MrsBlack_1089's Fanfiction Ugh!!! Writers Block!!!!! :/

mrsblack_1089 posted on Nov 12, 2008 at 03:12AM
I AM working on a fanfic for Leah Clearwater (she's awesome) but after that...I have absolutely no idea...can anyone help me? If you have an idea for a fanfic for me to do, or any ideas for preventing writer's block, post it here!

much love, mrsblack_1089 ;*

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over a year ago bluefeet said…
Why don't you write a story about someone who's just lost their parent's to a car accident and has to live with her relatives. You could be very creative with this.

Or write a story about being exiled on a Stranded island.
over a year ago hellgirl223 said…
OR you could continue the pain and at the end she findes her happy ending :D
over a year ago mylove4u said…
stephenie meyers said that writing should be about something you what do enjoy?think of thatand be creative.good luck!