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posted by MJ_Fan_4Life007
(this takes place before the karate kid 1) "Hi baby!" 당신 sat to your boyfriend Ralph but he seems to be distracted. " Ralph what's wrong." " I have to break up with you. I'm sorry its just i am gonna be in a movie and well i have to go to L.A." Tears well up in your eyes as 당신 키스 him for one last time and run far away from his house. 1 년 later. 당신 are at 디즈니 world with your bffs and are in line ( can we pretend he has a sister that's 4 years younger? Her name is Kaley.) 당신 feel a tap on your shoulder and 당신 turn around to see Kaley Macchio. " Oh wow hi kaley!" She hugs 당신 and...
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I know I write about Ralph a lot, but this time I really want to write a poem for him.

Hearing your voice in that movie.
Oh, it had a rhythm.
I'm your biggest fan, but sometimes, oh so crazy.
How come 당신 don't know I exist?
I'm sitting here in my room.
Writing away, and I've made this list.
List all of 인용구 showing my 사랑 for you.
Some telling how I 사랑 what you've done.
Others telling how much you've helped me through.
In your movies, I smile all of the time.
In your eyes, I've been hypnotized.
I'd do anything to meet you, even if I do a crime.
I wish I could tell 당신 how 당신 look heaven-sent.
Or how 당신 mean so much to me.
Or how 당신 keep me content.
I wish I could tell 당신 how I can't say
Everything I want to.
Because it'd take 더 많이 than a day.
- Never done drugs.
- Never got thrown in jail.
- Doesn't smoke.
- Drinks only occasionally.
- Doesn't try to get drunk.
- Doesn't party like a maniac.
- Is a very nice person.
- Has a lot of confidence.
- Is happy with himself and what he does.
- Is devoted to what he loves to do. (acting)
- Loves his family to pieces.
- Shows his 사랑 for them.

Those are also the reasons I 사랑 him. Other reasons I 사랑 him are:

- Even when he's busy, he stops to sign a few autographs and take pictures with fans.
- Is the best actor ever.
- Has the best 영화 ever.

And there's some others I can't think of at the moment.
 I 사랑 Ralph
I love Ralph
Even temper with the brightest smile
He's such a mess with a good attitude
He's working hard on his 연기 career
He never curses if he doesn't have to
He has a career but hates the haters
who take it all like the Devil

I 사랑 Ralph, Ralph, Ralph, Ralph, Ralph, Ralph, Ralph
I, I, I, I, I, I, I 사랑 Ralph

He's never out of gas,
but he still walks for miles on the New York streets
He never settles, never take too much
I count on him because he's
always helped me
Love him like when I first saw him
Figured out I couldn't be without him

Ralph, Ralph, Ralph, Ralph, Ralph, Ralph, Ralph
I, I, I, I, I,...
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posted by Frizzhead
Ok i decided i would write an 기사 on this newly created spot....firstly i must add that i am not the spot creator that is madformovies

Now if there is anyone who wants this spot to get at least 200 팬 then mention it to all the other fanpoppers.....

Also alike many other 팬팝 spots cyber peace and harmony is required that means

=====we must respect all other people's views and that means no insults 또는 threats of any kind

=====No demeaning 코멘트 about other fanpoppers

=====And NO spamming up this site with irrelevant material

=====EVERYONE is as important as the 다음 regardless of the medal they may 또는 might'nt have

=====And have fun on this spot and contribute, contribute,contribute.

Yours faithfully

Ralph Macchio is one of world famous actors; he's mostly known for being one of the biggest teen sensations in the 80s. I'm here to give this amazing 별, 스타 some credit.

Date of Birth:
4 November 1961, Huntington, Long Island, New York, USA

Birth Name
Ralph George Macchio

5' 9" (1.75 m)

Mini Biography
Handsomely featured, Italian-American actor with boyish looks that initially assisted his career, but in 더 많이 recent years have probably restricted his opportunities at getting stronger, dramatic roles. Started out in various TV commercials in the late 1970s before appearing in the puerile...
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posted by alex1201
chapter 3

me: man are'nt 당신 excited????? i am!!!!

skylar: dude...ummm he's just a guy

me yea bt he actually remembered me!!!!!!!!

skylar: how the hell did u know each other to begin with?

me: well do 당신 remember that one 년 when i audition for that one commercial?

skylar: ummmmmmm....yeah

me: well thats where i met him...he was soooooo sweet and cute with his shaggy long hair...

skylar: so what are 당신 going to have sex with him now??????

me: maybe.......maybe not.....oohhhh i am just soooo happy to see him

skylar: oh please shut up before u make me barf!!!

me: oh shutup...he's a really great guy...
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posted by Mecksey
 You're my everything. Forever. <3
You're my everything. Forever. <3
"Ralph takes up 99% of my heart."

"No one will ever steal my 심장 away from Ralph."

"Mom: Do 당신 think your best friend in the future will hate Ralph? Me: Why would he hate himself?"

"Ralph is rain in the desert, snow in the middle of July and a 무지개, 레인 보우 after a tornado. Other words, he's one of a kind, original. No one's like him."

"I know guys want to be like Ralph. If they disagree, they're lying."

"Ralph's such a mess with a good attitude."

"I 사랑 the way Ralph still stops to sign autographs and take pictures with 팬 even when he's busy."

"If I ever went somewhere in New York 또는 somewhere in...
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posted by Mecksey
 So beautiful.(:
So beautiful.(:
Ralph just will never know. He will never know how much of an inspiration and idol he is to me. He's my idol because he's showed me how great a person can be.

Ralph's also my role model. Why? Because I want to be an amazing, sweet, 사무용 겉옷, 전반적인 flawless person as he is. Ralph's really devoted to being an actor. Always has. And he's inspiring me to be devoted to being a writer and artist. I've always wanted to be as devoted as he always was.

When I grow older, I wanna be as great of a parent as he is. He's really close to Julia and Daniel it seems. And they really 사랑 him, I can tell.

And he's so...
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If I were Ralph's age

I feel Ralph looks at me
Through the 텔레비전 screen
I fake a smile so people won't see
That I want, and I'm needing
Everything that we should be
I know she's beautiful
His wife he talks about
And she's got everything
that I have to live without

Ralph talks on his movies
I laugh 'cause some parts are so funny
And I can't even see
anyone when I'm watching him
He says they're soulmates
They're so in love
I wonder if he'd know
he's all I think about at night

'Cause he's the reason for the
Teardrops on His Photos
The only thing that keeps me
wishing on a dandelion
He's the song
I keep writing
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posted by MJ_Fan_4Life007
당신 were laying in 침대 with your boyfriend Ralph when he suddenly said " Baby I am bored." 당신 giggled into his chest. " WANNA GO SWIMMINNN?!???" 당신 screamed. He nodded and 당신 guys ran out into your backyard where 당신 had a inground pool. He picked 당신 up and slung 당신 over his shoulder and 당신 started punchin his back " LET GOOO RALPHIE!!" so he let go. But he dropped 당신 into the pool. And he dived in after you. "Oh gosh this water is s..so COLD." 당신 whimpered and Ralph brought 당신 into his chest. And 당신 sneezed. "Oh babygirl. Come on." He brought 당신 in the house and he gave 당신 a pair...
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posted by MJ_Fan_4Life007
당신 and Ralph have been datin for about 2 years now and actually live together. 당신 are currently waiting for him to come 집 because he hasn't yet. Its 2 in the morning and 당신 are worried. 당신 hear him come through the door and 당신 look up. " RALPH WHERE HAVE 당신 BEEN?!? I WAS SO WORRIED!" 당신 yell at him. " I'm sorry i was out with a friend.". " Oh and who was this friend." His face immediately turned guilty " Elisabeth Shue." Your eyes started watering. " Oh and may i ask what the heck 당신 were doin with her at two o clock in the morning?" 당신 say not facing him. " We were getting this."...
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posted by Mecksey
 I 사랑 당신 out of all.
I love you out of all.
"People call me Ralph's biggest fan. And I know it's true."

"Some people can try to upset me, and sometimes they achieve their goal. But in the end, all I need is Ralph's beautiful smile, and those people don't matter."

"Ralph means 더 많이 than one thing. But the biggest thing is that he makes me happy."

"Even though he makes me happy, thinking doubts make me upset. Like I reminded myself about that 질문 someone asked. 'What celebrity would make 당신 upset if they died?' And I thought to myself, what if Ralph died? What would I do? I wouldn't have a role model anymore. There would be no one I'd...
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posted by alex1201

(on plane)

skylar: man dude iam soooooooooo pumped!!!!!

me: yea...me too

skylar: whats wrong?

me: well its just that i had to leave mum all alone...by herself...

skylar: well doesnt she have...that one dude...that guy with the pirm

me: his name is charlie..and its not a pirm...its his natural hair...i dont trust him

skylar: what ever!!! man i cant wait till we get there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! soooooooooo many hott guys!

me: man...i could really listen to 마돈나 right now

skylar: why must 당신 be sooooooooooo negative???

me: idk...i guess cuzzz of what 당신 said in the car

skylar bout 당신 being...
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posted by Mecksey
 당신 are my everything. <3
You are my everything. <3
"When Ralph's happy, I'm happy. Whenever he's sad, I'm sad."

"I respect Phyllis because she's the beautiful lady who makes Ralph happy."

"If I ever meet the people who have/do insult Ralph, I will do the Danny LaRusso on their ass."

"If I ever meet Ralph, the first thing I'd do is throw the fact in Jenny's face for always calling my dream impossible. Then I'd tell Ralph everything I have to say. Hoping he'd never freak out."

"I remake songs for Ralph because it makes me happy. So far I've remaked Taylor Swift's 'Superman', 'Superstar', 'Hey Stephen' and 'Stay Beautiful'. And Kelly Clarkson's 'I...
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Ralph's eyes are like the moon.
He smiles, it's like the brightest light.
He whispers songs into Phyllis' ear
In words that nobody knows
Us pretty 팬 are in our room
Watching him in his movies
Wondering "Does he know?"
"I hope he knows."

You're an angel
Every little piece, love
Don't 당신 know
You're everything
Ask anyone
And if 당신 find your 다음 perfect movie role
I hope your life finds your perfect fan
If only it was me
But anyway, still stay an angel

Ralph finds another way to be the
sunshine of my day
I'm taking pictures of him
So I can save 'em for a sad day
It's hard to fix my mind on something else
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저기요 Ralph, I know fame can be misleading
but I know I saw a light in you.
As I talked about 당신 in class,
I didn't say all the things I wanted to.
Of all your 팬 asking for your autograph,
I'll be the one waiting there even if it rains.
Hey Ralph, man, 당신 have got me believing
how great a person can be.

'Cause I can't help it if 당신 look heaven-sent.
Can't help it if I wanna meet 당신 someday.
Come feel this magic I've been feeling since
I've known about you.
Can't help it if there's no one else.
I can't help myself.

Hey Ralph, I haven't been holding back these feelings.
I've been telling everybody....
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posted by alex1201

(my mind)
i always thought that 사랑 was supposed to set u free...guess i was wrong. 사랑 is a beautiful thing but it's only beautiful with the right person. i was madly i 사랑 with someone 의해 the name of ralph macchio. but who wouldnt be? he had it all. looks, smile, personality. and just to think that i fell for him. i wish that loving someone was as simple as thinking bout it.

mom: oh look your first picture of you...

me: mum i am not gonna be gone forever

mom: yeah i know but your not gonna be with me all the time

me: mum stop making me feel so bad...believe me going to L.A. is...
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