Serena and Nate SPOILER!!! Casting Script (Episode 3.19)

jadebkk posted on Jan 19, 2010 at 02:50PM
I just read this script


i just wanna share your opinion after read it ..

First thought i have is Nate thinking that Jenny is a kid .. spoilers said Jenny will try to steal nate away so my guess is Serenate still together (i will at least see them together 7 episode but of course hopefully MORE)

but most surprised for me is blair broke up with chuck?!? I think is just a short while during Serenate still together .. they have to break up some couple and that couple is 'chair' ?!? that's ashame .. but i have a feeling that whenever chair get back together .. it will be Serenate turn to have their relationship problems :( i hope they can fix it whatever happens

and is anyone worried about 'carter' return?!? i hope that 'carter' won't make a problem between Serenate because as much as i like Vanderbaizen .. I prefer SERENATE 4EVER .. I hope he is just return to give Serena news about her father ..

So, what do you think ?!?
 I just read this script

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over a year ago lailalove said…
ok here is the thing GG really mess up josh make stuff chair break up & serenate jenny & carter but the do something drama stubid drama & they can make it better but shakespeare once that that true love never run smooth soo i guss we have to take 7 get little wish from here & there
over a year ago PaperWings said…
Gosh What is Josh thinking?!
Blair says Chuck is her ''psycho ex-boyfriend'' ?! How can he screw up EVERYTHING?! It's not that he's just breaking up Chuck&Blair he probably breaks up Serenate ,too.
And the whole Jenny/Nate/Serena/Carter thing is ridiculous. A Triangel between Jenny, Nate and Serena or Nate,Serena & Carter would be far enough but now THAT?!
Seriously I can't understand this shit.
With this storylines they have to cancel Gossip Girl anyway.
Yes, I am really pissed right now!!!
over a year ago Paper_Heart said…
Wtf!? What the hell is Josh thinking??
Blair & Chuck break up. Serena/Nate/Jenna/Carter is ridiculous and anyway.. if this shit (sorry but i can't find another word) is really happening, I'm gonna stop watching Gossip Girl!! Gosh, I'm sooooo pissed right now about this stupid script.
But somehow it doesn't look ... real.. I mean.. It's so chaotic and so inaccurate.. strange, but we will see..
If that's real, it's a total disaster!!!
over a year ago jadebkk said…
I just thinking about the thing that josh said before on twitter about

- Re: the C/B "sexy" question: More than ever. But do they go too far...? (his explanation is “After conferring with Stephanie Savage about what to say without saying too much, I would add that Chuck and Blair have always played games to keep their romance exciting."

"But sometimes those games go too far and have a cost.”)

So, im guessing that cost is 'broke up' but it can't be too long .. just can't be ..

One More Thing That Josh Mentioned on Twitter
- Expect N and S to do their own version of 9 1/2 Weeks.

i'm guessing that is what Chace calls an "assassin type game."

I am just trying to make sense all of it ..

over a year ago Isabellaaa said…
someone just told me there is a pic of nate hugging carter...
i mean would he do that is serena and carter got together??? :S
over a year ago jadebkk said…
i dont think that carter get back with serena .. i just think carter just trying to give serena news about her father or something .. and i think that hugging picture is just chace and sebastian greeting, they are friend since the covenant movie.. i think its weird if nate and carter hugging lol ..
over a year ago jadebkk said…
that is def not in the script as u can see bunch of crew are in the background .. and Can you imagine carter and nate hug ?!? .. No, I can't .. After Everything Carter Did to Nate .. That whole gambling and punching things ..
 that is def not in the script as u can see bunch of crew are in the background .. and Can 당신 imagine
over a year ago lailalove said…
big smile
yyyyyyaaaaaaaaaaaa there ARE FRINDS & HE GO WITH HIM ONCE on his date with blair
over a year ago jadebkk said…
OK! i have read it again and now i don't think that script is a final one .. correct me if im wrong .. but blair is in Yale right?!? Not Brown!! and Aaron Rose!! He is so last year lol ..
over a year ago itsnaddia said…
Blair is in NYU. Aaron Rose? He's even more IRRELEVANT than Mr. Irrelevant!
over a year ago itsnaddia said…
Honestly, I don't think it's very legit
over a year ago jadebkk said…

So i guess this script is for real after all ..