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Webwych posted on Sep 12, 2009 at 02:36PM
For the last couple of years Nathan has been working with London artist Martin Firrell (link) on his forthcoming piece, "H E R O".

As with art, it's finished when it's finished and this year the first phase which involves Nathan will be projected to the public in early November. Mr Firrell has completely rejuvenated the project website,, has details of the projection dates, how and where you can see it and most importantly, Mr Firrell is requesting that we, the worldwide general public, continue to help shape the work by posting on the blog about our thoughts about what a hero actually means in today's society.

Please spend a couple of minutes and take a look, find out some more and add your voice. Heroes come from whatever walk of life, however they are created, they are important to us all.

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