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posted by pinklime1
Selena is like the nicest person youll meet..even though we havent met! Shes so wise and nice to her surrordings and wants to help evryone that needs it. She works so hard to do what she does and just makke that happen. From Albums to tap water for UNICEF She is a busy person but still has time for herself and what she does. She has worked with AMAZING names including...Katy Perry, Demi Lovato,Jonas Brothers,Miley Cyrus and SOOO Many More. She's changed so much from when she hit the spotlightvin wizards of waverly place to Monte carlo her latest movie. She changed from characters: Lazy unkind girl,Typical High svhool kid and country girl....To name a few!!! thats why SellyGomez_ (the real selena) Is my Best friend!!!