Sawyer Sawyer's Ultimate Fate...Any theories, opinions, 또는 vents?

blackdoggy1 posted on May 14, 2008 at 06:29PM
Well...I'm glad he didn't wind up with least so far...God knows they'll probably either ending up going back to the island or flashing even further into the future and who knows what's up then. Glad Jack got rid of her too. I really hate Kate..did I mention that?

Anyway, I think he's still alive on the island. But I have a feeling that at some point...he might have another chance to come back home...whether or not he will who knows? I really think they'll be going back to the island..maybe in the last season. At least Jack will.

Oh..and here's a little vent...besides Kate hate. Why the hell would he pick the island over going home in the first place? Okay..yeah, so his life wasn't great back home but at least he had I don't know...lots of women, liquor, Big Macs...etc. Sawyer isn't exactly the hippie meditating type. He's way too materialistic and a man of the world to pull a John Locke and decide the island is better than civilization. I just don't buy that as being true to his character. Okay..done...anybody else wanna rant or postulate?

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over a year ago courtney7488 said…
Sawyer's changing... he is not nearly as selfish as he used to be. Perhaps he decides to stay on the island so that Kate can leave.