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June 1, 1998
    Minerva was sitting in her 가장 좋아하는 place on the 육지, 쇼 어 of the lake, watching the sun rise over the silent grounds. Just to be alive, to see the first light of 일 hit the 성 that stood, so resolutely, silhouetted against fading stars, was a blessing. This was Minerva's 가장 좋아하는 time of 일 because, for a few shining moments, all seemed to be as it should be; as the sun rose higher into the sky, the 성 would come to life, and the students and professors alike would sit in the great hall and talk of meaningless things and be bathed in the fresh morning...
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McGonagall’s backstory from Pottermore

Early Years

Minerva McGonagall was the first child, and only daughter, of a Scottish Presbyterian minister and a Hogwarts-educated witch. She grew up in the Highlands of Scotland in the early twentieth century, and only gradually became aware that there was something strange, both about her own abilities, and her parents’ marriage.

Minerva’s father, the Reverend Robert McGonagall, had become captivated by...
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Minerva McGonagall is someone we all have learned to 사랑 and respect throughout the HP series.Also in the wizarding world she commands almost unanimous respect.

Here are some words 또는 actions 의해 other characters that describe how they feel about her.

Oliver Wood
Bad news, Harry. I've just been to see Professor McGonagall about the Firebolt. She - er - got a bit shirty with me. Told me I'd got my priorities wrong. Seemed to think I cared 더 많이 about winning the Cup than I do about 당신 staying alive. Just because I told her I didn't care if it threw 당신 off, as long as 당신 caught the Snitch on it...
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"You told her He Who Must Not Be Named is back?"
Professor McGonagall sat down behind her desk, frowning at Harry. Then she said: "Have a biscuit,Potter."
"Have - what?"
"Have a biscuit", she repeated impatiently, indicating a tartan tin lying on 상단, 맨 위로 of one of the piles of papers on her desk. "And sit down"
There had been a 이전 occasion when Harry, expecting to be caned 의해 Professor McGonagall, had instead been appointed 의해 her to the Gryffindor Quidditch team. He sank into a chair opposite her and helped himself to a Ginger Newt, feeling just as confused and...
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The seven Harry-Potter-books from Minerva's point of view:

Minerva McGonagall and I Let An Old Man Leave a Child On a Doorstep

Minerva McGonagall and Shit My Best Student Is Petrified

Minerva McGonagall and There’s a Crazy Knight Guarding the Entrance to Gryffindor

Minerva McGonagall and I Have To Teach My Students to Dance?

Minerva McGonagall and The Total Owning of That Toad

Minerva McGonagall and The Man I Was In 사랑 With Was Killed

Minerva McGonagall and He Has, To Use The Common Phrase, Done A Bunk
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December 1, 1944
    Minerva McGonagall walked down the corridor with her head held high; she simply couldn't help but feel pleased with herself. And, who could, for that matter? She had finally done it, she was finally a teacher at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.
    The young Transfiguration teacher walked confidently into the great hall on her first 일 of teaching, and she felt a small jolt of satisfaction as she passed 의해 the Gryffindor 표, 테이블 on her way to the staff table. It was not that she had ever disliked sharing meals with her fellow...
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posted by jhakanaka420
1.Under her "gruff" exterior, Prof. McGonagall is an old softie, really.

2.(answering a 질문 about Dumbledore)Although McGonagall is a worthy 초 in command, she is not Dumbledore's equal.

3.(talking about new contents in Pottermore)The background on Professor McGonagall, I’ve had for years and years and years, and I think I always thought it would have somehow found its way into the story and it just never happened. Harry and Professor McGonagall just never had an interaction 또는 a conversation where that would plausibly come out, so I was left with this life story of this character I liked so much and nowhere to put it. Now I’ve got somewhere to put it. That was so satisfying.