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posted by rusher29
~These facts are not mine~

1. Ross loves Japanese chewing gum.

2. Ross has a Girl Sean Malto deck, which is a skateboard.

3. Ross is an adrenaline junkie.

4. Ross once spent three hours at Pedlow 홍어, 스케이트 park.

5. On Ross's 15th Birthday he played hockey with Joe Sakic from the Colorado Avalanches.

6. Ross is homeschooled.

7. Ross's 가장 좋아하는 영화 are Romeo and Juliet, & Avatar.

8. Ross's 가장 좋아하는 color is bright yellow.

9. Ross loves everything to do with flying (e.g. kites, paragliding, RC planes). He is waiting desperately to be old enough to get his flying license.

10. Ross has to wet his hair...
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posted by mrsshorlynch
To me Ross is amazing! He is amazing because he went from playing in his 차고 with his family to now touring and having his own tv 암퇘지, 뿌리 다 (Austin and Ally) and filming a brand new movie Teen 바닷가, 비치 Musical (2013)! He plays a ton of instrumental! His sexxiness is just a plus to his perfect smile and hair! His so talented! He's been 노래 and dancing ever since he cold walk! He went from dancing on the rage boys crew! To performing in concerts and dancing on Austin and ally! He's my hero! I adore him and 사랑 him soooooo much i can't explain it! He means the world to me! I 사랑 Ross shor lynch!

Ross facts'
-born Ross Shor Lynch
-favorite 음식 :pancakes
-favorite color: yellow
-favorite animal :dolphin
-born:December. 29 1995
Ps. These were all from the 상단, 맨 위로 of my head!
I know so much about him that my mind is 99.9% filled with Ross!!!!!
posted by reggergirlluvs
Ok i have this friend who is 10 years old and he looks like a mini ross lynch and he acts like is character austin on the show. He is so nice and fun y and he is the best guy friend a girl could ask for! Also the whole cast re,ind me of people i know trish-my sister she is loud and bossy and is mean to my guy-friends bff
Dez- is a kid i know and me ally i 사랑 글쓰기 song but i'm super shy and i hope to over co e my fear like ally.#go3?
I hope o e 일 one of my songs can be sung 의해 someone famous! Would 당신 guys mind if i post a sample song and llz if 당신 can 코멘트 about the song
At least we're together
Walls-closing- everything spinning round---
Lights-flashing-did 당신 hear that sound---

(Slow and powerful)
Don't know whats going on
Windows cracked
Somethings wrong

We're trapped in another dement-ion
Everything falling apart
At least we're together
At least we're together

Doors locked
Phones dead...

I'm still working on so bye now!
Austin: * Listneing to R5 while driving*
Ally: Yess!! Were finally here!
Auslly: *Get out car*
Ally: Can I have the key to the house? I gotta go to the bathroom!
Austin: *Rolls eyes* No Ally, I told 당신 my parents will drop it off in the 다음 Atleast 20 minuets . Ok?!
Ally: But I have to goo! *Jumps Rapidly*
Austin: If 당신 have to go that bad just go!
Ally: *shocked* I'm not a boy!
Austin: *Counts to five*
Ally:*Dosnt know what to do*
Austin: *At 4*
Ally: FINE!
Austin: Where are 당신 goanna go?
Ally: 당신 tell me, I'm not the boy.
Austin: *Points to Woods*
Ally: *Runs to woods*
Austin: *Folows*
Ally: *Dosnt notice*
Austin: *Looks in love*
Ally: *Stands up and Pulls down her pants*
Austin: *Whispers* Whoaa
Ally: *Pees*
Ally: *Pulls up pants* Done!
Austin: I wasnt watching you!
Ally: *Rolls eyes*
Austin: * Bites lip*
Ally: *Grins tiny*
Austin: *Kisses and squeezes her*
Ally: * Kisses him back and humps him a little*
Ross Lynch first caught our eye in Austin and Ally, and he's making 팬 사랑 him even 더 많이 in the 디즈니 Channel's movie, Teen 바닷가, 비치 Movie. Since he has so many female 팬 vying for his attention, we were shocked when he admitted a secret: He has never asked a girl out!

Ross explained that with his busy schedule, it can be difficult to give a girl all the attention she deserves. "It's hard looking for a girlfriend when you're working," he explains. "Especially if I really liked the girl, I wouldn't want to complicate things. If she comes along, great. I'm 더 많이 than happy. But I don't want...
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It's night time and Auslly is in their new house with Trish and Dez... In Ausllys Living room playing truth 또는 dare

Dez : Ok.... Um... Austin! Truth 또는 Dare?
Austin: Dare. *Winks at Ally*
Dez : Hmm.. Oh! I dare 당신 to... Pull down your underwire and pants.
Trish: Eww gross! Dez Wtf! Do something else!?
Dez: Nope.
Austin: Fine. * Does Dare*
Ally: Ohhhhh
Trish: *Goes to bathroom and pukes*
Austin: *Pulls up pants*
Ally: Oh your SOOO hot!
6 hours later At 3 in the morning
Auslly and Trez are drunk
Austin: *is drunk* 저기요 Ally.
Ally: *Drunk too* I know.
Austin: *Starts making out with her*
Trez: Omfg
Auslly: * Making out*
Ally and Austin: * Pushing each other playfully*
Auslly: *French kissing*
Dez: Yeah I'm out. *Leaves*
Trish: I'll stay just to see if things get too wild.
At School

Ally: *Bumps into a girl*
?? : Sorry!
Ally: It's ok 당신 weren't looking! Hi I'm Ally!
Kristian: 저기요 I'm kristian!
Austin: *Comes over* Oh, 저기요 Ally, 저기요 Kristian.
Ally: 당신 know Kristian?
Kristian: He's in my Sceince class.
Ally: *Kisses Austin on the Cheeck*
Austin: *Smiles*
Kristian: I'm guessing, 당신 guys are in a relationship ?
Auslly: Yep.
Kristain: Oh. * Smiles* Than Proove it?
Ally: Ok . *Kisses Austin on the lips for 30 seconds*
Austin: *Deepends the kiss*
Kristian: Ok,Ok,I get it!
Everyone: *Laughs*
posted by rossrules333
I have all of Ross lynch's songs I 사랑 Austin and ally I've watched teen 바닷가, 비치 movie 21 times I once sang billion hits in school and if he came to Atlanta GA and had a 음악회, 콘서트 I would get backstage passes get front row seats I don't care if its 1,000,000 dollars I would do 또는 pay anything to meet Ross. And if anybody thinks there Ross Lynch's biggest 팬 there wrong in real life I am really nice and fun and as I was saying everybody may think there Ross Lynch's biggest 팬 there wrong.i don't want to marry him 또는 날짜 him 또는 anything. I would pay all my money to be Ross's best friend. I think Ross is the best actor singer dancer and funniest person in the planet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S Ross if your 읽기 this please come and perform at Atlanta GA and U ROCK!!!

Ross's biggest fan,
posted by aospina03
I 사랑 Ross but I am also his biggest 팬 and I know everyone else is too. Ross inspired me soooooo much I can't never hear his voice. He built my dream of being a really good singer, dancer, and actor. I always wanted to meet Ross but I know it will never happen cause to everyone I am a nobody so I write this to say he is the best and well always live in my heart. 사랑 당신 Ross! I also wanna say if I got to meet Ross in real life I will be really grateful and never forgetting that memory so Ross if u r out there and your 읽기 this I will be the happiest person in the world.
Ally: *Groans then moves little bit and land Right on Austin's back l(little 사랑 if I say myself)*
Ally: Austin what time is it we might be late for school?
Austin: Oh your awake morning sunshine. Oh it's 6:00 we have time school starts at 8:00.
Ally: *Gets out of 침대 smiles *Austin can I change I front of you?
Austin: I won't look go for it.
Ally: *changes*
Austin: *turns around , then looks. Whispers* Woahhhh.
Ally : AUSTIN ! I'm done changing and I saw 당신 looking!
Austin: Fine I'll change in the bathroom
Ally:*wears a 담홍색, 핑크 tight dress and 담홍색, 핑크 hight heels
Austin:Done !*wears a red t 셔츠 and nice black shorts with a Christ necklace*
Ally: Puts on 담홍색, 핑크 hoop earings.
Austin: Ok let's pick up breakfeast from school. I'll drive.

5 mins later
Austin: where there
Ally: Look at Trish and Dez!
Austin:There kissin-
Ally*covers Austin's mouth* She could of told us!

To be continued...........
posted by kattycat108
 I funny
I funny
I saw the new astin and ally and almost at the end 당신 kissed ally is that is That traw I 사랑 but hate that 당신 will kill my hart so come to sicklerville to have an iter view
So complement please.
It's asome but I want to be iternet girl frend boy frend we will get a party and its at my school. My way so come now come come come now lizard. Man it's hared to do this man man man man man man man man manaaaaazA

Every astin and ally camarshals omg to this omg hat it time brandi that's me listen to me I 사랑 you. Snap snap, my door ok. Bey bey
posted by rusher29
I played it safe
I kept my foot up on the brake
I never really took a chance in life
And didn’t live it for the day

Aw girl and then I met you
Opened my eyes to something new
You know you set me free like no one else
And got me acting a fool

Don’t you know you changed my life
Girl cuz now I’m living
And it feels so right yeah

You got my heart beat pumping and it’s going insane
You got me jumping outta airplanes
And that’s why
I’m crazy it’s true
Crazy for you
You got me base jump living and I can’t look down
Go on and short circuit my brian
I can’t lie
I’m crazy it’s true
Crazy for...
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posted by mercycoleman
i first fell in 사랑 with ross i when i seen him sing and dance i wanted to be like him i 사랑 to sing he helps me think more. i 사랑 him on austin and ally and mags. it would be awesome to see him in person he i the hottest guy ever . i 사랑 is band R5 and movie teen 바닷가, 비치 movie it is soooooooo awesome. i would be the happest person n the world and i know when is birthday is i know is middle name i know almost everthing about him no one is 더 많이 kind , fun , funny guy i know. if iget a boy his name is going to be any of the boys rocky, ross, riker , ryland ,ratliff , brady . and if girl rydel , ally , laura,maia , mack
posted by rusher29
Flip a switch
Turn on the lightning
Get it right
Show ‘em how it’s done

Free it up
No matter how you dress that song
Girl you know
You got a number one

Go with it
You got ‘em where you want ‘em
Drop a beat
They need to hear your sound
Play it up
It’s coming down to you right now

They want to know, know, know
Your name, name, name
They want the girl, girl, girl
With game, game, game
And when they look, look, look
Your way, way, way
You’re gonna make (make), make (make)
Make ‘em do a double take
Make ‘em do a double take
Yeah yeah

This could be
An overnight sensation
You and me
Tearing up the floor...
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posted by asia_wuvs_Ross
Come on. Are u all blind. Being a biggest 팬 doesn't mean owning everything about that person. To me it means thinking oglf how much u would care of that person if 당신 realllly knew them. I mean sure it does kind of matter if u have some of his songs but in my mind I would want to try to gt to know Ross. Because I stay updated about him I can tell that he would be the best person to be around. My lifelong dream is to 옮기기 to Hollywood,meet Ross and follow in his footsteps and become a singer dancer and actress on DC
Ally: *Standing bye her lockers staring at Austin and Audrey*
Ally POV: Why is he always hanging out with her?! Yesterday was are 날짜 and he missed it! Because Audrey invited him to go to the movies! Really? Romeo and Juliet much? One 더 많이 strike we might be done!
End of Ally's POV

Ally: * Sees Austin coming over here and waving bye to Audrey. She tries to stop frowning.*
Austin: Ok so see ya Audrey!
Audrey: Friday ok?
Austin: But Fridays me and Ally's - * Audrey cuts Austin off*
Audrey: Ok great see 당신 there! * Tries to clap on him*
Austin: * Thinks it feels so good! * * Tries to back up*
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Summer love hangin’ in the air
Hot sand on my feet but I don’t care
It’s all I ever wanted
I hope it never ends

So good to get away
All day in the car but that’s ok
Cuz I like like like it like that
Just chillin’ with my friends

Cuz I know
A summer time vacation song
‘N you know
Wherever we go you’ll be singin’ along
Like na na na
Na na na
Na na na
Na na na

Road trippin’ with my friends
‘N wherever we go the song never ends
Turn up the radio
Drop top’n drive

Not gonna get a minute of sleep
I’ll be under the boardwalk movin’ my feet, yeah
So come along with me
Let’s have a crazy...
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I first noticed his talent when went to one of his concerts. He was great and so were the other four. Then when his show Austin and Ally was released on 디즈니 channel i noticed that was when i thought since he is the best singer, dancer, and actor i have been wanting to meet his in person this time. I also thin that Ross Lynch and the gang would be the best person to hang around if 당신 ever meet him. R5 is the best band out there in the world. they make the best 음악 i have ever heard they ROCK.
It's a Nice Saturday and Trish/Ally/Kristin are hanging out at the mall.

Kristin: 저기요 Trish, This dress would look Sooooo cute! *Holds up dress with leopard strips and Black necklace*
Ally: I know right!
Trish: Ermmm. Well it's ok. But I like this one *Holds up dress with 담홍색, 핑크 leopard Stripes and 주황색, 오렌지 목걸이 with green and 주황색, 오렌지 leggings*
Ally: *Claps* Woo hoo!
Kristin : *Flips her Blonde hair and claps*
Ally: Dudes, Me and Trish have to go. Team Austin meeting.
Kristin: Kk bye!
Ally/ Trish: Bye! *Leave*
??? : *Bumps into Kristin and his 책 fall*
Kristin: I am all so sorry! *Picks up books*
?? ? : *Its ok.'Hi I'm Riker Moon'! Austin's brother!
Kristin: Oh 저기요 Riker I'm Kristin!
Riker : Wanna hang out? There's a wicked video game convention ! Wanna come!?
Kristin : Shore! I 사랑 video games! *Grabs his hand and goes to Game Stop.
Ally:Come on Austin we need to write a song!
Austin:Ok Ally, as long as it's not about love. Ummm
Ally:Uh yeah love....
Aquard silence *Auslly blushing like crazy*

Trish: GUYS stop staring at each other. It's been 5 Mins!
Ally: Yeah let's right that song!
Austin:Ok fine.
Ally: *Shuts practice room door*
Austin: Can we still write a 사랑 song. I'm kinda in the mood.
*Austin thinking I like her*
Ally:*Likes austin*
Ally: Shore, how about this?
I'm blushing like crazy and feeling so dizzy like I'm Hypnitized !
"Corous "
I wanna 키스 u! I wanna 사랑 u! I hope u feel like your in the mood too!
Ally:Well that's part one. Like it?
Austin: Yes and will 당신 날짜 me?
Ally: of course! *kiss for 10 secs* Trish and Dez see To be continued....