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엠티비 When do 당신 think 엠티비 was better? Explain why on 코멘트 section.

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80&# 39; s and 90&# 39; s!
80's and 90's!
2000&# 39; s and now!
2000's and now!
 Synthwave posted over a year ago
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80&# 39; s and 90&# 39; s!
Synthwave picked 80's and 90's!:
MTV back then used to be just that - MUSIC TV. Not crazy reality shows or teen dramas (which, quite frankly, are s&*t, like a lot of MTV's shows)...but they showed music videos. It was about music for people who wanted to listen to it. As for some of the non-music shows...the ones I could think of are Beavis and Butt-head, Daria, Celebrity Deathmatch, and Jackass. They were hysterical in their original way.

To all the early to mid teens and tweens reading this - I feel sorry for you.

Did I mention that the current MTV shows are terrible?

posted over a year ago.
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80&# 39; s and 90&# 39; s!
lucy32 picked 80's and 90's!:
^ that.
posted over a year ago.