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Jaylie's POV

I beat on his door with all my strength, begging him to let me explain. I stayed out there for hours, crying my eyes out. Mom and dad eventually came 집 and saw me laying in front of Zayn's door. Dad picked me up and carried me in and set me on the couch. It took me a few moments but I finally found the strength to tell them what happened. They had a long talk with Riley and told him never to talk about what he saw ever again. I wasn't mad at Riley. He's too little to understand. I really wasn't mad at anybody 또는 anything. Just upset in general. Zayn had to let me explain. I couldn't live without him.

Zayn's POV

        "I tried to warn you, mate. I told 당신 she was a slut," Niall said.
        "Shut the hell up, Niall! You're not helping!" Harry shouted at him. I was just laying in my 침대 with my head buried in my 베개 and the door locked. I thought about letting her explain just to see what kind of lie she would think up but I decided against it. I didn't want to give her the satisfaction of letting her. So I just laid there with only my thoughts and the boys talking to keep me company.

Jaylie's POV

Days went by. Weeks. Still no contact with Zayn. Even dad tried to talk to him. 
        "That same blonde boy answered the door and said he hasn't came out of his room since he heard that from Riley," dad said after the third attempt to talk to him. I didn't come out of my room just in case Zayn called 또는 texted me. He didn't. I had about a million texts from Christie. I didn't answer any of them. I hardly ate anything 또는 drank anything. I just spent all 일 thinking about what to do to get him to listen to me. Then an idea came to me. If he wouldn't listen to me in spoken words, he would just have to listen to me in written words.

Zayn's POV

        "Uh...Zayn? 당신 might want to read this," Louis said from the other side of the door.
        "What is it?" I mumbled.
        "It's a letter from Jaylie. A hand written letter. She's explaining what happened. I think 당신 better read it."
        "I don't want to read anything she has to say."
        "Come on, mate. Trust me. You'll regret it if 당신 don't." I thought about it for a moment and what the hell. I'll read it. It won't hurt anything.
        "Slide it under the door."
        I got up and got it off the floor. On the front it said "To Zayn- make sure only Zayn reads this" i opened it and began to read:

        I know your thinking that I cheated on you. I'm not. You're the only boy in my life. My little brother is just too young to understand this.
        My last boyfriend(the one Riley was talking about) did something terrible to me. Well, he was about to if it wasn't for Riley walking in. What Riley saw was nothing he could have seen as a bad thing but it was. Blake(my ex) was trying to rape me. He came to my house earlier and tried to have sex with me. I told him I wasn't ready yet. He got pissed and said that if I didn't then we were done. I told him that if that was all he cared about then fine I guess its better we're done anyway. He left but he came back in my room through my window at 2:00 the 다음 morning. He had a bouquet of 꽃 and said that he took back what he said and he would wait on me to get ready. Then we started 키싱 and he tried it again. And again I didn't let him. But when I tried to tell him he shut me up 의해 putting 오리 tape over my mouth and holding a 칼, 나이프 to my throat. He almost had me if it wasn't for Riley walking in. He saw Blake on 상단, 맨 위로 of me and didn't see it as anything really bad. He saw the 칼, 나이프 and thought he was hurting me but he still thought he would be my boyfriend after that. He's not. Now he's just my dumb ex. You're the only boy I love.

             Please come back to me,

P.S. Yes. What we have is real. I do think you're my boyfriend. I just wanted to wait and see if 당신 thought so too. I 사랑 당신 Zayn Malik. All I want is to hear 당신 say it back and really mean it.

        It felt like my 심장 was being ripped out of my chest. How could I have done this to her? I had to make it up to her. Somehow.
        "Zayn?" I heard Niall say. "Have 당신 read the letter yet?"
        "Yes," I said.
        "Then 당신 have someone here to see you."
        I looked up and saw Jaylie standing in the doorway.

Jaylie's POV

I stood there anxiously waiting to see what he thought. He started walking toward me. He didn't come to me. He walked right past me. He went to his door, shut it, and locked it. Then he turned around an started walking towards me again. He put his hands around my neck and kissed me. I was so happy at that moment. It felt like I had had a huge bag on my shoulders and it just disappeared into thin air. I kissed him back. We fell on his bed. I reached my hands under his 셔츠 and pulled it off. He did the same thing with me. I felt of his abs and they were rock hard. Then I had this feeling in the pit of my stomach. It was like a tiny spark of 불, 화재 was trying to ignite. Then as if someone poured gas over the tiny spark, it spread through my whole body, making it heat up. I've never had this feeling before but I've heard other girls at school talk about it. They say they feel it right before they-oh. Now I know what it means.
        I started to fittle with his pants button and zipper. 
        "I'm sorry," he whispered against my neck.
        "Don't worry about it. I would have probably done the same thing," I whispered back. I had succeeded in undoing his pants but I knew it would be useless unless he cooperated. Thankfully he did and got his pants off. His trail of kisses went from my lips to the front of my neck to my chest. He started to unhook my bra with his face still on my chest. 
        "I 사랑 you," I whispered.
        "I 사랑 당신 too," he whispered back. He said it. And I'm pretty sure he meant it.

        I woke up the 다음 morning with the bright sunlight in my face. I rolled over and came face to face with Zayn. 
        "Oh shit!" I yelled. 
        Zayn woke up and looked alarmed. 
        "What's wrong?" he asked me. 
        "Well for one thing I just slept with you, and-" I stopped and blushed.
        "And that's a bad thing?" he teased.
        "Well kinda since it means that I stayed here all night!"
        "Oh. Well maybe your dad will understand."
        "Did 당신 not see him the other night when he found me over here at two in the morning? Just think of what he'll be like when he figures out I was here all night." I got up, put my clothes on, and went into his living room.
        "Oh look who it is. Did 당신 two have fun last night, hmm?" Harry said as soon as I walked in. "You know the rooms in this building don't close off sound in the other rooms very well. We could hear what was happening all night," Liam said smirking. I felt my cheeks heat up. Oh my gosh! They heard us! I'm so embarrassed!
        "It's alright. We won't tell," Niall said grinning.
        "Well this is probably the last time we're ever gonna talk to each other again so if 당신 want to say something 당신 better say it now," I said.
        "And why would this be the last time we talk to each other?" Louis asked.
        "Well its probably because I just stayed here all night!" 
        "Oh your dad came 의해 last night while 당신 and Zayn were..." he wiggled his eyebrows, "and he said that he trusted 당신 and 당신 could stay as long as 당신 like. Obviously he has bad hearing 또는 he probably would have beat the door down on 당신 two. He definitely wouldn't have said he trusted you."
        I was shocked. "Really? He said that?"
        "Yeah." Wow. That's a first. I'll have to thank him for it later.

Harry's POV

        "Hey, Jaylie? Since 당신 and Zayn are back together now, I was thinking we could go somewhere today to celebrate," I said slowly.
        "Yeah I guess that would be okay," she answered.
        "And I was thinking we could invite Christie...maybe if 당신 wanted to."
        Her eyes lit up and she grinned. "You fell for her didn't you?"
        "W-what? No! I-I just thought she might like to go," I lied. The truth was I did fall for her. I couldn't stop thinking about her.
        "Oh, right, Harry," Louis said sarcastically. My cheeks were bright red with embarrassment. 
        "Sure, Harry. I'll invite her for you," Jaylie said.
        "Okay," I mumbled. We ended up going to the mall to just look around. I walked beside Christie the entire time. Eventually I couldn't take it anymore. I wanted to talk to her alone. We walked past a Hollister store and I asked her to come in there with me. We walked around and looked around. She was very talkative. When we were in an area of the store with nobody around, I took my chance.
        "Christie? I've been wanting to ask 당신 this for a while now..." I trailed off trying to find the right words.
        "Yes?" she asked smiling.
        "Well I was just wondering i-if 당신 would...want to...maybe...go to a movie with me tonight?" I held my breath waiting for her answer. She just stood there giving me a blank stare. Oh no! Am I, Harry Styles, about to be rejected?

Yes I know it was short and not very good but I couldn't really do anything else to it cuz I wanted the main thing of this story to stay the same and if I did anymore it wouldn't be with the 제목 anymore plus I really think I should save the 다음 thing that happens till the 다음 part cuz its gonna be good 

Part 6 coming soon!!
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WARNING: This never happened but its supposed to be a story for us 팬 to enjoy! So... Enjoy!

It was a nice 일 to go for a walk, the breeze felt like a massage and the sun kept warm. It was like sitting in front of a heater while cold and 당신 feel like your being massaged.

"I have an idea! It's incredible!" Harry said with an evil grin. "What is it? We've been waiting for hours!" Said Liam.

"We make an album, called 키스 You. We make our 팬 go crazy to where they cant even pay attention in school, so when they get out of school they will 검색 every website to try and download our songs,...
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Chap6 : wat u at my collage~~~~~~

Aaliya'sPOv: I got up woke everyone else and zee too . I got my pants and a blue one shoulder top. Zee wore his uniform . The rest took some time to got ready. Soon we left for our collage. First we dropped see and ten went to our collage. We all giggled about yesterday and went to the class. 
Erick: where the hell were u guys yesterday 
Shenali's stuck up some where 
Erick: so assignment done 
Aaliya: fuck I forgot it 
Erick: n I knew it 
He handed our assignments in our hand . We all made a face that said " that is so sweet" 
Erick: time to go. 
We still hugged...
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Liam POV:

I laid down on my 침대 and closed my eyes. When I opened them I was in the middle of a rode. It looked like the place we where at when Amie died. I heard the song "Ain't No Other Man" I walked closer to the 음악 and saw Amie and a guy. I looked closer, it was me. I tried to get pass the people but when I tried to touch them my hand went through them.
"Hello?" I said but nobody looked at me. I walked closer to Amie. She was wearing a black 칵테일 dress and her black high heels. Her hair was flowing perfectly down her back. She looked beautiful, and happy. I remembered the night,

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The 일 my life was changed forever started out normal. I was sitting on my couch, eating kettle corn, watching TV, 집 alone. I was just about to grab another handful of kettle 옥수수 when the phone rang. I quickly jumped off of the 침상, 소파 and picked it up.

"Yellow?" I said carelessly. "Hello, is this Lilah Nilmot?" a fancy-sounding voice asked. "Yes..." I said, wondering why this fancy person knows my name. "You 게시됨 a video of 당신 and your 프렌즈 노래 a song on YouTube, right?" the person asked. "Um, yeah, I did." I said, probably sounding surprised. "Well, I work for the band known...
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picked me up and took me to the hospota he was so strong the band came as well we went to see a doctor he said" 당신 have to make sure she drinks this every day! does she have a boyfriend that would be easy" "ye.." niall said " does she?" "yes" harry said " call him then!" "but...." niall said "go on call him!" RING RING "hello?" niall said " this is zayn he said we had to call you" " so hes her boyfriend! why didnt 당신 tell me! doc said "I DID!" niall said we left before my bro said " niall 당신 need to go to the police and tell them what happend. we caught the bus there was no 팬 we went...
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Elounor_Lover24 POV

I can’t believe I’m doing this. I breathe in deeply and let it out. I’m not having 초 thoughts. I don’t have cold feet. I’m just nervous. I have waiting for this for years and now that it’s finally happening I don’t know what to do with myself. Well, actually I do. I’m going to walk down that isle, that’s what. My best friend Eleanor is lacing up my dress while I calm myself. 당신 would think it would be weird. Us being 프렌즈 and all. I mean, I’m marrying her ex. I use to feel awful. For the longest time I felt like the worst best friend in the world....
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Elounor_Lover24 POV

I can’t believe I’m doing this. I breathe in deeply and let it out. I’m not having 초 thoughts. I don’t have cold feet. I’m just nervous. I have waiting for this for years and now that it’s finally happening I don’t know what to do with myself. Well, actually I do. I’m going to walk down that isle, that’s what. My best friend Eleanor is lacing up my dress while I calm myself. 당신 would think it would be weird. Us being 프렌즈 and all. I mean, I’m marrying her ex. I use to feel awful. For the longest time I felt like the worst best friend in the world....
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Alex and Alice are twin sisters . They are totally same each and everything is alike except the hair Alex has brown hair and alice  has black. Alex is Proudy and Alice is humble . 
Tiffany , Shenali , Emily and lia were Alice's friend . Alex had no frnds . Cz she used to hurt everyone . They all study in the same class. 
Alice always used to forget and forgive Alex Bt Alex used to do the same thing again and again. Alex Nd Alice moms got divorced and Alice stayed vth her mom and Alex went with her dad. 
Shenali and Alice were bestfriend since childhood . Alice and Alex dont evn know 또는 remember each other . Shenali . Lia and Alice used to work at a cafe . And when Alice's mom used to me used to be out of town they all used to stay at Alice's Plc it was their 초 home 
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Sorry it's so short! But it's good! I think/:

Louis POV:

I walked out of the hotel room to get something to drink. I tried to be quiet because it was almost 2 a.m. I grabbed a dollar from my pocket and put it in the machine. Um... coke. My stomach growled so I got some gummy bears. I walked back into the room and laid down. We where leaving for 런던 tomorrow morning.

Taylor POV:(In the morning)

Me and Niall have been getting really close and he is like my best friend, but I want us to be 더 많이 than just friends. I packed up my bag and walked into him and Liam's room. Liam wasn't in there so...
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~Part 2- I guess I was wrong~

Ruby POV:

"Baby 당신 light up my world like nobody else!" I sang while trying on all my clothes. "No. Ew. Defiantly not. What was I thinking?!" i said looking at the dresses. "There 당신 go!" I pulled out a dress. The party was tonight and I want to look good for Joe. link I walked out of my room, bare-footed, and bumped into Harry. "Well 당신 look cute!" He smiled at me. I roll my eyes and skip down the stairs. "Hey, Lou!" I grabbed the 사과, 애플 Louis had in his hand and bite into it. "Hey, Ruby..." I smiled and chewed the apple, "Thanks for this delicious apple!" I kissed...
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