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posted by harrypotterbest
Verse 1 (Jason)
Today’s the big game
The one we’ve been waiting for
We’re ready
We’ll represent the house flag of Ravenclaw
We’ve gotta win
The Hufflepuffs have got nothing on us
We’ll defeat them and not even break a sweat

Prechorus (Luke)
Now here me
Today we meet our destiny
All together
Lets do this for Roger [Davies]

So who are we fighting for? (Aaron)
Ravenclaw, givin it all for the blue and bronze! (MoM)
And who are we flying for? (Aaron)
Ravenclaw, this is battle this is war! (MoM)
So who are we fighting for? (Aaron)
Ravenclaw, we’re a force 당신 can’t ignore! (MoM)
And who are we...
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posted by harrypotterbest
Soaring in the sky
Going up so high
Never going to come down
Wearin’ a pretty crown

Cause we are the Eagles,
We’re not some silly seagulls!
Sharp of mind and with a good heart,
There’s nothing that we can’t start!

We are the wise, we are the smart,
Yeah, we’ve even got the best art!
We’re the cleverest of the four,
We’re intelligent, that’s for sure!

We are the mighty claw,
We’ll make 당신 stand in awe
And to the end we’ll support in our manner
Our beautiful deep blue and bronze banner!

A/N: Ravenclaw house 시 =] Okay, it's really bad, but... feedback appreciated! What did 당신 think?
O.K, first things first, I've heard a lot of people say that they hate the Slytherins, I personally think that's wrong, because Slytherins are pretty sick. First of all, just because there are some really messed up people like Draco and You-Know-Who (I refuse to call him 의해 his real name) in Slytherin, doesn't mean everyone in there is messed up. Actually, there are quite a few peeps in Slytherin that are really awesome.

Draco Malfoy:
O.K, so maybe he wasn't so good in the beginning, but remember how he could never kill anyone? Well that must mean there's a 심장 in there! And remember...
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