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posted by Mindless_Luv
-The 다음 Day-
Ray: *wakes up gose in living room*
All but Ray: *laugh*
Prince: 저기요 guys we got a new TV
Prod: 저기요 guys when did E.T come to town????
Jess: Invastion of the ants
Alana: I didn't know 당신 guys had a pet deer
All but Ray: *laugh*
Ray: Whats so funny????
Roc: *hands him a mirror*
Ray: *screams like a girl*
Prod: Roc 당신 gotta stop pinching yourself
Roc: That wasn't me that was Ray
Tori: In all fairness we gave 당신 hints
Ray: Baby????
Mary: Yes????
Ray: Can 당신 rebraid my hair
Mary: Sure
Ray: *takes out big comb*
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posted by avanzant12
So Omarion and I was laying own my 일 키스 n touch listen to freak me , panty wetter ,and wetter. Lawd he did jus wat 제목 say do .lol Omarion was 키스 mea soft And lick me own my and touch my kitty kat LOL .i was moaning a lil Omarion do 당신 like it bby. Mea yess bby I 사랑 scream a lil like ooo Marion .so I gt own 상단, 맨 위로 of hym and stared ride like a roller coaster. I had Omarion own his p n q bout release cum and feel good . So he grab mea 의해 hips and push me dwn harder own 8========D .so I was bounce so hard like a 침대 spring .so I stop bounce and laid own my back and let hym put his tounge...
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posted by its_kristi_rae
Today was Friday and 당신 were in your last period class. 당신 sat down happily 다음 to your best friend Princeton who 당신 usually just call Prince. 당신 2 have been 프렌즈 for a while. you've noticed that each 일 that pass 당신 seem to start liking him 더 많이 and more. But 당신 know it's official. but you're too scared to tell him. 당신 don't think you're good enough for him 또는 that he will even like you. plus the fact that 당신 two are really good 프렌즈 and 당신 don't want to ruin that.

Prince: 저기요 what's up

you: nothing much

Prince: what are 당신 doing later today

you: nothing as usual

Prince: good...
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posted by mindlessforroc1
roc: I wonder what they doing in there
Chris: yeah me too
Chris: yall wanna go see
Ya-ya: no I am good
roc: honesty 당신 coming?
honesty: no I am going to keep yaya company
roc: ok suit yourself
Chris and roc leave the room to se what every one eles is doing

yaya: ok honesty give me the scoop what happened between trust and roc
honesty: who my sister trust
yaya: no your dog yes your sister dummy
honesty: what are 당신 talking about
yaya: 당신 know earlier when me and trust were fighting then roc cut her off right when she was about to say something

honesty: oh yeah I remember but I don't know what happened...
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at school
prince n dray
dray-wat class do i hav 1st
dray-ill just go 2 watevr.

me n ray
ray-do i hav math 또는 french 1st?!
ray-oh. rite.

tay n prod
tay-im going 2 science
prod-u got language 1st

bree n roc
roc-bye im going 2 class
roc-no spanish
bree-wat do i hav?!
bree-oh okay!

at home
bree tay 레이 n dray-I CNT BELIEVE WE WENT 2 THE RONG CLASSES!!!!
me-ray did u evn listen 2 me?!
me-no u ddnt!
ray-okay im sorry!
me-smh *goes upstairs 2 do homework*
roc-did u listen 2 me?
bree-psshht yeah!!
roc-*grabs her waist* bree!!!
bree-okay i ddnt!
roc-okay thn! *goes...
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Keyera just got a call...

Keyera: *looks at phone* uhh.... excuse me please *moves away* hello dad
Dad: where's your 나귀, 엉덩이 at??
Keyera: somewhere
Dad: I know that God damn it... I wanna know exactly where 당신 at
Keyera:Im gonna turn seventeen very soon and u still up on my face with all this 'come here' bullshit
Dad: dont tell me this crap just get here NOW
Craig: why u takin so long baby? *kisses her neck deeply*
Keyera:umm... dad I.... Oh My God... dad imma have to talk later...
Dad: what the fuck is happening there
Keyera: nothing dad and bye <<hangs...
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posted by Skittlez143fan
Okay so MB is at their house and they got dressed for you...
MB:so lets go!
Ray:wait!Let's wait a couple mins before we go
2 mins later
Ray:lets go*leaves*
At your house
MB:*rings your doorbell*
YN:*opens it just a crack*y-yes?
Ray:It's us,aka,the awesomest boys in the world,but mostly me*laughs*
Prince:hey!I'm VERY awesome,but mostly adorable*smirks*
Prod:y'all,nobody is as SWEET,CARING,and HUMBLE as meeeee
Roc:well,at least I have puffy lips that are very kissable!
Ray:GUYS!Shut y'all's assholes and pay attention to notice YN is here!Stop ignoring her!
Yn:ignore me!Go ahead!Please!
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posted by rayraynicki

Chresanto Murray: Roc Royal
Mariah Norewood: Mariah Carey
Craig Johnson: Prodigy
Destiny Harris: Paige Hurd
Kay P. Keke Palmer
YUNG DIVA: Bahja Rodriguez
Star Shine: Zonnique Pullins
Gutta gurl: Breaunna Womack
Ladii Kilo: Kiloni Lee
Cookie n Cream: Justice Domingo

He was a famous rapper for four years wiith two hit albums but he wanted to do 더 많이 in the 음악 industry. During all his tours and between his free time Chresanto would make beats and as his family and 프렌즈 watched and listened he was incredible at them.

Chresanto's Mom: *excited and proud* Baby 당신 have a gift. Have 당신 ever...
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Just to let u all no I haven't forgot about y'all I just had a Lil problem. So I will be coming back but first I just wanted to let y'all no that I did foget about u. But plz don't be mad at me for not writing. Oh if u don't remember wat happened check out my last article.

Y'all already no so leggo

Nicki: oh I think I do( pulls down his pants and sees his 18in)
Ray: ( turns around ) I new it u don't wanna see me any 더 많이 do u???
Nicki: turn around
Ray:( turns around all sad like )
Nicki: ( looks into his eyes and kisses him passionately) I would never leave for some thing like this
Ray: I love...
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posted by Mindless_Luv
Girl #2: *kisses Prince*
Roc: Ewwwww
Girl #3: 당신 want some to Roc? *kisses Roc*
Girl #4: *kisses Diggy*
Girl #5: *kisses Jacob*
Girl #6: *looks at Ray* Ummm.......Hello there
Ray: *smiles* Heyy
Girl #6: Why 당신 smiling??
Ray: Because........YOUR MARY!
Girl #6: Ummm.....no im MARIA
Ray: Okay...."Maria" 당신 seeing anyone?
Maria: Ummmm.......Yeah?
Ray: What's his name?
Maria: Ummm.......MICHAEL
Ray: How dose he look?
Maria: Like......*groans* Fine im Mary *takes off hat*
Mary: Nigga stop lying
Keisha: *walk on stage and talks in microphone* OK sorry guys the 음악회, 콘서트 is done
Random Girl: DO WE GET...
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WIT Roc & Chanie
they were still talkin when Regina interrupted...

Regina: 저기요 baby *sits on his lap*
Chanie: umm excuse u but we were still talking
Regina: so!?
Roc: really Regy, we were still busy
Regina: busy bout wat? Are u cheatin on me with her?
Roc: wat? No!
Chanie: u go out with her?
Regina: yeah he is
Chanie: I wasn't talkin 2 u so just shut ur pie-hole
Roc: Chanie, plz not now
Regina: u cant just not f**k me then go cheat wit some... Urgh
Chanie: u wat? Roc plz tell me she's lyin
Roc: she is! I dnt even remember dat happenin!
Regina: oh really now, how bout that time u was @ my party then u...
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posted by JailynnLuv
The 일 jaya has the triplets

Princeton:1.2.3 push
Princeton:Look at Leo
Dr:Jaya push one 더 많이 time for Marco
Dr:123 push
Princeton:Marco is here
Jaya:omg look at those two
Dr:now for Jacob jr
Princeton:123 push
Dr:he is here
Jaya:Leo Jashun perez,Marco Dasun perez,and Jacoub emmauel Perez jr
Princeton&Jaya:welcome home
Walter:hey look at Leo,Jacoub and Marco
Keisha:Princeton be a Good dad
Princeton:I will
Kenneth:let me hold Leo
Jaya:nigga don't squish him
Kenneth:shid I'm...
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posted by ThatChick_Liyah
About Characters :
Alexis : 17
Very Responsible , Somewhat Is A Geek And Has A Geeky Style , Outspoken And Always Says What's on Her Mind

Leandrah a.k.a Leah : 17
Is From 런던 So Has An Accent , Loves to Sing , The Comedian Of The Group , Is Very Defensive to Rude People

Aaliyah a.k.a Lee Lee 또는 Lee : 16
Is A Freak But Very Quiet , Loves To Dance , Very Mature For Her Age , Can Be Loud And Outgoing Around People She's Used To , Afraid Of A LOT Of Things , Drama 퀸

Raynell : 15
Youngest Of The Group But Looks Older Than Her Age , The One Person Who Likes To Take Risks , Loves Fashion

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posted by rayraynicki
Makayla's POV
It was a bright and early day. The 1st 일 of school and boy was i excited. i get to meet new friends, eat american school lunches and blog about the whole experience. Mum was driving me to school as usual but i didn't want her too because I was a freshman and when the upperclassmen sees my mum driving me to school, they will instantly think that i'm a baby. Ugghh. School was NOT that far for me to walk to, but it was the 1st 일 and so i didn't want to ruin it 의해 arguing with my mother. The Hudson's are canadian so try imagine them speaking with a canadian accent.
Ms. Hudson: *canadian...
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posted by Mindless_Luv
Girls except Alexis: Thanks!
Walter: Come on boys it's time to start the show
Boys: Okay Walter!
Roc: So we'll see 당신 girls later?
Mary: Fuck yeah 당신 will! >:)
Prince: *laughs* Okay later
Boys: *Walks away*
Girls: *gose to their seats*
Announcer: Everybody give it up for......MINDLESS BEHAVIOR!
Crowd: *cheers*
Prod: Where.....is Mrs.Right? I gotta find......Her......Her.....Her!
Alexis: Mohawk i'm right here!
Prod: *smiles*
Random girl: Prodigy smiled at me!
Alexis: No 암캐, 암 캐 he smiled at me!!
Random girl: *frowns*
MB: Where is mrs.right? I gotta see her travel all across the world just to meet her
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posted by TeamOMGGirlz
Warning: Some Rated R scenes

Leah POV
Me: -talking to the operator-
(OP: = Operator)

Me: hello
OP: yes Leah tell me what's going on
Me: h-he killed her ..
OP: he killed who
Me: this girl she's cold and bleeding
Op: is there a way 당신 can kick out the headlight?
Me: No..
C: -slammed the door-
Me: No no no! He's coming
C: -opened the trunk- who are you- gimme the phone!!

Operator POV
Me: -put her on mute-
L: -screaming- get away from me!!
C: gimme me the phone!!!
L: stop! Stoppp!!! I'm sorry!!
C: -took the phone-

Me: -unmuted them-
Chris we know who 당신 are .. we know where 당신 are don't...
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//still ?? POV//

Leah:-bites ?? Hand so hard that it bleed-
??:aaarrrggghhh what the actual fuck Leah!!!why'd 당신 do that???aargh that fucking hurts
Leah:wait...Bre...is that you-turns around and pulls her balaclava off-fam,I could slap 당신 right now 당신 know...you scared the living shit out of me 당신 retard-laughing-
Zari:-takes of her balaclava-haha that was so funny did 당신 hear the way 당신 guys screamed 당신 were all like"aaaaahhh help help we're being attacked!!!!"you were seriously funny
Lexi:hello I'm still here 당신 know so can someone take this blindfold of me!!!!
Zari:oh yeah sorry I forgot-takes...
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WARNING:THIS IS RATED R SO IF YHU DON'T LIKE #TEAMFREAK CLICK AWAY NOW DON'T SAY I DODNT WARN YHU (I'm over exagerating) THE HOLY WATER RIGHT BESIDE ME LOL (coincidence it's Sunday and I'm 글쓰기 this haha) (just gone say wats happening dis killin me lol)
She kisses him back as he lays her dogback on the 침대 he starts rubbing her down and the 키스 turns 더 많이 passionate as he starts moving his Hands up her 셔츠 not breaking the kiss. She pulls his 셔츠 over his head dropping it to the floor he also helps her dropping her 셔츠 to the floor...
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posted by Nicole010702
A moment of silence happens

Nicole:roc did 당신 hear me
Roc:yeah I'm ....I'm just shocked
Nicole:look I'm sorry it .... It was an accident
Roc:look Nikki there's no reason to apologize
Nicole:yes it is
Roc:no it isn't if 당신 didn't want a baby 의해 me than I understand bye Nicole
Nicole:but roc
Roc:bye Nicole

As Nicole walked out the door roc came out the room behind her

roc: look Nicole 당신 know I'm upset but if you're happy than I'm happy

Nicole walks up to roc and kisses him on the cheek as soon as Nicole went in her room prince came in 10min later

prince: 저기요 babe I brought your stuff
Nicole: thanks...
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posted by Mindless_Luv
Makailah: Ewwwwww.......
Babydoll: Ewwww 당신 bitch
Makailah: *Rolls her eyes*
Mrs.GotABody: Yall sit 다음 to Tori
Tori: EWWWW!!!!!!!!! NO!!
Mary: *Laughs*
Tori: MarBear ima kick your ass
Mary: 키스 my 나귀, 엉덩이 first
Ray: I will
Mary: o.O Okay.........??? Moving on!
Mrs.GotABody: We're gonna get to know each other Lexi 당신 go first.......
Lexi: Okay............My Name is Alexis Hernandez.....Ummm i LOOOOOOOVE Chris Brown
Mrs.GotABody: Shush!
Lexi: Ummmm.......My uncles Bruno Mars.......Ummmm......My boyfriend is Craig Crippen :) And i 사랑 the show WOW! WOW! WUBBZY
Mrs.GotABody: Thank 당신 Lexi!...
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