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Here are some exclusive spoilers for 3x23:
- Mona and Hanna will have a scene
- We will also see a flashback from 1x10, when Mona ran over Hanna
- Aria, Emily and Hanna will visit Spencer in Radley
- Jenna will appear in the episode
- Spencer will find out that the woman in the red 코트 often visited Mona when she was in Radley
- We will have a Wrencer scene
- Alison will also appear in the episode
- There will be an important flashback from the night before Ali went missing.

Can't wait!

Spoilers for the season 3 finale, 3x24 "A dangerous gAme" will be 게시됨 soon!
1.“Time To Be Your 21” 의해 Alexz Johnson: Plays when Hanna and Emily talk about Em’s 옮기기 to Texas.
2.“Hiding My Heart” 의해 Brandi Carlile: Plays when Aria informs Ezra that, up until now, he was the only guy who had never lied to her.
3.“Far Far” 의해 Yael Naim: Plays when Toby tells Spencer he’ll be there for her no matter what.
4.“Coming To” 의해 Apex Manor: Plays when Aria 답변 her door and finds Ezra’s ex, Jackie, standing there.
5.“I’m Not Calling 당신 A Liar” 의해 Florence and the Machine: Plays when the girls receive a text from A at the end of the finale.
“Hanna has a life that Ashley and I know nothing about. We barely met our grandchildren all because we kicked her out for getting pregnant 의해 Lucas. I know now that it’s not Lucas’s fault we haven’t seen Hanna 또는 our grandchildren but ours.” Tom explained to Wayne, Byron, and Peter.
    “Emily has a life that Pam and I know nothing about. We barely met our grandchildren all because we kicked her out for being a lesbian and because she had been involved in a secret relationship. I know now that it’s not her fault we haven’t seen her 또는 our grandchildren but...
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posted by jeweleryfan11
Ali is still alive. And she probably is A. First,just look at the text! “I’m still here, ******* And I know everything. – A”. Ali knows all of there secrets and all of them think she is dead. Also another text:“Maybe he fools around with students all of the time. A lot of teachers do. Just ask your dad." Ali and Aria saw them 키싱 right? See what I mean?! If 당신 look at the A spoiler it says Ali wrote in her diary all of her secrets. Here is the text: Courtney read Alison's diary containing all the girls secrets.Then, when 당신 get to season 4, 당신 see Ali saves Emily (or Spencer)...
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"A" Theories
I think that Toby is "A" because someone locked Spencer in that room with a crobar when they were at the fair and i think he is because as soon as she got out he was straight outside
Alison has a twin
Mona had Alis diary
"A" (Mona) took spencer to the cliff when she wanted to throw her off
Ali is the sencond "A"
Mona used to 날짜 Noel
Noel broke up with Mona to be with Jenna
Maya and Ali both died
Ali made up a fake twin so she could spy on the pretty little liars

Hope 당신 enjoyed the facts and my A theorie, I hoped i helped 당신 <3
“Now 당신 know that part of the reason why Ezra kept 당신 away from her is because he didn’t want history to repeat itself in regards to your relationship. Our children deserve the chance to meet and the three of us need to be on the same page. 당신 and I need to be on the same page as well in regards to our children but we also need to be on the same page with Ezra as well.”
    “I know. I should let 당신 know that our children know about Malcolm because Ezra and I told them after he got the results of the DNA test to 확인 that he was the father of Malcolm. I don’t...
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“Alison told me that she was going to give them up for adoption because she didn’t know what Ian would do if he found out she wasn’t aborting them.” Aria explained.
    The girls realized their old guy 프렌즈 wanted to meet up for drinks and they knew they needed to tell their partners. “I have to tell Ezra who Andrew and the others are.” Aria said.
    “I have to tell Wren who Stephen and the others are.” Spencer said.
    “I have to tell Lucas who Fredrick and the others are.” Hanna said.
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    “I have pictures and video of 당신 telling her that I trapped 당신 into marrying me because I was pregnant with Shane and you’re glad to be having an affair with her.” Emily told her.
    “Are 당신 having an affair with Maya, Emily?” Samara asked.
     “Why would 당신 think I’m having an affair?” Emily countered.
    “I have pictures and video of 당신 telling her that 당신 were trapped into marrying me because 당신 were pregnant with Shane and 당신 want to plan an affair with her.” Samara told her.
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Watch Pretty Little Liars Season 3 Episode 3 S03E3 Kingdom of the Blind

Episode Name: Kingdom of the Blind

Air 날짜 : 6/19/ 2012

Episode Summary:

With Spencer’s mom now taking Garrett on as a client, Spencer is sure that there is a reason forcing her mother to take on the case. But when she starts questioning, she doesn’t so much learn why her mother took the case as stumble upon a larger Hastings secret. Emily also gets some surprising news about her English exam and fears what those consequences could hold. Meanwhile, Aria agrees to be Jenna’s accompanist in order to keep...
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posted by coolsinger198
Ever since the season 5 season premiere, the liars have labeled shana Fring as A? But there is one problem.

She never said she was A.

Shana showed up in a black hoodie, gloves and all, A's typical outfit. She obviously came to hurt Alison, but there is no proof she was A.

Remember when Shana was attacked 의해 A in her car? How could she possibly be A?


1.Shana was working for Big A.

Shana was attacked. maybe because Big A had to tell her something very important to lead him/her to Ali.

2.Shana was blackmailed into being A.

This makes sense. Maybe the real A told Shana to go to NY to pretend...
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In 4x16...
-Hanna & Ashley will have a scene together playing a game of pool.
-There will be Jakaria scenes.
-Jake will "be letting off some steam."
-There will be a post 샤워 Toby scene.
-Peter Hastings will be in this episode.
-Andrew will be in this episode.
-Spence & Em will have a scene together.
In 4x17...
-Ezra drama!
-There will be a Spendrew scene.
-Aria and Mike will have a scene together.
In 4x18...
-There will be an Ezria scene.
-Rumor is someone will take a bus to Ravenswood to visit someone there.
-There will be a scene with Shana spying on someone 또는 someone spying on her.
Spencer and Emily make plans to visit a nearby college, but they have very different agendas for their time spent on campus. Spencer's singular focus in figuring out Ali's apparent connection to the school contradicts Emily's real fears about her plans for after she graduates. And after a stinging attack 의해 "A," Aria and her brother Mike don't see eye to eye regarding what's best for their parents.
Meanwhile, Hanna becomes increasingly frantic when she makes another horrifying discovery among her mom's things, leading her to make a desperate 옮기기 - with disastrous results.
Alison had a twin named Courtney but Courtney was mentally ill so no one knew about her so Courtney always pretended to be Alison so the parents sent Courtney away to a mentally ill hospital but she escaped then when she came back she acted like she was Alison and the parents acdently sent away the real Alison so then
the fake Alison (the one everybody knew and loved was really the mentally ill one) The fake one ditched all the real ones 프렌즈 and got with Hanna Spencer Emily and aria then the night the fake one went missing the real one escaped and the real Alison was so mad she killed and buried the fake Alison (that's how she died) then when Maya put all the fake ones stuff outside Mona found it and read all of her things 당신 see the fake one had wrote n down all the 4 girls secrets down in journals and that's how it happened contact me for 질문 :).........
I 사랑 Aria and Ezra together! They are such a wonderful couple. I was crying last week when Hanna almost turned them in! I was so shocked, that's not like Hanna at all! If Aria was my bff, I woulden't turn her in for anything.

Anyways, a lot of people say teachers and students shoulden't have relationships. They say it's wrong and strange and discusting. Well sometimes I agree. Like if the teacher is a 55 년 old and the girl is like 16, well yeah that's wrong. But honestly, Ezra isn't that much older than Aria. I don't see anything wrong with it. In fact, they are my 가장 좋아하는 couple.

I 사랑 how they 사랑 eachother so much, they are willing to take risks. Ezra could get caught and arrested in any time. Aria could also get caught and probably expelled. Yet it dosen't matter to them.

Honestly, I wish I had an older boyfrind. Like, one that's in his 20s. He could protect me and guide me on my way. And I would give him everything.
posted by mommaof2boys
 Alison wearing Toby's sweater
Alison wearing Toby's sweater
Its party time for Hanna’s better half: Mona Vanderwaal! The other 인기 girl of Rosewood High (after Hanna and Alison of course) is having her birthday bash in the woods. It’s a glamping trip: like camping only with glamourous tents housing massage tables, spa treatments and make-overs. Everyone who’s anyone in Rosewood is invited…except for Hanna Marin.

Mona un-invites Hanna after getting ditched during the day. And “A” doesn’t miss a beat. The mysterious texter sends the girls a message to come find her/him at the campsite at Mona’s bday bash. All four girls decide to attend...
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- Ian quote: "You have no idea how much trouble you're going to be in if 당신 show those 비디오 to anybody. There's stuff on them that could bring everybody down. Including your family".
- Ian quote: "We never had sex, Alison. I didn't do anything wrong".
- Alison quote: "And you're going to jail".
- In Alison/Ezra flashback, we see Alison's bracelet come off and her putting it back on the other arm.
- Alison quote: "Ezra seemed to get that everything I said was made-up stuff, but he believed me when I told him CeCe and I were roommates at UPenn.
- The cops have Peter, Veronica and Melissa at the...
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It is written and directed 의해 Joseph D.
It will be a black and white episode with color sequences (think Wizard of Oz, reversed) and said 의해 Oz I just meant the episode starts and ends in color but everything else is black and white.
All four liars in this episode
Mona is in this episode.
Ezra is in this episode.
Toby is in this episode
The fashion will be remarkable
Troian (Spencer) left people breathless after one of her scenes
Clue "Do 당신 ever wonder what's under the rug?" #PLL #undertherug
Spoby scenes in this episode
Paily scenes in this epiosde
Fred tweeted Joseph good luck with 419, "Awesome news!...
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Season 4 episode 4 "Face Time" episode description:
Holbrook’s partner, Lt. Tanner, comes to town, intensifying their investigation into the Liars and their possible connection to Wilden’s death. Emily panics when her parents come under undue scrutiny due to “A’s” manipulations. Hanna bristles when Caleb tries to help her through this latest crisis, and tries to shift the focus of the police investigation. And Toby finds a new 출처 of information into his mother’s death, but it only leads to 더 많이 questions.
posted by ClaraAllermann
Emily is a competitive swimmer. She was dating Ben but when she knew Maya she discovered she was gay. Maya and Emily were dating.
When Emily´s mother knew her daughter was gay she was a little bit disappointed but all in all she helped her.
Maya and Emily had to separate because Emily´s mother finds drug in Maya´s bag so she tells her parents. Maya had leave Rosewood to go to an estrict place.
Paige is another competitive swimmer in Rosewood, she sees Emily as a big enemy to being the captain of the swimming team. But then they start to hang out many times. But Paige cant accept she is gay so Emily calls a girl called Samara, a gay girl, to have a meeting with Paige and Emily.Paige never goes to this meeting but Emily and Samara made friends.
posted by ClaraAllermann
Pretty Little Liars is an American dramatic 텔레비전 series. It was created 의해 Marlene King, based on the 인기 novels written 의해 Sasha Shepard.
Spencer,Emily,Aria and Hanna were very good 프렌즈 of Alison. Alison was the former leader of this group, she alwasy tell the girls what to do. They kept secrets with her.
Once why the five girls were having a " Pijama Party" in Spencer´s house Alison disappearance. After this the four girls separeted.
One 년 later Alison´s disappearance Emily, Spencer, Hanna and Aria received messages from "A" telling secrets only Alison knew. The girls thought Alison may be alive but then later found her´s body buried in her house. "A" is alwasy looking what the girls do and send messages all the time.