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Okay, I know speed is not a feeling, still I want to tell 당신 about it. Speed is-how 당신 know- fast and 당신 have many words for speed: Sonic (no, not the blue hedgehog), lightning and others but I don't know them(ha, ha). I could try to tell 당신 something bout being fast, but that would be boring.
Eh.....what else? Oh yeah. This is not for the same theme but: If 당신 know what else I can write, please write it in your 코멘트
(I sound like one of these persons who say things in a stadium 또는 somewhere else...eh what was the word for it?.......................Ah! Got it: announcer. T_T that's dumm!And so short^^)

Veronica Darkstar
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One day,matt and nicole took a walk together at an early,misty,dawn...of course rima was having a race with sonic on the other end.Matt slamed heads with rima,sonic slamed heads with nicole...until a 트랙터 beam pulled all 4 of them up.

They landed in a giant arena filled with geno's minions(The driplets) in the crowd stands.a cage captured nicole and sonic.matt and rima both gasped as geno was sitten in a stand with a greedy look.he said "Driplets of all ages!!!put your hands together for the battle royale between matt...guh...hero of time and space...blah,blah,blah...and rima the...hedgehog"...
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Neon,a little being of negativity,was just dumped out of Darkness's ship,so he can learn to "Survive."

What kinda master would leave their apprentice to die?

Darkness the Evil.

It began to rain,and Neon was walking down a road,He's don this plentyful times before,it would take at least a week 또는 two for his master to return,until then,Neon was on his own.

A raindrop dripped on his glove,and he stared at it,but then he looked up,and continued walking. He glanced around,hoping he would find anything to eat,or,a city,at all.

He heard a footstep from behind him,he quickly turned around,only to be greeted...
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Name: Archie the Arctic 여우
Age: bout 23
Genre: Female
Rowers: Nothing special
Family: Unknown
Likes: Her friends, Clear (X3), her Master Hime
Hates: Nothing but Spiders
Can do: Much
Can’t do: Allot
Others: As best friend of Hime and Maid, is Archie very quiet. She always listens to her Master and doesn’t do normal things like play with 프렌즈 또는 something else. Because Hime is very strict, Archie isn’t the person who would disagree with her. Archie is like a mother to Hime, older and with the right 답변 for Himes 질문 and helping in problems that are hard to do. Archie knows nothing about her Family, as young child her family left her on her own.
Crush: Clear (Crystall)the Archie fox
Theme song: My immortal (nightcore)
She apears in a comic about 뱀파이어 that I am making
This is the theme when matt takes on his worst enemy,Geno the alein king!!!
posted by mattthelynx
Rima:Ok matt,here is a few questions(Q).

Q:Matt,do 당신 like kakui?

Q:Matt,who do 당신 like more,nicole 또는 kakui?
A:can't awnser...

Q:Matt,what if kakui was hunting you?
A:I would run.

Q:What if she kissed you?
C:wakey-wakey,eggs 'n beaky.

Q:What did she do to 당신 when 당신 two first met?
A:Stalked and raped me.

Q:Do 당신 like her?AWSER THAT!
Rima:Common,I wanna know.
Kakui:Hi matt
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Matt was sleeping on a bench,rima was currently visting new mobotroplis...she accidently spoked matt 의해 squilling when she saw a wonderfully large cookie!matt open his eye,and grab rima 의해 the arm and pulled her over..."why did 당신 wake me"he asked.rima said "HIYA MATT,LONG TIME NO SEE!" nicole walked over,afternoon matt...rima...matt said "WHOA,CHILL NICOLE...THERES NOTHING GOING ON BETWEEN ME AND RIMA" nicole calmly said "thats a releif." rima said welp...i'm going home." nicole said "aren't 당신 going to stay for the firework festival tonight?matt and spikey are pre--" matt jumped in the air and intterupted nicole "OH MY GOD,I FORGOT TO HELP PREPARE THE FIREWORKS!!!"Matt dashed to spikey" nicole said "yup,matt's fireworks are the best...and mina'band is playing."

to be continued...
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