Powerpunk girls How would 당신 develop their personalities?

MF114 posted on Mar 27, 2010 at 11:28PM
If it was up to you, how would you've developed the personalities/characters of the powerpunk girls?

I'd have Berserk being the stupid, bossy leader of the group not caring at all what others thought of her. She's rather, the insane one of the group with the lowest self control. She's the most evil and a bit of a baby. She'd be the start of all the fights and want to start even more and more, without a single care.

Brat would be the annoying spoiled one. She'd be a bit of a kiss-up and try anything and everything to get what she wants her own way. She's selfish, and only thinks of how it's sad no one see how beautiful she see herself. She'd hate her sisters, and use her small octopus doll as a voodoo doll.

Brute would take on the leader role of the group most of the time.(C'mon, the green team are always the last of the pack, so it would be logical Brute, as an opposite, would be the top) Seeing as though Berserk would probably act before thinking (I'm writing this in less than a minute, so I'm not editing it), Brute would have to be the brains, and the one to think most of the time. She'd be rather girly though, know when to fight. And would blow up when people insult her.

That's how I'd make them up. How'd you do it?

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over a year ago sugaababy144 said…
Nice but heres how i would do it

Berserk would be the laid back, Dumb, and controlling one. The only people she cares about are herself and Brick. But she mostly makes other people do the dirty work for her. She doesnt get along with her sisthers that much Brute and her would constantly fight and they would both end up hurting each other and Berserk would yell at brat everytime she wanted something. Berserk is a devil on the inside and out. She uses her ribbons to grab things and pick them up. When ever her sisthers dont listen to her she picks them up with her ribbons and trys to suffocate them. She is hot headed and like brick wants to destory the powerpuff girls. And other thing Berserk loves fire and burning stuff. Which is why they moved to townsville cause she set viletown on fire

Brat is the vain and self centered one. She trows a fit if she never gets what she wants and complains about everything. Brat is a drama queen. She never shares anything and is protraded as rowdy and obnoxious. Her pigtails are her only weekness. As the total opposite as bubbles she cant cry. Brat is very protective of boomer and will stand up for him when Brick and butch are picking on him. Brat loves to shop (or in other words steal) at stores, Trash places, and talk back to people.

Brute is the Meanest and agressive one. She is protraded as mean, gross and repulsive. Brute loves to destroy places and rob from banks. Butch and her are madly in love with each other since they are both hyper agressive and love to fight. She picks on buttercup alot and giving her her own pet name "Butterball" which makes buttercup attack her for making fun of her. She hates girly things like pink and glitter. Brute never says sorry for anything. And mostly does all the dirty work for berserk when she doesnt fell like fighting. Also Brute loves punk and rock and roll music.
over a year ago FriendshipGrace said…
I'll just do one quick thing for Brute, she ALWAYS wanted a pony, despite her toughness.