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Peppa Pig and all her 프렌즈 will be in these egg surprises. who will we get?
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Peppa the pig is flying
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It was a typical 일 for cheeky little piggy Peppa. George has scheduled a playdate with his 프렌즈 to a special playground for 3-year olds only, so Peppa decided on a playdate with her best friend Suzy Sheep, so she walked to the phone which stood on the little 표, 테이블 in front of the 침상, 소파 and picked it up to her ear. Peppa had never attempted to dial someone before, but she was proud because she had memorized Suzy's phone number, "19212625-1985516". She raised one finger and at first seemed a bit nervous, sweating with temptation. What if she entered the wrong number? Would she have to ask...
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5 Peppa Pigs Playing in the Mud Song for Kids played with a Ukulele
Peppa Pig Duluxe House Playset is So Cool, definitely a fun toy!
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peppa pigs deluxe house playset
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Song tune: link

Peppa: Floating eggs, add salt in water,
And volcanoes boom with vinegar,
Balloons in bottles blow so big with baking soda, water,

Danny: Tornado in a bottle, glitter, water and a throttle,
And melting 초콜릿 where it's never been warmer,

Suzy: A straw in a water glass will look like it is bent,
Or cardboard on it will never make 당신 wet,
Oil and water will always separate,
Invisi-Ink with lemons is 더 많이 than great,

Danny: Putty made with borax, 음식 coloring and glue,
And don't forget the water 'cause it doesn't taste like juice,

Peppa: A floating ping pong ball with a hairdryer,

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(One 일 Peppa and her famely went to the park, just then Peppa sew a girl walking throught the park. Peppa wanted to be her friend and stopped beside her)
Peppa: Hello, I'm Peppa pig, what's your name?
Me: Hi there peppa, i'm Qeti, nice to meet 당신
Peppa: hello Qeti, it's nice to meet 당신 too, would 당신 like to play?
Me: Yeah, why not
(We went to go see Peppa's friends)
Peppa: Hi everyone
Everyone: Hello peppa
Peppa:Let me entrodues my friend, her name is Qeti
Everyone: Hi Qeti
Me: 저기요 guys, heheheh
Peppa: This is Suzy, Dennie, Rebbeca, Pedro, Candy, Emely and my little brother Jorj (I don't...
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Hello, Aldrine2016 here. So today, I'm 글쓰기 my 초 Peppa Pig fanfic to depart from the usual cheerful, preschool atmosphere. My 이전 one was dark, edgy and a bit sad, but this one is surely to bring a smile into your soul, though it still also has some sad moments. "xxxxx" means a change of POV to a character. The 글쓰기 style here is much different than my other fanfics but, there 당신 go. Enjoy!


I couldn't get some sleep. I just laid awake on my bed, annoyed. My cute, yet slightly annoying, dinosaur-obsessed baby brother kept on playing with his most 가장 좋아하는 prized possession:...
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Isa: Oh no. I saw something! I better stop. (She pulls the car over and sees something strange) I'm sure about this.

(Isa then climbs out of her car and there she spotted Danny)

Isa: Danny? What are 당신 doing out here in the cold?

Danny: I got lost. (barks) I have no idea where I am. I'm cold and I'm hungry.

Isa: Let me get my snacks. My snacks are much better than animal crackers.

Danny: What are animal crackers?

Isa: There crackers that are shaped like 동물 that are full of wheat. I'll get 당신 something much better than that.


Isa: Are 당신 warm now?

Danny: I'm quite warm, thank you. (barks)...
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I made this cake for my 2 년 olds birthday - easy cake to decorate using fondant, fondariffic and peppa pig toys :)
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peppa pig and 캔디 cat are ready to dance ballet.