Princess 복숭아 Why can we not have "inappropriate" photos?

Ayoo_awesome posted on Jun 20, 2013 at 10:48PM
For the record, i like them. especailly for Princess peach. Im hoping for more fan art! i think its pretty and wonderful. Why not upload more photos simliar to peach? like daisy? or maybe old cartoons? id like to see mini mouse XD. joking. but yeah, what do you guys say about it?

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over a year ago iluvpcesststool said…
I totally agree! I'd love to see more pictures of princess Toadstool showing off her super sexy tits and super hot pussy. As well as pictures of ZPrincess Toadstool pulling her sexy pink dress up so high that you can see her hot pussy. Why do you think Princess Toadstool wears pink all the time. Because pink is the color of pussy and she has a very hot pussy and loves showing off her hot puissy.