Serena and Nate Serenate and Blace Caption Contest

Serenatefan453 posted on Jun 22, 2010 at 03:23PM
I tried this before but it failed. :(
but now we NS lovers seem to be in the forum spirit.. so here i go again(i saw this on Gossip Girl Insider which is now know as Tv Fanatic!

The Rules
Each person must write a short story ( three lines more or less) about the picture i will add

Ist Winner: Chose the Next Caption and Help me decide on the next winners.
2nd Winner: Will receive 15 props personally from my self (maybe the 1 prize winner)
3d Winner: Will receive a Serenate or Blace Icon from any Picture of their Choice...
(The only place where you get rewarded for thinking (: )

First Picture will be added below (i would start but i need time to think ..ha ha ha *awkward pause*...
Happy Thinking !<3
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over a year ago Serenatefan453 said…
.... Good Blace ! (well like good luck hehe ... I'll be quite now)

 .... Good Blace ! (well like good luck hehe ... I'll be quite now)
over a year ago ladychazabc said…
Blake: you don't think the press are watching do you?
Chace: no, no not at all
*a flash went off*
Blake: was that a flash
Chace: you saw nothing....

over a year ago littlemizqt said…
So.... so I have 2 make up a story on the same picture??
over a year ago Serenatefan453 said…
That would be correct but not to long though... :D
over a year ago littlemizqt said…
Blake: *touching her sting from her bikni* Quick tie this up.
Chace: I can't believe we just did that.
Blake: Well..... hurry up before Penn comes and see that one of my boobs are hanging out.

What do you think?? I just came up with it so I know it's kinda bad
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over a year ago Isabellaaa said…
haha that's funny <3 love it!
we sould really try and make this more active!

Chace: what a hell are you doing?
Blake: Practicing my running if Penn gets here.
Chace: *laughs* you're insane.
Blake: Maybe.. But you love me.
Chace: you wish.. (*thinking* yeah i do..)

okay now that was bad lol
over a year ago littlemizqt said…
does the winner choose the next picture??
over a year ago Serenatefan453 said…
yes 1st prize winner
over a year ago Serenatefan453 said…
awwww i'm just happy you girls are acctually welll the forum is being noticed

hehe I like you stories ... there good.....
I really wish your stroy littlemizqt is true *sigh* maybe it is lets just keep hoping.....

Bella i know your stroy is true well.... Chace does love blake

this is going to be hard choosing something i don't thinking 'm good at when it comes to friends well ..........yeah
over a year ago serenateaddict said…
blake: does this bikini make me look ugly to you?
chace: makes me love u more

yeah i know..its corny...:)