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jacob: lets go onn a date
the girlz get dresslink
girlz: letsgo
long story short they was back at 집 they all went in there rooms
with lana
lana;kissing prince
prince: took off they clothes and put it in her
lana: sreamed
me and jacob walked in
jacob: kmsl
lana; pulled the cover over them
me: jacob 당신 look at my sis
jacob: (lost) no
me: o ok
we leftand they countinued
다음 thing 당신 know everyone was sreaming
jacob: stop sreaming
me: cant help it
me: not funny
me; sreams
jacob; girl
me: boy kmsl
me and jacob stoped and went to sleep
nex moring me and jacobwoke up everyone

prod: girl what the hell worng with you
me; nothing time to wake up
keke: lets go to the park
jacob:ok and jamie why dont 당신 talk
jamie: i do
me; lets go
the end
I'm going to do everyone's dates in different parts starting with Leah
//next day//

Leah POV

::.11:30 am.::

Me:-woke up-oh shoot I'm late for my date
(A/N:you see what I did there lol)
Me:-I did my hygiene and got dressed quickly and headed downstairs to see 레이 there waiting for me-
Ray:well that took 당신 long enough
Me:sorry it's coz I woke up late anyways -starts talking really fast-whereexactlyarewegoing,whattimedowehavetobethere,amiwearingtherightclothing,whatifidontlikewhereweregoing,urghihatesupeisessometimes
Ray:Leah....Leah....Leah...-still chatting nonsense-LEAH
Me:-gasps-rude lil boy,what...
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posted by MindlessGirl145
Nyah: Roc I had a nice time
Roc: I did 2
Nyah: * Gives Roc her number* call me
Roc: I will
Key: Prince
Prince: Yeah
Key: I 사랑 u
Prince: I 사랑 u 2
Key: Im gonna take me a 샤워
Prince: K
Key Puts this on link.
Prince: U look nice
Key: Thanks
Na: *Screams*
Prod: *Runs in the livingroom* What is it
Prod: OMG
Na: We just got jacked
Prod: I know
Na: Im callin Bre
Prod: K
Ray: Im gonna go to the mall u wanna go 2
Me: Sure
Ray: K
Me: *Phone Rings*Hello
Na: Yo Bre Me And Prodigy Got Jacked
Ray: What Happend
Me: Na And Prod Just Got Jacked
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저기요 my lovely Mandem I'm back!!!!

//⌛️skipping ahead to 날짜 time 12:55pm//

Craig POV

Me:I can't wait to take Bre on this 날짜 this is gonna be my chance to make her my girlfriend coz if I mess things up I'm screwed.
We got five 분 left till our date....urgh damn why do girls take so long...
Bre:I'm finished!!!(link)
Me:wow!!! Ur swag is dope
Bre:*blushes*thnx u look good to
Me:thnx anyways leggo-they leave and go to the car-

//in the car//
Bre:coming up coming down ,riding clean fix your head in my crown.
Bad b**ch,H town
Keep it trill y'all know y'all cant f*ck...
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posted by mzroyal1434

maya: wowww this is a big tour bus
Roc:yea ikr now we have to go get Diggy and Jacob
Gabby: where do we sleep
RayRay: yall will be sleeping in a room with us
Gabby:yayy where are the rooms so we can unpack
Princeton right down the hall yall will know which one is ours cuz we have our names on the door
Julie: *laughs* ok
so the girls go unpack and then there is a knock at the door and it is Diggy and Jacob
Jacob: whats up my homies
Princeton: whats up
Diggy:wats up yall and who is that girl right there
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posted by mzroyal1434
Recap: the sercurity tells everyone to get in line and Maya and her 프렌즈 are the first ones in line and they have a 분 to talk to MB!!
So the Sercurity tells Maya and her 프렌즈 to go and they go in
Maya:*whispers to Julie* Omg
Julie: * whispers back *I KNOW RIGHT
Gabby: AHH
Princeton's POV
OH snap I see some girls
Prodigy's POV
I see girls with swag
Ray 레이 POV
Roc Royal's POV
So the girls walkin and they notice that the boys are like staring at them and they get happy
Maya:Wats up guys my name is Maya
Julie:hey my name is Julie
Gabby:Hi im Gabby
Cienna: and im Cienna
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posted by MindlessGirl145
Nyah: * Walks over 2 Roc* Hey
Roc: Hey
Nyah: Im Ranya but u can call me Nyah
Roc: Im Roc Royal But u can call me Roc
Nyah: Do u want 2 go out som time
Roc: Sure how bout at 8
Nyah: Sure
-At 8-
Nyah: *Puts this on*
Roc: Wow
Nyah: LOL

Key: *Phone Rings* Hello
Prince: 저기요 Key meet me outside in ten minutes
Key: Ok
-Ten Minutes-
Key: So watz up
Prince: I got u somin
Key: What
Prince: *Hands Key the bag*
(This is what it looked like) link)
Key: OMG I 사랑 it
Prince: Im glad u 사랑 it cause there's someone eles that I love
Key: And who is that
Prince: U
Key: Ahh so u 사랑 me huh
Prince: Yeah
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After a 음악회, 콘서트
Crowd: *cheers wild*
MB: Thank 당신 *takes a bow*
They were signaled to walk off the stage
Backstage, there were screaming fans!!!!
Girl: *shouts* OH MY GAHD PRODIGY I 사랑 YOU!!!!
Prod: *keeps walking and smiles* Oh, why thank you
Girl 2: *walks up to princeton* Hi princeton. I just wanted to tell 당신 that I 사랑 you, so SO much and that I brought 당신 some roses.
Princeton: Thank 당신 *smells the roses* Ahhhh they smell really nice.
Girl 2: I 사랑 you
Princeton: *points at her* I 사랑 당신 more. Remember to spread...
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Hi my name is Jakedra McEntyre (but 당신 can call me keke) and I think I should be the perfect mindless girl. The reason why I think I am the perfect girl for Mindless Behavior is because I am always mindless where ever I go especially school.I know the definition to being mindless and everything(i am not a stalker!!). People at my school pick on me because of my style of clothing that I choose to wear to school and part of being mindless is having your own sense of style and I got it all!!!. I also tend to like art because the way it just expresses someones artistic ability is just like O M...
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 Prodigy(Craig Crippen Jr)
Prodigy(Craig Crippen Jr)
Prodigy(Craig Crippen Jr):18
Roc Royal(Chresanto August):17
Ray Ray(Raquan Smith):18
Princeton(Jacob Perez):17
Bubbles(Bubba Your Choice):17
Lo Lo(Jordynn Your Choice):17
Reese(Falen Your Choice):17
Other Irrevalant People:0-100

Meet the Conjected 천사 Bubbles,Lo Lo,and Reese as in Bubba,Jordynn,and Falen,3 beautiful girls singers,dancers&rappers none of dem deal with bullshit 당신 don't see nere one of dem crying of some of dere 팬 hating on dem duh reason is why ask Bubba duh toughest 암캐, 암 캐 in duh group she hasn't been hurt in relationships but in family and she's independent...
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Afta school

Chanie: u know its funny how when u in 침대 u close ur eyes 4 5 min @ 6:30 and when u open them its 7:30 but when u @ class u close them @ 1:30 and when u open them its 1:31
kiana: that's the only sensible thing u said all day
Ray: any1 seen Prince 2day?
Prod: yeah and he was with this other chick and ... Oh here they are...
Prince: 저기요 guys this is Skittlez and Skittlez this is... Well, they are the guys
Skittlez: hehe 저기요 y'all
Prod: 저기요 Im prod
Kiana: Kiana and thats Roc
Roc: i cud've answered that myself
Kiana: oh my bad, i thought u were too dumbstruck 2 remember that
Roc: oh wateva
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Introducing Skittlez(Rocroyalwifey16)

Itz FRIDAY in the 1st period...Maths class...

Mr Dude: okay people
we got a new girl here 2day! Lets all give a very warm welcome 2 Skittlez(nickname)
Class: 저기요 Skittlez
Skittlez: 저기요 *looks around then finds 우주 다음 2 this guy and goes 2 sit down*
Skittles: 저기요 im skittlez
???: *puts book down*
hello Im Jacob but u can call me Prince *smiles*

Skylar pov
OMG!! I think i just landed in heaven...

Period ends

Princeton: so wat u got now?
Skittlez: Im goin 2 art,how bout u?
Prince: P.E well i'll see u later
???: 어치, 제이 Jay!
Prince: huh!? *turns around* oh Skylar, hey
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[Destiny goes outside walks across the 거리 goes onto the Mild Freeway and waits for green light]

Destiny:(Whispers) Lord forgive me, please. Chres if your watching this don't save me.I 사랑 bae

[Green light goes cars come. Car about 60 ft from hitting Destiny]

Ray: Where is she?

Roc: Whats going on? What yall looking for?

Princeton: Destiny. She may be comitting suicide

Roc: What!

Princeton: A insident happened: Wait! Look she"s in the middle of the freeway!!!!

[Car beeps constantly. 30 ft from hitting her.ROC QUICKLY RUNS. 15 ft from hitting her.]

Destiny: I 사랑 당신 CHRES. GOODBYE.

[5 ft from hitting...
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Sorry I havent been uploadin in while, I'l make it up to yall...


Ray: wat are u doing here?
Saniya: Im here to see my boyfriend
Ray: boyfriend??? I thought u were the one who broke up with him
Saniya: I regret that
Ray: so u only see that u regret that coz my brother is laying in a damn hospital bed??
Saniya: NO!
Ray: get out
Saniya: hell no
Ray: get the fuck out now!
Saniya: dont tell me what to do yhu buttcrack!
Ray: yhu are such a-(gco)
Doc: is everything okay?
Ray:Does eerything look fucking perfect?? My brother is laying there and tell...
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posted by Imdalyric
2 hours later

PM: Jacob! JACOB!! 공식 만찬, 저녁 식사 was ready an 시간 ago, mi dios! (my God!)
PM: *Goes up to his room and goes inside* sweetie?

Prince is lying on his 침대 in an "im sleeping" kinda way and some 주스 is still on his bed...

PM: Jake, its time to wake up now, you've been sleeping for far too long. Its 공식 만찬, 저녁 식사 now
PM: *goes up to him and shakes him lightly* Jake? Jake? *shakes him a bit rougher and still no movement* Oh my God! *shakes him rougher* Jacob, no baby please dont do this...
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(picking up from his letter)

Dear Saniya
We started out it was perfect nothing but fun and my 심장 was convinced to say that ur the one and i thought this wud last for the rest of our lives! Boy, was i just kidding my self...
Funny i didnt make it right, u wouldnt be with another guy...
Nothing can cure the state im in coz im experiencing what they call heartbreak and i know its gonna hurt 더 많이 as long as i stay here coz this is something that i cant shake, they say its only just as worse as 당신 make it, i know but hey, wat can i do?
Here i am thinking back when i was at ur door, the first time...
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Keyera: u damn jerk!
Dad: *turns around* what did u call me
Keyera: u are a piece of useless crap! U are just some dumb fuck!
???: Kea, just leave him
Keyera: i've been holding this in 4 far too long, Sean
Sean: Kea, just-(gco)
Dad: go upstairs to your room, now!
Sean: but dad, i stil-(gco)
Dad: ur room Sean, NOW!!
Sean: fine *looks at Kea* will u be fine?
Keyera: yeah, thanks
Dad: look here, Keyera, I 사랑 you, u are my daughter and i want the best for you
Keyera: psshh as if and thats "step" daughter to you
Dad: whatever, same shit anyway
Keyera: why do 당신 hate mom?
Dad: i dont hate ur mother,...
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Craig: its okay, is there anything i can do to help?
Keyera: u wanna help?
Craig: yeah
Keyera: but u hardly know me
Craig: still...
Keyera: thank u *hugs him*
Craig: ur welcome *hugs back*

Keyera pov
he is such a guy! I know dad wud never allow but this is what i have 2 do! Its not like i care bout him, i just want to get away and Craig seems to be my only way out... Gotta put my fakeness ON!!

Keyera: im sorry
Craig: sorry?
Keyera: yeah, for being such an 나귀, 엉덩이
Craig: nah, its fine
Keyera: u so sweet, i like you
Craig: oh, hehe, i like u too *smiles*
Keyera: I have to go now, bye! *turns to leave*
Craig: Keyera,...
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Prod is at the mall

???: 저기요 stranger
Craig: huh?*turns around* Keyera, hey!
Keyera: wasup?
Craig: nuthin much, u?
Keyera: yeah, and umm-(gco)
???: Kea, lets go!
Keyera: but im still-(gco)
Keyera: yes, Daddy *look at Craig with "help me" eyes* bye *walks off with her dad*

Craig pov
This girl is really beautiful but everytime i talk 2 her, she looks scared, and *puts his hand in his jean pocket and pulls out something* i still have her bracelet?!


Craig getting out the 샵 and gets bumped 의해 some1

???: im sorry *runs away*
Craig: Keyera!!...
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Prince: Sani? *starts panicking* DOCTOR! DOCTOR!

Doctors come rushing

Doc: can u please get out...
Prince: why is she...
Saniya: *still shaking, her eyes roll back*
Doc: NOW SIR!!

Prince gets out...
Doc gets out after 2 hours

Prince: *jumps up* is she ok?
Doc: yes, she is but it looks as if something is troubling her
Prince: *teary eyed* oh,umm, can i see her?
Doc: ok, she's just in a bit of a state but again yes u can
Prince: thank u *he goes inside*

Saniya is just sitting there staring into space

Prince: hello
Saniya: *looks at him* hello
Prince: *starts crying* urgh man, i cant do this
Saniya: do what??...
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