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Destruction in central Athens reached levels not seen for decades as rioting that followed the shooting of a student (15 YEARS OLD) 의해 a police officer continued for a third 일 yesterday.
Alexandros Grigoropoulos murdered 의해 a police officer in Exarchia. The police officer said that he was arguing with the boy and then he shouted him!!!! After that, the police when found the murdered young boy CALLED HIS MOTHER FROM HIS MOBILE TO TELL HER THAT HER SON IS DEAD!!!
By yesterday afternoon, it was estimated that at least 130 businesses in the city center had been attacked but this figure is expected...
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wats with all the stereotypes
i mean weve got everyone bashin on the other because oh shes a slut 또는 (s)he jus cant stop doin drugs
im mean seriously
is all the reason man was put on this earth tho hate on others
NO!!! its to realize our mistakes
let people make their mistakes an u make urs
jus cause 텔레비전 shows people one way
does not mean they are
i mean seriously
the football players are gettin the whole thing about hwo theyre gonna kick ur 나귀, 엉덩이 또는 they think theyre badass
please i kno a few football players who actually kno theyre nowhere near better than everyone else
an then emos-- wats with...
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free hugs
all the same
sick 강아지