Who do 당신 think did it?

i found this 질문 online, and i just wanted to know what everyone thinks the answer is
ok so four kids in different countries
one in america
one in england
one in russia
one in australia
are kidnapped from their schools in the beginning of the 일 in first block. who did it?
B) gang/international gang
D) child molesters
PICK ONE ANSWER and explain why 당신 picked it. the true answer will be revealed... ok just ask me if 당신 want to know
they are teenagers
fangs286 posted over a year ago
WTH!? Teenagers are still kids 당신 know ._.
prussiaducky posted over a year ago
 fangs286 posted over a year ago
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랜덤 답변

prussiaducky said:
Terrorist are extremely unlikely, the countries 당신 listed are powerful modern 일 countries in which have security. Even if it was, why the heck would they kidnapp a worthless school child (no offence, but children arent that important ._.)

International gangs are rare and wouldnt stoop so low as to getting a child.

Murderers...a child?! COME ON!!!

Child molester? Seems very possible and the most sensible. I choose child molester.

Plus...other? Hmmm...my 초 choice
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posted over a year ago 
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