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시 alert! Most will be like this!

Darkness beyond
Darkness gone
Mephiles, that name in my head
Mephiles, that guy should be dead

Clouds of black and white
Yin and Yang
Din and Rang
None of these things mean anything to Mephiles
Killing so relentless

Mephiles, Mephiles
Won't 당신 come out and play?
Mephiles, Mephiles
I don't want 당신 here to stay
Don't be so utterly mean
Stop trying to be the dean of all deans

Mephiles, so dark
With his red and green eyes
On a journey, he will embark
Into the Black Sea
There isn't enough room for 당신 and me

Mephiles, the Dark Draco of Doom
He seeps blood through his lifeless...
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Mephiles and Musa were walking through the forest. Then they saw a beautiful place.

Musa: Wow..........*Sparkling eyes*
Mephiles: This is so beautiful.

They entered the meadows. It was beautiful with nice spotlight everywhere. Tall green trees with green grass. It 빙어, 빙 어 really good. There were even fields of all sorts of flowers.

Musa: Mephiles......
Mephiles: Let's go.

They walked to a beautiful pond. Mephiles picked a 꽃 for Musa.

Musa: Thank 당신 Mephiles....*Sniff* This is so beautiful. It has a beautiful scent to it.
Mephiles: I.....I..I...nevermind.

Mephiles hugged Musa close to him. Musa blushed...
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Blaze: Well we've destroyed it for now.
Silver: But it'll rise from it's ashes again.
*Silver puches wall*
Silver: How can this not work!?
Blaze: Calm down Silver.
silver: *Nods head* How can we completely destroy Iblis?!
*Blaze looks away*
Mephiles: Hahahaha! How ironic fate can be! Everything has an origin. 당신 need to find chicken.
Silver: So that blue hedgehog is the iblis trigger? But that's impossible.
Mephiles: *turns head* Chicken, Flower, Egg, Seed. HAHAHAHA!!HAHAHAHAAAAA!!!!
Mephiles: To fix this present timeline, 당신 need to change the egg seed.
Silver: But that's impossible.
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mephiles has a sparta remix
mephiles the dark
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Alright. I wrote a story which I'm still 글쓰기 on FanFiction.Net, but I've just finished Mephiles' mini-story within it. Since 'Sonic 06' never happened, I decided to write what I thought his backstory would be if he did exist still without the events of 'Sonic 06'. Here's my theory:

Mephiles was created in 1977 to be GUN's copy of the Ultimate Life Form (Shadow, who was considered to be too dangerous so was locked away on Prison Island). The machine he was created in malfunctioned, which caused some flaws within the project. His colours were different (his normal colour scheme when he's in...
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