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posted by Tawnyjay
Chapter 5: Rarity
    Now, darling, when I heard Trixie had come to this charming little town, I immediately agreed to stop her.
    “So, now, we’re gonna need a good reason to get y’all near her,” 사과 브랜디 said after all of us had agreed. Fluttershy looked uncomfortable, and she had taken the longest to agree, but she had seen reason. “Sometimes it’s so annoying that her specialty is kindness,” muttered Rainbow.
    Spring had been sitting near us, listening to our plots. “Is there any way I can help?” she asked timidly. “I mean, if 당신 need any help…” “Oh, thanks, darling.” I flicked her mane so it drifted down her leg.
    Spring had a long, green-blue mane that made her bright green eyes shine brighter. She was a Pegasus filly, and her 코트 was a pale yellowish color. I had packed an outfit SO perfect for her. I had meant to give it to a royal that liked my work, so I could impress them further.
    I pulled the dress out of my bag and draped it over her back. “Here!” I said as she glanced uncertainly at the dress. “It’s made for you!”
    “Thanks,” Spring beamed at me kindly. “Can I help?”
    Twilight looked around at all of us. I nodded, 사과 브랜디 shrugged, Fluttershy whispered, “Okay,” Pinkie yelled, “YIPEE!” and 무지개, 레인 보우 grinned and ruffled Spring’s mane. “Good luck, squirt,” she said.
    “So, this is how we’re gonna do this…”

    An 시간 later, Trixie herself trotted outside. “The Great and Powerful Trixie grows tired of your wanderings,” she scolded Spring, who had been watering her 꽃 in her garden.
    “You’ve only been here for a day! 당신 shouldn’t be bossing us around!” Spring glared at Trixie, who was snottily checking her hooves as I had seen many times before. At Spring’s words, her face looked shocked.
    “No one shall defy the Great and…”
    “Yeah, yeah, yeah,” 무지개, 레인 보우 scoffed from her place in the sky. Trixie glanced up, her eyes wide, and hissed, “Trixie remembers you! 당신 are that stupid 조랑말 who decided to challenge Trixie.”
    “Yes, yes I am,” 무지개, 레인 보우 growled, flying right up to Trixie’s face and beating her wings so Trixie had to back off. “You remember my friends? The one who 당신 bested in ropes?” AJ stiffened ever so slightly. “The one who 당신 made ugly?” I narrowed my eyes. “And the one who bested YOU?” Twilight drew herself up proudly, yet modestly.        

“Why do 당신 think you’re such a big shot, huh?” 무지개, 레인 보우 pressed on until Trixie was against a tree. “Who cares 당신 can do things we can’t? ALL of us have special talents!” At this, 사과 브랜디 emerged from her hiding space.

“Rainbow, 당신 went a little overboard. Bu’ still,” 사과 브랜디 added, glaring at Trixie, “You caused a great… er… problem when 당신 came to Ponyville, and because of your lies we had to fix many buildins, and now you’re gonna lie to ‘nother town? We should teach 당신 a lesson.”

Fluttershy winced. She hated to be even a bit unkind, but we had reassured her Trixie deserved it. She flinched as I lifted my head high and trotted out of the rose bush, casting a spell that whipped around my mane and spiraled around my body.

I felt my mane and tail make them into a fancy tucked-up manedo. The deep blue dress that was now folded neatly in my bag flew out and put itself on me. My headdress landed neatly atop my curls, and when the bright flashes of light subsided, I was as beautiful as ever in one of my most gorgeous dresses.

“You insulted fashion!” I hissed to Trixie, who had started to look alarmed. “You insulted my friends!” added Fluttershy and Pinkie sternly as they emerged. Trixie looked over at Fluttershy with a raised brow, as if saying, Seriously? This wimp is standing up to me?, and Fluttershy yelped and hid behind me. “Sorry!” she muttered, then started to cry.

As I comforted the afraid and upset 조랑말 behind me, Trixie started to do her thing. “Oh, the Great and Powerful Trixie is very disappointed,” she said as her horn began to glow deep purple. “For she didn’t expect such weaklings to challenge her.”

무지개, 레인 보우 yelled in rage and 비둘기 for Trixie, spinning around her a 초 later as Trixie used a spell on her. Trixie’s eyes flashed deep red, and we stared in shock as she began to scream. “HOW DARE YOU!” She charged at us, and we scattered. Twilight emerged from her hiding 우주 looking frightened.

“It’s the evil magic that’s making her do this!” Twilight screamed over the streaks of light flashing at her from Trixie’s horn. “LOOK OUT!” 무지개, 레인 보우 yelled, streaking toward me as a spell shot toward me. We toppled over 다음 to Spring, who was cowering in the shadows of the dusk, her eyes wide.

“Trixie shall triumph!” Trixie said calmly.

Twilight crouched and her horn started to sparkle bright pink. Her spell grew another and another layer, until bright white light was flowing from her horn. A shrill sound roared around her, but she was already panting from the effort.

I touched my horn to her, and I started putting my strength into her. I suddenly realized Spike and all the pets had disappeared. “Opal!” I cried, rushing 앞으로 as my beloved pet vanished.
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it shows the origin of the bronies and how it all started and shows how the franchise started
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Back in ponyville.

The other five characters finally made it out their the ropes but were still in the room they were room they were held in.

"So.. We are gonna save

her right?" Pinkie Pie asked worriedly.

"Yes, darling. But we're trying to think of a plan remember" Rarity replied.

"Oh.. Right" Pinkie said, blushing from her forgetfulness.

"So.. Anybody, anybody know anything about Changelings? Cause in order to fight them and save our beloved friend, we're have to know HOW" 무지개, 레인 보우 Dash said, nervously pacing.

"Well. Fortantly Twilight wasn't only one with a copy of 'Creatures of Equestria" Rarity...
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posted by BlondLionEzel
*Equestria, the past, a stormy night*

Twilight Sparkle's Mother: *Puts Twilight Sparkle in bed* Sweet dreams...*hears a knock on the door*

Twilight Sparkle's Father: I wonder who that could be...

Twilight Sparkle's Mother: *Goes to the door and opens it*

*There is a baby half-human, half-wolf in a basket with a hachimaki 다음 to him, crying*

Twilight Sparkle's Mother: Awwww 당신 poor thing...*Scoops the half-wolf baby up and cradles him in her arms*

Half-Wolf: Ma-ma, Ma-ma

Twilight Sparkle's Mother: *Looks at Twilight Sparkle's Father* What should we do?

Twilight Sparkle's Father: Should we keep him?...
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posted by SomeoneButNoone
( Blah Blah) = What Hero 또는 someone think ()
In full night Dan wake up
??? - come to meeee....
Dan - w-who is that
??? - come too mee
Dan look at RainbowDash
Dan - ( she sleep... who is that)
??? - uhh... COMON GET OVER HERE
Dan - ok
Dan walks away from tent and he saw... he but he (lol) wear bloody apron
??? - HI!
Dan - umm hi... who are you
??? - oh god... Im your Twin !
Dan - WHAT!
RainbowDash Wake Up
RainbowDash - Dan and Dan can you... wait... 2 Dans
Dan - He is my twin
Shadow - Hi my name is Shadow
Dan - Shadow Its not name of Shadow 조랑말 brother
Shadow - no his name is Henry
Dan - lol... ( tha fuck he cannot...
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Previously a fight started in Baltimare involving ponies against griffons.

Griffon bomber: blow up the cars!
other GB: *blows up car*
Sean: Damnit!
Shredder: At least MOST of us have a way to escape.
Rainbow Dash: Kill the griffons already! *kills griffons*
Pinkie Pie: *shoots grenade held 의해 a GB*
Sean: Good work Pinkie.
Griffon 3416: *attacks 무지개, 레인 보우 Dash, but gets her neck broken*
Rainbow Dash: That oughta teach 당신 not to mess with me!
Canterlot soldier: They're retreating!
Sean: A few of them are heading into that barn.

So the eight ponies, and hedgehog check inside the barn.

Twilight Sparkle:...
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Pinkie Pie: *is eating cupcakes, candy, and other sweets.
Rainbow Dash: man Pinkie Pie, 당신 sure do have a sweet tooth.
Pinkie Pie: of course i am, sweets is everything i'll eat!
*someone knocks on door*
Twilight Sparkle: Pinkie, we need to talk.
Pinkie Pie: *opens door* yeah Twilight?
Twilight: about your addiction to sweets. people have been complaining about a crazy sweets-loving 조랑말 has eaten everything in he bakery.
Pinkie: *acts like it wasn't her fault* that's terrible! who would do that?!
Twilight: you.
Pinkie: heh heh.
Twilight: i'm afraid we're going to put 당신 on a one 일 dies from candy...
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my little 조랑말
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Source: original owners, EQD, tumblr, joyreactor
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Source: original owners, EQD, tumblr, joyreactor
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