hardly even spoke to each other. WTF was that about? Damn you writers!

Sigh, I miss them!

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over a year ago TheLiineGirl said…
i'm actually hoping for some friend scenes! all three of them just having out as friends! he forgave her, but it doesn't mean he wanna be her again - i sounds like a hater right know ): - it means they can talk! and then we get BUILD UP!:D. - later in the season i kinda want her to pick dan or someone els over Natie - then Natie stands up tells her how he fells about it and then walks away and then she have flashbacks to their first kiss, first time, 'you loved me?' and stuff like that! then she'll regret and then use some episodes on fighting for Natie! then have a breakdown - which NJBC is going to help her our of and then we get our Golden Couple!:D. + i kinda want her to go with either Nate or Chuck or both for the Blair's wedding - if there's coming a wedding (;
over a year ago serenate_ns said…
I definitely want them to rebuild their friendship first before eventually becoming a couple again. I just want them to have a slower buildup this time - S3 was great but I honestly thought it was a little rushed and it had a lot of missed potential.

And I really want Serena to be the one to fight for Nate this time. But knowing the writers, the chances of that happening are slim to none. But hey, we did get a scene where she apologised to Nate (and Dan), so that's a start.
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over a year ago SNequalslove said…
You guys are totally right about rebuilding their friendship! I didn't even think about that... lol... maybe 'cos I just missed their love scenes! haha. It would be totally awesome if they did rebuild their friendship and they both realize they still love each other but won't come out and say it and then Serena has to fight for him. Especially since she did apologize about running him (and Humdrum) around. Hopefully the writers don't mess up this oppurtunity that they themselves created for Serenate!
over a year ago Tasha1993 said…
Yeah, me too. I'm hoping for major friendship scenes which would build up to something more.
over a year ago Kackahaluzova said…
I still beilieve they will be together. They have to. At least one my GG couple should be together.