Serena and Nate Does anyone have some NS fanfics to give me?

serenatescenes posted on Feb 20, 2010 at 09:28PM
I just can't handle 16 days, so I need to read some FF of them!
Someone, please?

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over a year ago Isabellaaa said…
basicly check the link here on this spot ;D and you'll find every NS fanfic there is out there :P

but check out the writer:

they are the best NS writers if you ask me :D
over a year ago Br33zy said…
Are there fics out there of them already being a couple? Most fics I read on here are about them in love with each other but that's it... no more continuation, yknow?
over a year ago Isabellaaa said…
yeah sure there are xD i just can't remeber which fic if which atm but like i said check out these links:

i've made sure that every NS fanfic out there is posted there :P

if i havn't posted them mnicolini or ksbass has :P or posibly itsnaddia or elisa234. or the really old ones by others but they are all up there xD
over a year ago Teasel said…
Thanks to Bella [and others], probably all of the NS fanfics in the world are in the links section of this spot.