Sacha Baron Cohen 보랏 카자흐스탄 킹카의 미국문화 빨아들이기 in Sweeney Todd

wizardgirlCL posted on Apr 01, 2008 at 04:15AM
I thought he did fantastic! Is anyone surprised?? lol. Borat is such a talent, I'm jealous. Anyhow, I located some cool extras when you buy the Sweeney Todd DVD at certain places. Here is what my cousin sent me:

Hey everybody,

There are several stores that offer a good deal on the new movie coming out tomorrow.

Best Buy: Viewers get a free movie ticket to The Ruins with the purchase Sweeney Todd.

Suncoast & FYE: when you buy there you can purchase Sweeny's limited-edition steel book packaging.

Costco: 2-Disc Special Edition DVD and the hardcover official companion book. With a forward by Tim Burton, the book includes over 200 photos.

The last one, Borders: Packed with every DVD is the version of the official Sweeney Todd Companion book featuring behind the scenes shots from the film and more.

link Ign Website

link official Website

Enjoy! This is one I'm going to be watching again and again!

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