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My Soundtrack for the flock
Somewhere I belong(How Ari felt toward Jeb and maybe for his death. It could be a good song for the flock too.)

Savin' Me 의해 Nickelback(When they kidnapped Angel)

Girlfriend 의해 Avril Lavigne(The whole Lissa-Fang-Max deal)

What i've done 의해 Linkin Park( The whole fight in Germany with Omega)

Welcome to the world 또는 N.Y.C 의해 Kevin Rudolph(When the flock is in New york)

Take me Away 의해 Avril Lavigne(When Max is cutting the chip out of her arm)

Holiday 의해 Greenday(When Erasers are attacking the school with Anne)

Burning Bridges 의해 The...
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I think that the reason fang was prophesied to die was..

So in Maximum Ride there could only be one Max one person destined to save the world. So Max can only have only have one True lover. 천사 voice thought that Max was going to chose Dylan so the voice and 앤젤 thought that Fang would have to die. When Max 2 left Maxs Life neither of them had to die so when Fang left Max at the end of FANG neither Fang nor Dylan had to die so if Dylan had left Max then Max being with Fang would not have been dangerous.

A bit complicated but makes sense.
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We where flying along our merry way when all of a sudden,
"Max can we stop? I'm tired." I heard Gazzy complain.
"Well thats not like you.." I was puzzled, but I had been flying to long to use the thinking park of my brain.
"Come on max, we have been flying to long!" Nudge complained.
"Fine," I wasn't going to tell them I was tired too.
We decended towards a bunch of trees that looked 안전한, 안전 to hind in.
I sat down, no 더 많이 like flopped down onto a fallen log that looked nice and sturdy. I stretched my wings hearing them crack like fangs knuckles when he wakes up in the morning.
Suddenly a rustling sound...
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posted by fangheart134
every one has their own opinion on who they think should be the cast and i definatly know who i think the cast should be. here it is: ok i really think the girl in that maximum ride prelude should be max shes perfect! all she needs is brown contacts and shes good to go. but since i dont know her name i should give a name of someone i know. that person is i guess sarah roemer. she has the right qualities, but any one who knows the name of the other girl please tell me!for fang i know the perfect guy ( well so far, i'm still looking) that guy is aaron johnson. hes cute and dark so far perfect....
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I've never felt so alive. My hair was whipping out behind me, the wind in my face, and the incredible moonlight was all so exhilarating. When, suddenly I opened my eyes, and back to reality I was. Huge Erasers, the school's newest model, were swiftly swooping in the air, chasing after me. Well, I thought, at least the rest of the flock is safe... Ish. They had captured everyone but me. I rocketed through the gaps in the branches when suddenly I 로스트 my balance. A huge branch smacked me in the face. The last thing I remember was falling to the ground, passing out halfway to my death. Now, I...
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