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To start off I want to thank Netflix for putting Rosario Vampire back on. Because they took it off for a while and I got scared and mad. But that's not what this 기사 is about. I have just finished watching Rosario Vampire for the 초 time and I am still in 사랑 with the show. And seeing it a 초 time just sparked a bigger passion for the anime. Now watching the 아니메 a 초 time made me notice something that the bus driver said at the end of the last episode of the 초 season. He said " well I guess he has bigger plans for that boy (tsukune). If he wants one 일 for humans and...
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Now, before I continue, just remember. This is my personal opinion. If 당신 disagree, that's fine. Just show some respect for it, and I'll respect yours.

If 당신 ask me, I think a crossover game/anime/manga/comic book between Rosario + Vampire and 거리 Fighter would be awesome. I could picture these rivalries easily:

Ryu Vs. Moka

Ken Vs. Tsukune

Dan Vs. Kurumu (Allure Vs. Super Taunt)

Q Vs. Mizore

Sagat Vs. Kokoa

Inner Moka Vs. Evil Ryu

What about 당신 guys? What rivalries would 당신 think would be good?
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all 팬 rejoice - here is summary for chap30-I will be using Chinese names because that's what I read.

Akuha 또는 Yaiei in Chinese (亞愛) is the oldest daughter of the 4 and is apparently the illegitimate children of Yicha (一茶) Shuzen. She has come after her mom died. And as noted a moment ago, the father is introduced.

Tsukune at first notes that environment of the 성 seems peaceful but Dongfangbubai (東方不敗) says that it's actually the scariest place because all the 뱀파이어 are concentrated over here. Even in the Chinese mafia world, 뱀파이어 are highly regarded. Basically,...
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Tsukune runs after Ved for all the wrong he has done. Helghast, Arson and Calus get information to see what was going on.

Tsukune Chases Ved to a dark hall way.

Tsukune-Just come out...I will let 당신 go if 당신 just give up.

Ved-Like I would let a "Human" get me.

Tsukune-*fires the gun*What's so specail about these bullets?

Ved-They're Magic Bullets.

Tsukune-So...They take away your powers?

Ved-True but it doesn't last long.

Tsukune-*fires again and hits Ved in ther leg*What is it that 당신 want?

Ved-*running but limping*To begain the great war once again.

Tsukune-What are 당신 talking about?*walking though...
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The final challenges have begun and the lives of Moka, Kurumu, Ruby, Mizore and Yukari are in the balance. Tsukune and the others have to save them from their deaths.

Now Tsukune, Calus, Helghast and Gilgon have to save Yukari in a limited of time and it seen short to them.

Calus-Can these 모터사이클 옮기기 any faster?

Gilgon-Yes! But it can be dangerouse.


Gilgon-It will shrip 당신 body apart.

Tsukune-We have to hurry, Yukari is in trouble.

Helghast-*looks behind*We got company!

Gilgon-They're Fel Riders! Don't let them hook you.

As they try to avoid them, they get faster.

Helghast-Go on! I...
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Its been 6 months since the battle between Calus and Val. The academy is rebuild and everyone is back in class. Now is night time and everyone is asleep, but one is dreaming of something unknown.

Tsukune is a dream and he sees things he has never seen before.

Tsukune-Whats going on? Who are these people? What is happening?*wakes up*Oh!....It was just a dream*looks at the alarm clock*OH NO! I'M LATER!*get dressed and runs*

At the school the 벨 rings for lunch.

Moka-Were's Tsukune? I hope he's ok?

Calus-He probably stayed up all night and over slept.

Kurumu-I made him a lunch and he isn't here!

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Now Calus is a Unhily Paladin and Val is a Knight of Death. Now the fight between these two war combat monsters begins now.

Val-A Unholy Paladin...impossible. I killed you...

Calus-I did but I don't know how I became an Unholy Paladin.

Vioce-I know.

Then everyone looks to see the Exorcist that saved Tsukune.

Kurumu-You again..but how did Calus become a...

Exorcist-Because of his sister, a reason to fight like a Paladin.

Val-So the 사랑 for is sister gave him the power to become one?

Exorcist-Yes but if Calus wanted just the power then he would have been corrupted is humanity.

Calus-So I have the power...
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The following may contain spoilers, so read at your own risk!!! Thanks

In crafting the Moka referred to as "Outer" Moka, Her father did 더 많이 than he intended to. What happened is that he brought out the kind, gentle aspects of his daughter that already existed, suppressed the anger and ruthlessness, left her memory intact, and sent her out to the human world. He believes this persona to be a total fabrication. He was wrong. Aono Tsukune knows it, and 더 많이 importantly, the suppressed personality referred to as "Inner" Moka knows it too.

"Inner" Moka is the strong, warrior personality, and is...
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I dont think theyre going to make another season the average 아니메 last 12 또는 13 episodes this has 26 so. They are well over due on episodes and why after 4 years they decide to start another season of a show that didnt make 상단, 맨 위로 3. After the earthquake they 로스트 alot of money and in the last episode it says the end. i hoped we would get to see the other two sisters but funimation has other animes too and it wouldnt be the same they would have diffrent voices which will mess up the whole story because theyd get other voice actors
Scort has awaken the machine of death. Bled has a plan that could stop Scort's plan and save Elith. On the 일 of the attack on the Scav-copter, they see an army of undead attacking the humans. Bled and everyone is being told the plan.

Bled-Okay....Everyone ready to stop this thing before it gets at full power?

Calus-Lets do this....

Helghast-Where we dropping Kane?

Kraven-Close to a closed highway.....There!*points*We got only a 분 till Kane breaks out goes for Ovin....

Frostkin-Jean! Take us down.....I'm going to help Kraven least the chain....

They go down so Kraven and Frostkin can release...
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Kane has released a 봉인, 인감 that he had all along. Everyone discovered that Ruby had a older bother also. Back out at the house all the girls are having fun.


Kurumu-Again....Thats the third time in this game.

Scarla-I guess she just lucky?

Yukari-Can we play poker now?

Vela-Soon enough....

Kokoa-Wheres Ruby?

Elith-She is laying down with the babies....Someone is coming....

Mizore-*looks out a window*Its Jeans 봉고차, 반 but its all messed up....

Jean's 봉고차, 반 is cut up and with holes. The girls see the guys running and holding up Calus and Kane. They come in holding both of them.

Bled-Call Ellie! NOW!...
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The begging of the school 년 is getting heavy as Kane the half breed Werewolf and Vampire defeated the entire Protection Committee. Calus has send the tickets to everyone to get to Texas. Right now everyone is on a plane to Texas, they're in First Class also....

Tsukune-This is a first....

Kane-First time on a plane?


Kane-This is my 3rd time on a plane.

Moka-I don't feel good.....

Kurumu-*laughs*Your getting air sick.

Yukari-Your used to it because 당신 can fly.

Moka-Be right back...*runs to the rest room*

Mizore-I have no problem about this.

Calus-It's been awhile sice i was on a plane....
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