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 boomer and dark bubbles
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so cute X3
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Today is Tuesday, thankfully. I'm dreading this Friday because of the dance. Why can't I get a pass to leave when the dance starts? I went to my gym locker and grabbed my gym clothes. After I got changed, I ran outside with the rest of the kids in my class. After gym class was over, I, unlike my classmates, walked to my locker to get my normal clothes. When I got to my locker and opened it, a 거미 hang down in my locker and jumped on my face. I got angry until it said, "Hi! My name is Chiyeko. Are 당신 Kaoru?" I wished that I imagined that. But I didn't.
"D-did 당신 just talk?!" I asked. "In...
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Spoiled Princess turns EVIL!
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"Butch, where does he put it?" I asked. We were searching Brick's room for his journal.
"The last I seen him put it was in his pillow. But he moves it a lot."
I checked around the 침대 and in his pillow. "Found it." It is brick red. Typical.
"Are 당신 sure this will even work? He is a very stubborn person, 당신 know."
"Yes, I'm sure. There is something in here that can help us. I can sense it." I don't understand why he worries so much.
"Let's go before he finds us here. He'll get pissed if he figures out." I grabbed his arm and calmed my mind. Then white particles surrounded us. When they...
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