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posted by BigSis35
This season is 의해 far the worst AI season of them all. Randy is trying to be a new Simon, and it's not working. Not even Kara is a reasonable judge anymore, and a bunch of the singers are not going though that deserve it greatly. Simon was harsh but he had good taste in music, and I'm pretty sure not as many people watch AI now because the good judges are gone. I watch it but it is not as good and it is not as fun to watch because Randy doesn't have any good relationships with anyone and is disrespectful. They never should have left the show to go to another (X Factor). I miss the old AI. It's...
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I've been watching American Idol each season since its inception, and have become increasingly "hooked" on it over the years. The diversity of the contestants has SO much to do with its appeal. And the eclectic mix of judges has made it even 더 많이 addictive. I can't help but wonder, though, that if these four judges sat on the US Supreme Court, what category would each fit into? I've actually been pondering this for some time now!

Here, then, is the "breakdown" of these judges as I see it: Randy would be a moderate, Simon a conservative, and Paula--along with the new judge Kara--would fall into the liberal zone. At least that's how I see it, anyway. I'd be curious to see if other Paula 팬 would agree with this assessment....

Robert M. Kern
Yonkers, New York