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posted by IHaveFiveIdols
캠프 락
Camp Rock
Camp Rock is the story of Mitchie Torres, a talented singer and songwriter whose dream is to attend Camp Rock, a very prestigious and expensive camp for music. Her mother helps her daughter get into the camp 의해 getting her catering business a summer job at Camp Rock and gets a discounted rate. The only way Mitchie can attend is if she helps in the kitchen. When she arrives at camp, she becomes 프렌즈 with Caitlyn Gellar, but lies her way into a friendship with 퀸 Bee Tess Tyler and her "best friends" Peggy and Ella. Pop 별, 스타 Shane Gray is also sent to Camp Rock 의해 his band mates, Jason...
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posted by RihannaOfficial
Well, when i 1st heard Take A Bow. Something in that sing makes 리한나 who she is now. Most of all i like all lyrics in the song......
How about a round of applause?
Standin ovation...
Yeah yeah yeah yeah

You look so dumb right now
Standin' outside my house
Tryin' to apologize
You're so ugly when 당신 cry
Just cut it out

Don't tell me you're sorry cuz you're not
Baby when I know you're only sorry 당신 got caught

But 당신 put on quite a show
You really had me goin'
But now it's time to go
Curtains finally closin'
That was quite a show
Very entertainin'
But it's over now
Go on and...
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If the couple who makes millions together, stays together then 제이 지 and Beyoncé have a long (and rich) future as Mr. and Mrs. According to Forbes, the hip-hop king and R&B 퀸 collectively made $162 million in the past year, topping all the other celeb couples who also make big bucks. Will and Jada Pinkett Smith took the No. 2 slot, with $85 million earned together, while David and Victoria Beckham rounded out the 상단, 맨 위로 three with annual earnings of $58 million. “Naturally, powerful people tend to gravitate toward other powerful people,” clinical psychologist and celebrity researcher Jim Houran tells the magazine.