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Seven a.m., waking up in the morning
Gotta be fresh, gotta go downstairs
All I can think about is discriminating hairs
DNA and some gun chasing
everybody's rushing around, racing
and I'm late agaaain
Gotta get down to the bus stop...
but my my mind is gone...
I want that opening Theme Song

Kicking with DiNozzo
Chilling with Zii-vaa
Gotta make my mind up
Which agent is my fa-ave?

It's Tuesday, Tuesday
Gotta get down on Tuesday
everybody's looking 앞으로 to 8 PM
Tuesday, Tuesday
Getting down on Tuesday
Everybody's looking 앞으로 to a murder...
Cracking and Solving and yeah
Chasing and criminals and yeah
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Do 당신 think your Ziva 또는 Abby and arent really sure? Well take this 퀴즈 and find out which one 당신 mostly are.

1) Your going to the store to buy some shoes. Which pair do 당신 buy?

a) Black boots with heels.

b) Nike sneakers.

c) both

2) Black 또는 orange?

a) black

b) orange

c) neither

3) Some girl your teaching in a class says something rude. How do 당신 respond?

a) Start saying she has 3 cats, saying what kind they are and finish off with something embarresing. (lol sound familiar?)

b) slap her down

c) tell her...
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"Another day, another body." Tony sighed as Ziva and him walked into the NCIS HQ in Washington. "Very funny, Tony." Ziva said sarcastically. "I see you're making fun of the job 당신 have, eh, Dinozzo?" Gibbs asked, walking in. ", boss." Tony said, a grin on his face as he was walking over to his desk, Gibbs behind him. "One thing before 당신 sit, Dinozzo." Tony turned to face him. "Yeah, boss?" He asked. "Turn around." Tony chuckled. "You think I'm fall for that? Again? Really, boss. Find some new comical act already." Gibbs pointed to the floor. "There's a fifty-dollar bill on the...
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If nothing else, NCIS‘ upcoming 150th episode will be remembered for one thing: introducing us to Tony’s dad!

Veteran actor Robert Wagner — yes, the former Jonathan Hart himself! — has been cast as the dad of Michael Weatherly’s TV sleuth, sources 확인 to me exclusively. Father and son will reunite in NCIS‘ milestone episode, slated to air in January.

Got a case of déjà vu? It’s probably because Weatherly played Wagner in the 2004 TV movie The Mystery of Natalie Wood.

TV’s No. 1 show has an impressive track record when it comes to casting fathers of its lead characters. 이전 daddy coups include Michael Nouri (as Ziva’s pa) and Ralph Waite (as Gibbs’ dad).
Source: EW.COM
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I decided to do some Tiva iPod drabbles, sorry if they're a bit long, it's just once I start it's a bit hard to stop! xD That's also why I did five!

I came up with these trying to come up with the 초 chapter of my fanfic 'Blame It On My Youth'. Check it out!

Anyway, I better tell 당신 I don't have anything to do with NCIS apart from the fact that I 사랑 it!

The characters may be a bit out of character so be warned! :)

Anyway Enjoy!

Feels Like Tonight - Daughtry

당신 can do this, DiNozzo, he thought to himself.

He strolled out of the elevator, but stopped in his tracks when he laid eyes on Ziva....
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Please let me know what 당신 think!!!!!! Don't be afraid to criticize! I can take it!


Chapter One… Endurance

I have always been the most confident, and sure-of-myself person I have ever met 또는 known. And I am ashamed of that. But that is who I am.
I don’t necessarily believe that that is my fault.
For I was raised 더 많이 harshly than the average kid. My father was a Marine Sargent, and my mother was also a Marine. They always kept me in line, in fact, I don’t think I ever stepped a foot out of line.
And I was used to it. That was my life.
I was academically ahead of everyone I knew,...
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Hiatus part 2 is one of my 가장 좋아하는 NCIS episodes evr. I have only just started watching, but its a great ep with a ton of drama, action, and mystery. And for some of 당신 HUGE Jibbs fans, it had one of the best scenes out there; the hospital scene...

Jenny: Jethro...
Gibbs: ... Shannon?
Jenny: No Jethro. Its me, Jenny. 당신 still dont remember me?
Gibbs: *flashback to Paris* ... Maybe...
Jenny: Im Jenny. We were partners.
Gibbs: After Shannon died?
Jenny: Yes.
Gibbs: ... Did I marry again?
Jenny: Three times.
Gibbs: *chuckles* No way.
Jenny: 'Fraid so.
Gibbs: Ah! Your an ex-wife?
Jenny: *laughs* Oh God no. *pause* Im the director of NCIS.
Gibbs: For a moment I though 당신 were somebody else.
Jenny: *pause* 당신 remembered us making love, didnt you, Jethro?
Gibbs: *stares* *shifts around in his spot*
Jenny: At least thats a start
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