Serena and Nate Wish List.

katie15 posted on May 09, 2010 at 06:32PM
Here is a place you can write all your wishes about what you want to see with Serenate. It can be things that they have already done that you want to see more of, or things they might not have done that you want to see.

Or anything to do with Serenate really.
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over a year ago Isabellaaa said…
okay i want:
1. Serena to start calling him Natie (like in the books)
2. More serena in nates shirt ;)
3. Flashback scenes from their childhood :D
4. Pop-Tarts of course. (NS trademark food)
5. A summer scene with NS on the beach (NS is made for summer!!)

i got more but that will do for now :P
over a year ago katie15 said…
I want to see more flashbacks with them:) I want to see how they have grown to be this close, so I can understand them more than I do:)
over a year ago serenateaddict said…
1. Flashbacks of serenate
2. Nate or serena preparing a datenight/romantic night
3. S calls N "NATIE"
4. kissing in
5. end up together in the end
6. Holding hands while walking
7. S getting pregnant with Nates child(i want it to happen at gossip girl finale)
8. Competitions..then kiss again in the end/make up
9. S wearing N's shirt...very hottt!
10. Funny/romantic moments w/ each other

MY TOP 10...I still have more...:)
over a year ago Teasel said…
Hmmm. I don't really have a wishlist, but...
Nate should grow out that sexy beard of his, get with Vanessa, have babies with her and become the writer Dan always wanted to be. Then Dan can watch on in awe and ask himself why he even bothered with Serena.

Then it's time for Serenate, baby ;)